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Intriguing.......if the new meaning of intriguing is looks like more garbage. Quit ruining COD with all this futuristic nonsense and get back to what made it a great game. I want to play COD, not some obscene version of it to appease the kiddies as something "new". #2
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7 of 10 isn't even close to a fair score IMO. Titanfall is fast, fun and fresh. Thank God there's a shooter i like so I can bury COD now that it's been ruined. Titanfall isn't perfect but there isn't anywhere near the amount of bullshit in it as there is in COD or BF. It's no surprise that the guys that made the best COD have made this as well. #1
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Ugh.....More of this single player nonsense. Really people? While campaigns can be enjoyable they offer little to no replayaility value. I'd rather they spend all that time and effort on the real draw........MP #18
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Campaign.........who cares? MP is where your replayability comes from. After playing any campaign in any game I've owned, I've rarely touched them again. I'm glad they spent more time and effort on the real draw. Titanfall is a fresh change to the current MP scene. What I can't stand is all the fanboys for either console saying they wouldn't want a top title for their game. I'd love to have played some of the PS exclusive games. Why not? fanboys act like they get paid... #112
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It sounds to me like some of you want to play something other than COD then. Please do. I don't want COD to do anything more than small tweaks and keep the same basic gameplay that I love. That said, COD has gotten worse BECAUSE of some of the terrible ideas it has made. #6
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Graphics are over rated. I'd rather have a great game that looks OK than a good game that looks great. I.E. Morrowind over Skyrim. #60
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Don't force me to buy something I don't care about. The Kinect abilities mean ZERO to me. I'm paying $100 extra for what exactly? Just because someone else likes it doesn't mean I should need to pay for it. They should've released it separately just like on the 360. #7
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Don't care, and why would I lie? #13.1.1
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I don't see a "reply" area ,only a agree, disagree or report ability. It's why I (again) went to the original post. i belong to another forum where I have no problem like this. feel free to clue me in. #1.3
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I've played every Walking Dead game so far except for the latest one and I've NEVER had a single issue. Glad I'm lucky so far. #13
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Do people not understand what the mute button is for? #4
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Excuse me? I wasn't disagreeing with you if you read what I said. Derp. #1.2
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None of this crap maters anyway. When they release MP news, then they will actually be telling us something. Campaigns are an afterthought to me. Meh' #29
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Why does everyone want COD to change? I want to play COD, not something else. The more they've changed the game, the more I dislike it. If people are tired of it then they don't have to buy it. I'm not stupid, I know exactly what I like. #1.1
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If you want to make COD good then take out all the cheap items. Things like Thermal, Target Finders, Heart Beat Sensors, Motion Sensors, Shock Charges, Tac Inserts, panic knifing and free fire launchers. They don't make the game better, just ruin it. Get rid of this crappy pick 10 type of perk setup and go back to 3 Perks with Pro perks, unless you use a Specialist Setup which was the best thing about MW3. Have Scorestreaks that are gradually harder to get and better as you progress. No D... #4
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Derp. It's to inform people of the ability to "sorta" save $50 if they are thinking about buying one. This has ZERO to do with silly console wars. #2
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No offense but what makes you think that XB1 wont sell more than what the 360 did then? You're simply anticipating extra sales for the PS4 alone. #1.12
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I want to play COD not some game that changes a bunch every year. I'm fine with some tweaking but things like death streaks, this pick 10 system and support streaks were all horrible ideas and make the game worse. If you want to play a different game, please do so instead of ruining the good ones. #1
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I 2nd that! Kiddies today are more worried about emblems, camos, titles and ranking up than they are about winning. #9.1
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This topic screams fanboyism. Every pro XB1 article comment is full of PS4 love and every PS4 article is full of MS fans with negative comments. None of this is surprising since the XB2 is $100 more expensive and came to market 2nd. Both machines are great and lets see where they're at a year from now. that will matter much more. #15
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