Oh hun, such a drama queen.


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I don't see a problem with this if it uses in-game currency. If they are introducing microtransactions, well, here we go again.

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Not to mention the fact that VIP bonuses were always permanent in the last Forza installments. I don't understand why they'd change it now, or why they'd not illustrate the fact on the Ultimate Edition. False advertisement at its finest.

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Repeat after me: "IT. IS. OPTIONAL."

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Yeah, it was just to conceal her for the trailer, but I thought it was a nice inclusion and I'm a little sad to see it gone. It's a cultural thing.

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No one said it was a downgrade. Pay attention.

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Very disappointing. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are still gorgeous and excellent, but I don't understand why Naughty Dog, of all people, would advertise one thing and deliver something else. Textures aren't as detailed, the lighting has been reduced, Chloe is no longer wearing a hijab, lots of little details were downgraded. It's a shame, but at least it still looks great and will still be an enjoyable experience.

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Not sure I understand the point of this article.

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I don't consider the PS4 Pro nor the Xbox One X "next gen" consoles at all. Why? Well they have the same name as their predecessor, just with a different subtitle, for starters. Just as well, the PS4 Pro is a PS4 with 4K and an Xbox One X is an Xbox One with 4K, when it comes down to brass tacks.

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I don't mind QTEs when they're done properly. I don't want them taking over a game, though, unless that's the point—like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn, for example—because then it doesn't feel like you're truly playing the game. In this regard with Spiderman, I can see why that scenario shown at E3 involved QTEs because it is indeed a cinematic moment. However, there are plenty of games out there that engage in these cinematic moments and do not have QTEs. It's usually...

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Numerous games releasing in a small enough window is one of my reasons—I was playing Dishonored 2 at launch, then jumped to Ghost Recon Wildlands at launch, then jumped to something else, etc. Open world fatigue is real and common—after awhile, Ghost Recon Wildlands started to bore me due to lifelessness and repetition. That, and some games are enjoyable in the campaign, but I don't want to run around finding every collectible just for the sake of doing it. I don't think I have any Pl...

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All I care about is Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver and Advent Rising.

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Stupid question. Of course it'll sell. The real question is whether or not it will sell well, or better than a Sony console. I personally don't think it'll do that well, honestly. It's just a suped up Xbox One S—nothing really different here. They even look identical. The Xbox One X is just Microsoft's answer to the PS4 Pro and I have a feeling that it will not do nearly as well as the PS4 Pro did.

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Indeed. Makes me question the authenticity of this "leak."

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Tomb Raider has always been about puzzle solving, going all the way back to its very roots. It's part of what the franchise is, and always will be.

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I remain skeptical, considering the fact that one of those images is from Rise of the Tomb Raider. That alone makes me question the authenticity of the entire mock up. Could very well be OLD art from the previous game. A Rise of the Tomb Raider concept art with a new logo slapped on it? Doesn't read as authentic to me. I could do the same thing in Photoshop, especially considering that the VERY SAME font they used for the logo is available for free online.

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I have to admit, specifications wise, the Xbox One X (so far) seems to be worth the extra $100 over the PS4 Pro, but naturally, it all comes down to preference.

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Right, because the whole world is going to come to an end if one doesn't absolutely have those five specific vehicles in their game. While one could argue that they've cut that content out and are making it exclusive to preorders, where's the proof to support the claim? Either way, if you want the cars, preorder. Don't want the cars? Don't preorder. Simple. It's a stupid business model but as always, vote with your wallet I guess.

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What a crock of crap. Ubisoft being better than Rockstar Games is nothing more than an opinion, and RDR not being multiplatform is a bold-faced lie.


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It certainly looks worth it when you factor in everything (and that statue looks high quality) but I will not spend $300 on a collector's edition. The most I've spent is $150 and I will never purchase any CE more expensive than that.

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Thank you. I absolutely loathe clickbait.

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