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That is really great I don't actively seek info about Playstation or its games, life sure is busy though baby boy due this week hardly have time to play my pc or xbox with work and family gear thanks again. #9.2.1
Horde is its best feature for me. #5
I have an interest in the games for the platforms I own PC and Xbox weird I know , I come to this site to find out about PC and Xbox games. I hope this answers your questions Mr Obvious thank you bubs up. #9.1.1
31st does not have long to go here its almost over I will find out on the 1st as my time zone makes me from the future. More halo news is good news. #12
So its ten times better than the new movie well done guys. #24
My only gripe is needs more of those gold textures from the pc version ha ha have not finished it yet playing level for level on old pc version and ultimate xbox version. #7
Battlestations Midway and Pacific. #8
I am not interested in Ps4 so it is not really relevant to my gaming world looking forward to Forza though , what a great race last night in moto gp. #9
Nice i may check it out or wait to buy next steam sale friends are playing but i have been hung up on Dirty Bomb and Gears. #1
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Looks great been playing the pc original for comparison the older game has bad blur on draw distance , one thing that i did miss is some of the gold and brass textures scattered through the city they looked sweet but the new version has some great detail and clarity. #10
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With Halo , Forza and Starwars i am done for the year. #3
Do not want in any shape or form . #9
Well at least he tried one more than i am willing to do . #77
Only Forza,Halo and pc Battlefront may get tomb raider down the line when its cheaper. #8
Yeah great stuff fathers day here next month i put my order in lol. #17
Steam sale maybe in a drought for Max wont worry about MGS def not my thing. #25
I am a veteran of every gears game but i never improve at all ha ha one of the few games i doomed to be awful at lol. #6.1.1
I am so bad at gears lol my poor team mate picking me up every few seconds i will not be trying on hard for sure ai owned me in co op. #6
Not sure i rarely get goty games . #33
Makes me like them more only way i would not like MS is if they changed their name to Sony lol . #14
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