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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."


Aw, congratulations Cat! A very Happy Birthday to you indeed! I hope it's a great one, dear! #155
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I can't tell if he was hiding an uninformed review in there disguised as a purchasing guide for parents. It's 2014; if parents can't read the game box where it clearly states "Rated E10 for Everyone 10 and Up" and lists the reasons why, there's a problem. #1
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I'm glad a lot of people are enjoying Destiny. It's just simply not my cup of tea, regardless of how great it may be. :)

& thank you for the compliment. :D #1.2.1
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Great read and excellent review. I'm not much for first person shooters, nor Halo or Call of Duty, so I was already planning on giving Destiny a miss. I'm glad I'm not missing much by doing so. #1
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Yeah, now that I've thought more about it, I think I should have given it my gamer score, not my fan score. It's hard to explain: I dislike it, but I love it at the same time. It somewhat boils down to the gameplay; they changed a lot, but the core gameplay remains mostly the same and that's all I really cared about with The Sims. Does that justify the score I gave? Probably not, but I've been playing it virtually nonstop, so I guess that says something, lmao.

... #2.1
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If you look at the final score where I gave it a 9, it's overall, not an average. Maxis' reputation was indeed long since destroyed because of EA's greed and it will undoubtedly continue. The Sims 4, as said in my review, is certainly a step back in some aspects because it is a very basic, very barebones game in comparison to The Sims 3. However, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable when you appreciate the game for what it is and not compare it to its predecessors.
... #1.1
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I agree completely. I hold Square Enix at a higher responsibility than I do Microsoft, but I still criticise Microsoft for wasting time doing all this when they could in fact be working on their own IPs instead of buying third party products. #1.1
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Well said. You know, in the blog post I submitted, I read a lot of comments from people that seemed to be confused why I cared and claims that because I own an Xbox One, I'm "unaffected" by this deal with Microsoft and Square Enix. I didn't even want to acknowledge that ignorance with a response, but this blog post of yours pretty much sums it up nicely.

Well done. :) #1
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Chalk up another entry here. :)
Can't wait to see who wins! #38
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I'd love to have one of these. Awesome contest. #58
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If you're talking about me in your closing sentences, there's nothing for me to wait for considering the fact that I own an Xbox. #4.1
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You're asking the wrong person. I only have experience with the demo, which is just the beta version of Create a Sim. You'd have to ask Maxis. :) #1.1
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I don't see anything that clarifies whether or not it's a timed exclusive, so as of now it's safe to say it's permanent until confirmed otherwise. #63
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I agree completely, however some people have stated that they're considering a possibility of this being Square Enix's decision without Microsoft funding. I entertained the idea for a minute but ultimately, it all comes down to Microsoft and their money. #3.1
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Congratulations, Darklurkr23! What a prize that was! :D #8
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Seppuku: Individuals who are secretly members of the fanboyism world, but choose to complain and shed light on individual fanboys to hide their true allegiances.

See also: self-loathing.

And of course, before someone gets the wrong impression, no, this was not directed toward the author of this blog, but actually toward those loyal to say, Grand Theft Auto who are just as bad as the rest of the fanboy world, but refuse to acknowledge they are one and instead,... #4.2
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You know, mentioning or talking about fanboys is just as annoying as the subject itself. #6
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Such reputable information. #2
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Exactly. You've taken the words right out of my mouth and you, my friend, have earned a bubble up vote for a 'well said.'

I was actually quite surprised when I read the announcement and there I was expecting people to tear up the streets and riot and whatnot and nothing happened. A few articles here and there reporting on the situation, but nothing about a protest or a boycott or a pledge to not give EA revenue, etc. I too have seen journalists make bigger deals o... #3.1
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Aha! I've been waiting for ASM to have a feature. I've been talking about it nonstop to anyone who would listen. #12
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