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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


There's nothing wrong with a season pass when its value is equivalent to its price. Some gamers are understandably apprehensive and uncomfortable around season passes because you're essentially investing in a non-refundable, may-or-may-not-be worth it digital doodad. The positive aspect to season passes are that eventually, the unannounced/hidden content within is unveiled in time and for those patient enough, you can determine for yourself whether or not the value is acceptable enoug... #1
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Please do. #23.1.1
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Too bad I didn't get a chance to read the original article. Damn cowards went and deleted it. #23
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I will only get rid of my Xbox 360 if and when every single Xbox 360 game I own is backward compatible. #55
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Spoiler alert: it's ironic, considering that Phantom Pain's story states that Quiet is half-naked because she breathes through her skin, and yet there are DLC outfits for her that basically cover everything but her cleavage.

Makes sense. #22
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I disagree. Metal Gear Solid V is good, but for some of us who aren't blinded by irrevocable loyalty to the MGS series, the smoke and mirrors are transparent. Phantom Pain is a good game, but I don't find it epic or a masterpiece. I love the Metal Gear games, but I really don't find Phantom Pain groundbreaking or really worthy of the Game of the Year title. To be honest, I prefer Snake Eater and Sons of Liberty over Phantom Pain.

True, it doesn't alter the fac... #12
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I don't agree with the business model at all, but it isn't like the DLC won't be worth it. At least, not to me anyway. I enjoyed the DLC for Skyrim as well as Fallout 3 and New Vegas; as long as they don't go down the Arkham Knight route with F4's DLC, then we're golden. #9
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Don't forget, Ravenor, this is Kratos0Ultra's review. If they feel like it deserves a 10/10, that's the score they've given. I, too, gave Until Dawn a 10/10, but just went into much more detail. If you disagree, that's obviously fine, but I wouldn't recommend arguing your opinion as if it were factual. #6.1.3
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No offense, but I find this review to be terribly lacking overall, nevermind for a game that received a 10/10. Nothing about this review justifies that score.

I don't mean to insult anyone, but who the hell approved this? #4
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I really loved the commentary on that video. I'm so excited for this! #21
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Well, it'll be "hard" because I'm not good with deliberately failing to get characters to die. Took me forever with Heavy Rain for the "bad" ending because I didn't want anyone to actually die, lmao. #1.1.2
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Exactly. I couldn't have said it better myself, Kratos0Ultra. #3.1.2
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Well, that's the beauty of opinions, isn't it? You might find the game undeserving of a 10/10, but I've played it and I find it to be a phenomenal masterpiece. The difference here, is that you're comparing apples to oranges. If you'd notice, I also gave The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a 10/10 as well. But Until Dawn and The Witcher are obviously two very different games, and why you thought it was necessary to compare Until Dawn to Metal Gear Solid is beyond me.

... #2.6
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I managed to complete my first playthrough with keeping four people alive. I would have had seven alive if I didn't make a foolish mistake.

During my second playthrough, I managed to keep everyone alive. Now the hard part will be a third playthrough and getting everyone to die. #1.1
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All this time, I thought the bonus scene was Matt and Emily at the radio tower. #2
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I always knew I was going to love this game, but what I didn't expect were the scores to be so...nice. I mean, 7.5/10 from IGN? I really expected a 5/10 from them, to be honest. Can't wait to pick up Until Dawn at midnight tonight. Today is just flying by! #33
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Save me time? I want reimbursement for the 10 minutes I wasted reading this "article." #1
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Considering that it's called 'The Quantic Dream Collection,' I'm assuming (and praying) that it includes Fahrenheit as well as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. #16
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Indeed. I do think the whole "hundreds of endings" statement was rather far-fetched by a landslide, but the replay value is extensive. I imagine that for me, Until Dawn will be another Heavy Rain; complete in a day or two, but spend months, if not years continuously replaying it to make different choices and obtain different endings.

Considering that Until Dawn's choice system is more expansive than Heavy Rain's, not to mention that Until Dawn's theme is... #4.2.1
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Very true. I'm looking forward to it; at least the selection won't be slim pickings. #2.1.1
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