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Literally played this for 45 minutes straight last night, and had no problems at all. No idea what he is talking about honestly.

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red dead? ahhh this hype is killing me

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This is the second click-bait article from this "source" where the author is the first to comment. I am sorry but can this stuff just go away from N4G? This is not news, and as other commentors have pointed out, these are facts gathered by outside sources through surveys. The data is data, and for anyone here who has worked retail in any business, you know that the average consumer, which is most of your clientele is clueless.

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its pretty obvious how these things work... GS did a Sony weekend immediately after E3, companies pay for this sort of thing, its called marketing, and GS is the retailer that these companies choose.

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Well said Oculus. Im assuming this author didnt see GS earnings last week? They aint going anywhere lol
In fact they are growing as a company overall

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If we stop and take a look at things, it is actually a good thing for not only Sony from a business perspective, but also for us the consumer...

look at what has been announced for this holiday period....
We got Destiny in September as well as another great game coming end of September (TBA at E3)
Alien, Driveclub, dragon age, shadow of modor, batman, assassins creed, and Another hugeee title coming in October
then COD in November as well as a few ot...

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This is definitely false, some key missing games that I know are being announced from both sides

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Looking forward to trying this one out.

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In regards to this, if you look at the PlayStation versions of these exact downloads, in this case Watch Dogs, it is in-fact a actual purchase of the game through PSN, while utilizing the benefits GS offers you (Pre-order bonuses etc).

Basically, purchasing the PlayStation version is even easier.

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Sorry to break it to everyone, but the legitimacy of this is quite wrong, and is simply educated guesses. Although much of this is most likely accurate, I would not get too excited for each specific title listed and how they are shown. Look at the list of publishers as a clue, someone quote me if Activision & Bungie arent on stage with some Destiny and a small announcement behind it ;)

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"Stay connected to the world of Watch Dogs with the Watch Dogs Season Pass. Get access to a unique Single Player Campaign featuring a new playable character plus more missions, weapons, and exclusive content for $19.99. That's an over 25% savings versus buying each piece separately."

This description has been on the net for a ...

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Activision/ Bungie definitely confirmed the street date a few months back.

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People have to realize something about the entertainment industry, hell even the arts (blend the two).

So many projects are scrapped, it is crazy, but the ones that are further along are the ones that gain attention cause they most lkely have had exposure. But the talent leaving is nothing new and in all honesty, should excite us. It means Sony (MS today) cleaning up and tightening up is meaning they are wanting more quality and less quantity, and that means less of these me...

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Just putting this out there, but Sony posted on their blog like a week and a half ago that a big update is coming very soon, and detailed some of the features. This included, streaming additions with editor, twitch improvements etc. Not to mention adding ability to use seperate capture card and can upload files to any external device to be out on youtube etc

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not to mention that when you go to walmart you will stand around for an hour waiting for someone to assist you in the electronics department lol

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Also remember the GS trade-in values have no promos included, which they are always running. Members of their loyalty program automatically get a 10% bump on all those values, and if they are traded to a pre-order of an upcoming new game, you usually get an extra 30% as well, totaling an extra 40% on value. So not bad all around.

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Walmart did this back in 2009, failed miserably. I expect this to follow the same path.

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From someone who has played the final build, the game has not been downgraded. As stated by the author of this article as well- it is the best looking next-gen game out there. You will see on the 21st.

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Bring on the Flame Bait titles.... Honestly, I wish more teams would take the time to create the game they envisioned, and if that means they need a delay, so be it. I would rather spend my money on a great game than an unfinished one.

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