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glad to see sony's check went through. this game is no better than uncharted 1, still has cover issues, hit detection issues, fuk that 8 out of ten to a nine at best. rehashed sony sh1t

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also the r2 and l2 "triggers" on ps3 controller suck ass. i am to the point to where if a game on ps3 uses those for aiming/shooting, i am definetly getting that game on 360. it's a shame that sony can't design a better, more comfortable controller. i guess if i do want a exclusive on ps3 that uses r2 to shoot, i will have to buy the "real triggers" add on.

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like you waited for the superior version of ninja gaiden 2 right? hey the ps3 version got more content, too bad it is mediocre sh1t.

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exclusive DLC is great when it favors ps3 in the states, but when it is exclusive DLC that microsoft pays for like they did with their version of GTA 4 , the response from the hypocritical droids is " but but it's not fair."

give me a fuking break droids. rolls eyes

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the "xbots" got the beta version over a year ago...and this updated BETA version a year later is released on the ps3. thing is it has the same problems the 360 did- camera issues, and framerate issues.

for a bit last year i wondered if the xbox version of ng2 suffered these issues because of the conflict last year with team ninja's itagaki or whatever and tecmo- thought maybe they just "hurried it up" so to speak, looks like i was wrong. besides i got sigma a...

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but when it comes to this you can't. i can play my xbox titles all the way back from rainbow six 3 on my 360 ONLINE. i do not have to buy and download games off xbox originals to play them- if i have the disc i put it in get the emulation software from live and BOOM i can PLAY IT!!

if sony wants to a damn thing with the ps3 in regards to playing ps2 games on it again, (BC) they need to do software emulation like micro did. also microsoft done it for the great majority of xbox ga...

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isn't the pic for this article ultimolu?

good thought so

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it makes the sony fanboys scream sh1ts!!

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this site doesn't kiss ass. i mean really no ps3rd exclusive deserves a perfect score neither. sorry droids.

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says the pc fanboy/with a ps3....when are you going to play this on pc?

thought so, so you have no merit in this thread

go blow crysis some more

edit to the one below when has crysis 2 been announced for the consoles? so yes dumb a** why wouldnt it be debuted on the pc?

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ps3 fanboys blow masterchief off. out of all the sony 1st part studios they can't deliver a fps as good as halo.

go cry droids

wahhhh droids cry so hard on n4g why don't you f4gs like peter north actually play some ps3 games! sorry fux forza 3 GOTY CONFIRMED

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1. Ben: We get more 360's than anything else in our game console department. Of the main consoles (not handhelds), next in line is the PS3, and then the Wii. I'd say for every 11 non-handheld systems we get, 6 are 360's, 4 are PS3s and 1 is a Wii. damn i thought 360's broke a LOT more than ps3, what the fuk is this?

2. 640p, oh you must be referring to gta 4 on the ps3.

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fuk this droid site

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