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It was kind of a "meh" conference. Was expecting more since Microsoft has been pretty quiet mostly.

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I can't begin to describe how excited I am for this year's E3!

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Same here, NYC_Gamer.

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I probably should change my wallpaper more often, but I don't for some reason...

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Mind blown indeed, specially at this:  

Too bad it's not wallpapers size.

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Yep. Must have taken the developers a lot of time to put them all in the game.

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"PSP Remastered games to be priced below $15"

I just don't see that happening.

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Sorry, guys - this "announcement" won't be happening tonight. The only "exclusive" we'll be seeing is GTTV's own exclusive on Alice: Madness Returns:

If there was a huge announcement, I think SpikeTV would be smart enough to put it in their own promo, like they did for Starhawk.

And his wording i...

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Still can't believe this game is finally out.

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Very excited about this game, honestly.

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Just a note - don't watch the video on N4G, since it's not working. It plays if you actually go to the link.

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One of my most anticipated games of the year.

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Very impressive!

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It's nice that we finally have a confirmation!

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I thought we basically already knew this?!/Dylan...

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Too many addicting games.

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People cosplay for anything and everything, aye?

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Thanks, Fishy Fingers. Glad to see that at least one person understands where this RUMOR is coming from.

What other prominent Sony studio has been rumored to be developing a game that will be announced before E3...? It's May now, so it would make sense. And yes, LightBox Interactive... and yes, the Twitter posts were on the PS3Nation Twitter account... Hmm...

Just connect the dots. I'm not trying to say this is confirmed in any way, which is why I mar...

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That actually looks very nice!

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We shall see...

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