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Exactly. It hurts mine ! #1.1.1
Update : I've emailed Valve, but I doubt we will even get a response. #6
It's a shame we have to go to those lengths to get hold of a game, that should have released many months ago. #3.1
Ok I'll amend the article to say it could be Valve's fault, but the likelyhood is...SCEE are to blame. #2
Who said it was Valves fault? I'm pretty sure they wouldn't of wanted to delay the EU PS3 version of the game. The fact of the matter is, the game has been released on Xbox 360 and Steam in EU, as well as PS3 in the States. Which would lead to the conclusion that the organisation to blame would be SCEE. #1.1
Will be interested to see how they price this game, considering Knytt is free-to-play #1
Yeah me too. Looking good so far, think the create, play, share will come into it's own on the Vita #2
Nice little platformer! #1
Couldn't agree more! Really wasn't expecting a game with so much depth when it's only a PS Mini. #1.1.1
It's a sweet little cover #1
Not sure I want to rock out to The Wanted or Cheryl Cole either ! #1.1
Initial track listing is eh interesting.. #3.1
Great game, great article! #1
Hard to believe it is actually only a 'PS Mini' rather than a PSN game. Maybe Futurlab will bring out a fully featured Velocity 2 for PSN with trophy support, online leaderboards etc.. #1.1
It's a shame. There are a large number of good PS Minis not available to download onto the Vita in the US. Lets hope SCEA sort the issues out pronto! #4.1
The game can be played on EU PS Vita already. Not sure about Asia, sorry. #3.1
Agreed! At £12 a pop, I'm sure most full priced digital titles will do a lot better. Just need the memory card pricing to come down. #2.1
A steam type sale would be good and I can't agree more, the price of memory cards at the moment is way off the scale. #1.2.1
Me too! Didn't see this coming though, and no official announcement from Sony? #1.1.1
The developers tell me that Sony are fixing some issues with minis not working on Vita's in certain regions. We should see more added working and available on PS Vita store by the end of the month #2
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