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Also pays homage to Priscilla queen of the desert but with less charm.

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Very cool galactic war action the devs look excited as am I .

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Well the Movie was not targeted to me a fan of the old gear ,so I guess it made me not want to play the game anyway.

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Yep only Halo for me in that list , JC3 is interesting but will wait for the multiplayer mod on pc before i buy.

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Nice I never did finish ME3 after all the fanny tears I got sick of hearing about it so I never seen the original ending either or know what happened I was just put off by the kids screaming ha ha.

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Ha ha ha nice will be a pleasure being killed by these.

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Don't like it do not buy it no need to cry just move on and leave it to the rest of us , go back and play some remaster action to re live those glory days before the internet cause now you can get all talky and stuff online.

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Sweet certainly starting to get hyped now its getting close , great looking bit of wall action there.

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Something I have never used even as a music head lol don't do it on my pc either like Twitch and game dvr never used them.

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Only 2016 game I have my eyes on so far.

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Love modern racers after playing all the arcade crap , I personally don't get this article never been better for me, playing PC, Assetto, F6, Euro Truck sim 2 and Race 07.

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Its ALIVE............ALIVE !!!!

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It is almost here certainly going to be a great month in gaming .

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Seen Watchdogs for $12 the other day still could not bring myself to buy it lol.

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Titanfall and Plants vs zombies are the best multiplayer games so far this gen for me.

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Single game is more enjoyable than project cars for some reason have not played online much this is a welcomed patch.

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New Battlestations please Eidos this is ok.

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Have pc and and xb1 version well done skip COD now Its been replaced for me.

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Will get SW but never could get the fallout vibe to talky and walk for me lol.

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Top news AMD next would be insane .

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