Getting ready for the Revolution


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We cannot speak to the reasons for him leaving.

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I guess you did not read the article, the mastermind has been gone for almost a year now.

And there has been zero released footage of game play since David Sears left the project.

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I agree it would sell some consoles but I am not sure the numbers will be staggering enough. I do however think that the franchise should be revived and brought back to its roots.

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Im jealous because my submission did not get approved and these will be a limited edition that you will not be able to get.

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It just shows how much PlayStation is about the gamers!!!

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Im so jelly right now!!!

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I like that you took the time to line out all of the revealed info in the post on the site.

This game is going to be awesome

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Sorry I did not get that question asked, but you are welcome to ask that question on the SOF Studios Site..

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We will not get any gameplay until the demo is built

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Yah Full Metal, we are a community partner but we were tied up with E3 so we did not get to do a whole lot of promotion for the initial announcement

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It is up as of now

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As one of the MVPs on site, this was a great chance for PlayStation to interact directly with the community and get direct feedback from members of the community.

Look forward to more events in the future, plus we had an awesome time.

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Ohh Spider, u r so bad

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Glad you are still able too, we have now received confirmation from several regions in Texas and now New York as well.

Apparently the sku was removed and replaced with a mystery sku.

Maybe we will hear something soon. If they are sold out, more power to them. If not, then what is going on? That is all we are wondering.

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You are correct this is a rumor though backed up by several calls to stores in our area where they had some to sell but no longer can because its no longer in their system.

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My money is actually on next gen

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The article is not about XB1 vs PS4, this is a suggestion solution for giving the gamers the ability to buy/sell, rent and lend games.

We are very aware that PS4 will allow you to play used games and there is no mention of the always online even in the article.

Did you read it?

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At no point does it say anywhere you cant sell it. It says that if you sell it to a store, the stores have to work out a deal to include a reactivation key if needed when they sell the used game

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This is the same interview where he discusses that Military that do not have access online should just stick with the 360...

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