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Still would of been better if he was like Zelda/Sheik in SSB where netural Cole could turn into bad cole or good cole. The only difference would be his animations from fire to ice.


You would have netural cole...his LV1 Super would be bad Cole, his LV2 would be good cole and his LV3 would just be his tornado in netural form

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Then make it then....we want it

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How the hell did my comment get done for trolling...honestly that isn't even trolling. It's a fact that links in to the last RE6 article.

EVERYTIME I get bubbled up, the mods look for the simpilist things to bubble me down on purpose, things they would let others get away with they would mark me down for. Then have the cheek to blame the community when you know for a fine fact it was one of them.

The amount of crap I've seen people get away with o...

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"gameplay demo running on a high-spec PC"

So has it been confirmed for the PC or other platforms or not?

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They could of though thats the thing

Old Dante or Snake/Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2

Cloud should be in this or maybe Squall instead of Lightning which is looking likely

Crash and Spryo should be included...if they arn't in it Superbot should just come out and say it now because people will get ticked off they've let people get hyped up for nothing.

The PS1 Rayman would be a nice touch along with Croc and Tombi

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Hopefully this game needs some more females

Kat and Nariko will be the only new ones aside from Fat Prncess...really wanted to see Elena Fisher in this but that was going to be highly unlikely anyway.

Hell even Nikki from Pandemonium would be a nice choice

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They put that in U3 in three forms

Two weapon mods and a co-op booster

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They should at least include this in the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition with how much people are paying for it

...unless they do

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K-Rose or Flash FM

There was one of them which I liked which had a women on who sounded like Karen Walker off Will and Grace...can't remember what one though or what game it was on, it was either Vice City or San Andreas

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Don't you have a Naughtydog article to bash or more specifically a Last of Us one.

Please don't "hate" on me for saying something about a developer when you do the same on NaughtyDog/Last of Us articles or mostly on western games in general.

Have I ever called you on one of those comments...nope, want to know why because it's your comment and your opinion.

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I just want to use my newly added bubble to say thank you to all of you who agree with me and who bubbled me up.

I know, I know I don't get along with some of you on this site but we can't all have the same opinions can we but it's not like we would disagree with each other out of spite if one of us was making a good point.

You might see me as Mr Negative or the one who is hating on something...well of course it's going to seem like that if th...

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Jesus Christ

Hey wheres HiddenMission when you need him...still want to support Capcom now

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HAHA....I'm the butt hurt one and your the one who blocked me

Anyway to my reply to your immature PM

Haha awww your getting mad...cute

Your the butt hurt one because more people agreed with me in that article, your in the minority of RE fans who like RE still. You can't accept the fact that a game you like is being hated on with solid points

Anyway reply if you like but I won't read the message so you will be wast...

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So let me get this straight

N4G Logic

The same possisitve comments defending a game - ALLOWED

The same comments praising a games features - ALLOWED

The same comments telling people why a developer is amazing - ALLOWED

The same comments sticking up for someone - ALLOWED


The same comments of someone pointing out a games flaws or how a company has f*cked us over - NOT...ALLO...

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"Q. Have you played parts 1-3 recently? Not scary even a bit. "

There scarier then what RE6 is offering us

"Co-Op and MP fans said weren't need in Uncharted and guess what they were proven to be WRONG FACT!"

Uncharted is the type of game you would expect multiplayer from though. It's a cinematic adventure action game. It dosen't have co-op in the single player...FACT

"Q. Do you know what d...

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"like a dozen other meathead games which required next to no imagination or creativity to make."


AC3, The Last of Us, Watchdogs...just some of the games at E3, took no imagination or creativiity to make.


Just because his game is colourful and cute dosen't mean it's better then other games out there. I thought the Last of Us for example looked amazing despite the guy taking a shotgun to the fac...

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Well the first Dead Space is anyway...

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Wow...just wow, I honestly can't believe what I've just read.

"making it known over the web that they are totally bitter, butt hurt, haters"..."do they even know really know what they hell they are talking about"..."well I’m here to tell you that they are dead wrong"

First of all...really "mature" opening paragraph. If you've actually been paying attention since RE6 was announced you can see that all of the ...

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I sense someone is a little jealous that his game is being over shadowed by all the other big "violent" games

What do you do when your jealous of name call them or your nasty about them.

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When it's 300 inches like the one Barney has in his flat in How I Met Your Mother.....THEN we'll talk

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