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Nice to see vita games holding out in the bottom two lol

Nice too see 5 3DS games in the top 10 xD

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3DS = 197,952
PS3+PSV+PSP+PS2 = 174,252


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whichever has Resident evil, monster hunter, mario 3d land, mario kart, kingdom hearts DDD, kid icarus, paper mario and luigis mansion 2, has 3d out of the box and comes with a FREE memory card

agreed at his decision to wait on the vita, see if prices of those memory cards drop and if and system sellers get released, ohh and whether the vita fails or not (apparently the successor to a handheld that failed in the west is supposed to do better then in its home-turf)

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Its a fake fanmade trailer

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at least release 1 and 2 on xbla/psn

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Yep, keep the articles coming lol

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Glad to see it did well enough for a sequel :)

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More exclusives, the fans of the other console seem to want them badly

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FF 13 - Sucked
FF 13-2 - Sequel to a game that sucked?
FF 14 - Sucked
FF v 13 - Disappeared off the face of the earth
FF Type Zero - Still Needs Localizing

Face it Square is run by idiots, ever since the success of 7 all they tried to do was recreate that success by releasing games that are somewhat similar rather then being original like they used to, can see why Sakaguchi left when he did.

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Is that right fella?

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ZOE 3DS!!!!

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See how long before sony ditch the 3G version like the plague

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3DS > Vita nuff said :)

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Sony made a tablet?.... huh

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Because it goes multiplatform ;) lol

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The psp has games? :/

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$49.99 for a game with no multiplayer or possible dlc (replay value), no trade in value (trophy situation), 9-10 hours in length is worth it?,

Never paid more then £30 for a handheld game and dont plan to no matter how Uber the graphics are

I doubt all retailers will use this price just the ones who feel the need to rip off customers Gamestop (usa) Game (uk)

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Because Xenoblade, The last story and Pandoras tower were not good enough? -_-

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Bioshock Infinite on the 360
Halo 4 on the 360
Mass Effect on the 360
Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS
Kid Icarus on the 3DS
Kingdom Hearts DDD on the 3DS

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