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I am so bad at gears lol my poor team mate picking me up every few seconds i will not be trying on hard for sure ai owned me in co op.

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Not sure i rarely get goty games .

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Makes me like them more only way i would not like MS is if they changed their name to Sony lol .

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Glad we get the last game free this month i have it on pc but with achievements i will have another go.

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Enjoyed the last one and every other one before it just got gears now i need Halo and Forza am done till Quantum break.

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Popular rock tune in the 80s lol.

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Yeah it would have been the best gloatware imaginable.

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Had a blast playing last night thanks MS.

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For Honor and cuphead are the only things that interest me forgot Quantum break though.

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Really enjoyed what i have played so far no extra menu or hundreds of unlocks , no constant travel just some solid fun more linear games please.

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Looks so smooth cant wait to play this mode.

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It can be a little rough going to cutscenes but i had no issues online or co op . Really noticed the frame rate difference online at first 60fps looks great.

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Was buying regardless of rez its remedy .

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BSP one of my fave games of all time will get the digital version for easier bc on xbox one just glad its made the free list gives me bc hope. Typo says Battlefield 1943 pacific actually is Battlestations Pacific.

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Well i am not very patriotic and don't really like many Australian things , but some older cars were sweet used to own an EJ not a fan of ACDC ha ha. Times change would rather a tight handling car any day than a gas guzzler that rolls in turns its all good love rally cars myself .

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Not even many aussies buy aussie cars hence the death of our industry . Good riddance i say most common cars on the side of the road are holden and ford broken down ha ha.

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Same thing happened in Forza and Ryse omg micro transactions run to the hills but they were only accelerators quick accelerate to the hills faster. Mgs does micro transactions and its all cool and dandy lmao.

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Day one for this little beauty .

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Installing now just picked it up will be playing shortly.

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Not hard if you have a different email each time, how can they stop it ? but well said bubs up lol.

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