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Are people only allowed to comment if they like something? Some of us have been playing COD(and other shooters) for years and hate seeing what they've done with the franchise. Most of the changes in COD have been terrible and unbalanced. Deathstreaks, Support Streaks, 30 perks....ugh. #1.1.5
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I was no fan of WAW but I'd take a remastered that over this crap. Exo Suits.....please. COD deserves better. #30.1
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Yes, unfortunately. Different..........not better. #18.1.1
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Easy, because it's eliminating all the crappy items they add that ruin gameplay. Target Finders, Heart beat Sensors, Thermal Sights, Black Hats, Shock Charges, Tac Inserts, etc, etc all RUIN the game. Give me a simple COD with good guns, good maps, balanced Perks and fun Killstreaks. The rest of the stuff is just to attract the kiddies. COD is a military shooter not this sci-fi'ish stuff. If I want that, there are better games out there like (Titanfall,Destiny)to play. I like COD and... #10.1.1
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I will say this.............

I think games will be cheaper. I'm pretty sure you will have access to mods. I'm pretty sure it can be upgraded in the future with new hardware. Competition should make things better anyway. #41
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this game will be crap. they keep making cod worse. go back to basics please instead of this imaginary, futuristic garbage #10
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I'd take a WW2 COD over AW any day of the week. I simply want a normal military shooter and not some futuristic, sci fi'ish style shooter. If I want that, I'll go play HALO or Titanfall instead. #1.2.1
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I agree that they can't appeal to everyone, I simply stated my opinion. COD has gotten worse, not better with all this futuristic nonsense. I like HALO and I like COD but I don't want COD to be like HALO. Make sense? I'm all for improvements but this game is a huge failure in my eyes. It might be fun to play, but it still won't be COD to me. Some people will be happy with whatever they do............not me. #1.1.3
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make a sniper only playlist while regular playlists have none. problem solved. let the quickscope other snipers all day long for all I care. #16
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Remember when the developers mentioned they wanted to a lot of the verticality in COD a couple years ago? Gee, I know, let's add Exo Suits so people can fly 50 feet in the air. Another year without buying COD I guess. #2
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No chance AW saves a damn thing. AW isn't COD if you ask me, it's some sci-fi'ish shooter with killstreaks. Futuristic is the wrong direction for COD. Stick with modern day warfare and forget all the gimmicky nonsense stuff. #1
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How dare they fix an exploit......boo friggin hoo. Play the game as intended or shut up. People crying because they basically can't cheat any longer. People ruin everything. #49
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I don't play ANY games on my phone but I play all the time on my console. Cell phone gaming.....no thanks. Give me my large screen t.v. thank you. #28
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COD isn't even COD any more. They said AW would be game changing...................... .yep. Ugh. #52
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My beloved COD just keeps getting worse. WTF man? Drop this futuristic nonsense already. If I want to play that,I'll play HALO or Titanfall. #53
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Intriguing.......if the new meaning of intriguing is looks like more garbage. Quit ruining COD with all this futuristic nonsense and get back to what made it a great game. I want to play COD, not some obscene version of it to appease the kiddies as something "new". #2
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7 of 10 isn't even close to a fair score IMO. Titanfall is fast, fun and fresh. Thank God there's a shooter i like so I can bury COD now that it's been ruined. Titanfall isn't perfect but there isn't anywhere near the amount of bullshit in it as there is in COD or BF. It's no surprise that the guys that made the best COD have made this as well. #1
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Ugh.....More of this single player nonsense. Really people? While campaigns can be enjoyable they offer little to no replayaility value. I'd rather they spend all that time and effort on the real draw........MP #18
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Campaign.........who cares? MP is where your replayability comes from. After playing any campaign in any game I've owned, I've rarely touched them again. I'm glad they spent more time and effort on the real draw. Titanfall is a fresh change to the current MP scene. What I can't stand is all the fanboys for either console saying they wouldn't want a top title for their game. I'd love to have played some of the PS exclusive games. Why not? fanboys act like they get paid... #112
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It sounds to me like some of you want to play something other than COD then. Please do. I don't want COD to do anything more than small tweaks and keep the same basic gameplay that I love. That said, COD has gotten worse BECAUSE of some of the terrible ideas it has made. #6
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