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Most likely xbox fans that moved to ps4 and are moving back looking for the holiday must have games. #32
Yeah I don't subscribe to Rupert Murdoch vision , sure hope they bring ABC ivew though it is on 360. #1
Three days to go here . #2
All the P in China could still not make me want to play on anything Sony related , I will be happy on my inferior P machine. #54
Ha ha how entertaining I do love it when I get to read these comments thanks guys. #35
A million P could not get me to play a lord of the ring gear game. #43
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Maybe for the people that had little faith I guess. #6
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Will be playing on steam for the next few days so I don't see friends playing , its not out until the 3rd here in Australia the wait is certainly killing me . #15
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Was not even considered xbox all the way. #6
Looking forward to a run of articles about how to open the destiny game case in 20 different ways. #4
Nice I will pick up the pc version as well cheap at some point. #10
Pc version for uber Ps and framey things plus have a decent wheel AAA sales and AAA resolution for the winners , steam sale for me. #14
I don't get what this means a link showing I had previously not taken notice of him , good to see that you took the time out to post that lol strange little fellow. I don't play staff I play the games. #16.1.1
Money down for day one bonus and pre order bonus cars , I wont buy DLC unless its more map. #3
Nice will be getting this for pc with my wheel , FH2 for the box car joy. #20
This is my fist game by these devs looks like It wont be disappointing the co op alone has me keen. #9
Nice will get it on pc cheap eventually , glad this pack is advertised on the pc page. #14
Cool not interested in VR until it is perfected , don't know who this guy is but I like his passion for xbox. #16
Never been more sick of a game in my life and I have never played congrats in wrecking this game from over exposer . #3
Yeah I do realise this but its getting a lot worse , its like the Destiny coverage is sponsored in some way and it just dominates the site but hey I still get the odd bit of info for pc and xb1 . #9.2.1
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