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sooo.. how they gonna get PS3 games on this thing? Streaming?

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I love how this website makes the scrolling of images very smooth. It doesn't load a new page for each. Very good design would definitely adopt it if I were to make a site.

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Don't know anything about this game. Just read the title of it and immediately thought of this.


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This game ticked me off. I just don't find as responsive as Arkham City was. In Arkham City I was able to string a combo of 50 easily. In this one they've done something to the formula which makes countering more difficult. But not because the game is harder but because it is cheaper and as well developed as AC.

And I hate using those shock gloves too because they are way too cheap. I know that if I did I can get a combo of 100 in no time without worrying about skill....

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“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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why wouldn't they update classic Snake with PS4 visuals? This sucks!

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AC4 received an excellent score and not a single F*** was givem. lol! I came here for the comments.

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wow this was unfair. I'd understand a low 5 or 6, but a 3/10? No way.

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So is this story DLC or online?I didn't see mention of this in the article unless I missed it.

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This is a very good boss fight. I hope all the rest are as good as this.

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I noticed that the Home button didn't respond. 1:16

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Trevor is a despicable, broken human being. I don't understand why people think that behavior is "cool." I guess I can understand why he's viewed as funny...


But if there was no alternate choice in killing him I would've had no problems doing so.

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Great voice work. Will be buying this game day 1.

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I agree man. Like when they have the water drip effect. Water doesn't drip from our eyes as if they were a pane of glass. I even see some third person games do this for no reason. It takes me out of the experience a bit because then I'm thinking "so I'm the director of a movie?".

I like being completely immersed in the experience and escape, not feel like the cameraman.

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Pledged $20. Money that could've easily been Capcom's if they would just listen.

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I thought this was a joke article. Why doesn't it fold?

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The Batman game we "deserve" will be the proper Rocksteady sequel. Origins just suffices until then.

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how did he make this?

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why not just give us the entire list? I won't give two $@!ts by tomorrow.

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dumbest list I've ever come across. Everything on there is based on and influenced by much more than just hip hop.

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