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@Oshcino I mention the downward trend of BF Hardline, and how Battlefield needs to redeem itself with Battlefield 1. Gauging the community's reaction to reveal trailers and information we've gotten so far is absolutely a good way to gauge the trend of the game's success or failure. Obviously, the more people voice their dismay, and to what degree, the less-likely the game is going to sell well.

And BF3 deserved all of the hype; it's considered the best Battl...

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The article is about a shift in momentum, not about the total sales. Obviously, Call of Duty has sold more in the past (which I mentioned), and Battlefield pales in comparison saleswise (which I also mentioned). But the downward trend of Call of Duty and the reaction to Infinite Warfare + the positive reaction to Battlefield 1 suggests there's going to be a shift.

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You should fire that writer IMO, then.

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Internet high five.

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Damn, someone posted my review here before I could! ha!

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Embargo is April 11th.

Cool site, bro.

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Right, because THAT'S the point of this article.

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but what if Ryu were smacking his ass?

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John Hancock FTW

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Bosman for me as well.

Brandon is ok.

Huber is pretty funny, too.

Can't stand bloodworth.

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I believe Devil's Third and Fatal Frame are worth including (so I've gone back in and added mentions), and while I'm excited for a Project CARS wii U release, I'll believe it when we get an actual release date.

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You know, oddly enough, I never even thought about them moving outside of the Batman universe.

I'd like to see a Green Arrow game for sure - I think that has potential to be interesting. I think devs are afraid to touch superman games because of how fail they've been in the past.

I dont think green lantern would be interesting at all, and dont think a game with the flash would work. Hmm...interesting to think about.

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I also like the idea of a batman beyond game!

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I've put in over 12 hours to review the Sims 4.

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I think I should clarify...I mean content-wise. You're right in that the presentation was bad.

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Doubt it also, but would be great!

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me too

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In my opinion, a truly great game. Aside from the slow start. Although it isn’t a perfect experience, Metro: Last Light is one of the best blends of FPS and survival horror to date.

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