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I remember hearing this theme as a child and it blew my mind. It made me want to fight everything and have my characters low on health to show off their limit breaks.

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Oh yeahhhhhhh!!!

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Idk I got a disagree for no reason : / Now its two : /

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Persona 4 picture makes me want to get the Vita, those girls are so cute. I have never played a Persona game.

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I'm getting a Vita for Project J and Phantasy Star Online 2.
Goku is my idol.

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All I know is that this game is pushing hardware limits.

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Kefka is unoriginal thou. Crazy killer clown ? Joker is probably his cousin or something.

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This makes me want to sign up on

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Can Nintendo make a game where I can degrade Princess Peach ? She needs to be taught a lesson for being kidnapped that many times.

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I'm just trying to make Sony and Microsoft share a lesbian kiss.

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I got Super Monkey Balls.

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Santa Monica should make a X-box game, a piece of the pie would go to Sony and X-box gets a cool exclusive a win win.

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She is looking at my penis :D

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