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Cool will be getting . #9
One of my cars has no engine audio but apart from that loving it old skyline gtr. #3
Wonder If I will get it at all now was going to get it when a gaming lull hits next year , by the sounds of it no one will be playing. #21
The copy cat open worlds begin now. #13
I look back with fond memories of my dark roots . #17
If everything becomes open world I will ease up on my gaming a bit so much filler , just looking for stuff. #30
No problem on release day I will pretend it did not come out let it patch and play some steam lol . #23
Nice may get this eventually . #1
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Aww looks great. #22
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Nice PC version it is wont be a day one for me though as I know PC games drop fast in price. #1
Was just chatting to a friend while playing Horizon 2 he finally got the xb1 cause he only plays racing games and said he was disappointed with Drive club, welcome back race fans. #17
The phone software has an option where the tiles become part of the pic , so I am sure that will come as well. #20
Ubi putting the tongue down the back of Sony gamers trousers, please buy our game your console is uber powerful music to the ears of some. I sense a boycott turnaround lmao. #34
Oh no was so looking forward to this lol. /s #45
Have decided to get this rather than the Halo collection as I have played them before , will get the Halo set at the end of next month. #30
Hit 156 but still have about 600 events to go lol . #6
Need to get this when I get some spare dosh . #7
Cant get past the comedy that is not there in horror games or movies too busy laughing. #6
That's ok just means I wont be able to play it day one that will take me a day to download no problems. #7
Cry it up again fans dry off quick before the next tear storm. #42
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