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As long as there's a WiFi only model, I'm OK. The only reason AT&T is still alive is because they were the only ones offering the iPhone in U.S. Now that everyone carries the iPhone and lots of people are switching to Droid, AT&T needs a new miracle.

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Won't happen. It's no problem for the developers, but Sony and MS will not allow PSN and Live to be bridged. If they were willing, this would be already done for other games.

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I don't know - I love the game, but it was definitely hard enough. I do like the removal of tendency and a brighter world if true.

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I just want to say that this thing is made exactly how I wanted it. In order of most important features (to me)

1. Dual Sticks.
2. Games.
3. Not a phone.
4. Touch capability.

I will be getting this

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"No Mention of the Playstation Phone"

Thank God, because the wheels are about to come off that bandwagon.

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Wow, how much did that cost?

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I hope it's not true, because when this comes out, my wife will leave me :(

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It's not that hard. I've avoided last 3 games and never missed them.

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"Gran Turismo 5 - Will it propel the PlayStation 3?"

Well, it ain't gonna hurt it.

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I can still play it offline, right? I was gonna start the NewGame+

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Even though I'm not buying, I'm positive it will be a great game that will give many people many hours of enjoyment.

I'm not skipping it because of politics and drama of release dates etc., I'm just more of an arcade racer fan. Waiting for the next Motorstorm

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OK, I'll take your word for it. I must have missed the day when they reported PS3 being hacked, but I suppose it was gonna happen eventually.

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I have never seen a torrent for a PS3 game.

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Doesn't matter. People who download games will know before the article hits N4G

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Yeah, but then what do WE get out of it?

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...Make something as good as ICO and then die, who's stopping ya?

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Is grammar correct in the title not completely?

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UBISoft is the second worst this gen. AC series were the only well-received games they produced.

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I never finished AC1 or AC2 due to technical problems with both games on PS3. I read somewhere that they are fixing these this time, but no way I will believe this until I hear it from players, not reviewers.

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