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"⓿⩌⓿ Found You !"


Thank you for everything Cat :3
https://www.youtube.com/wat... #55
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I think a remake for TM2 will be the best thing to happen for the series #5
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Anyone who doesn't consider RE3 / Parasite Eve / Fatal Frame / Haunting Ground a terrifying games is automatically has no taste on the horror genre to me #11
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Don't worry .. i'm aware of that ;)
i think it's enough to give the reviewer a wide look on what he is doing #8.1.1
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I would give the used thumbnail 10 / 10
but not the game .. sorry buddy ~ #8
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Most likely Onimusha or Maximo
i'm pretty sure its a Capcom game #28
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New Parasite Eve game ( not T3B ) #51
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"May Mean Fewer Third Party Exclusives"
That's depends on publishers perspective , either they choose to pick on gamers side where the majority of gamers are or just desperately accept the moneyhatting from the other company and let them expect some unrealistic possibilities from it ( take Japanese IP's exclusivity on Xbox as an example which may hurts the gaming industry and the gaming community too if they choose to be strict about the exclusivity ) hope things lik... #6
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Yeah i still remember that , back when it was named Final Fantasy Versus XIII and i was extremely hyped at that time , it was the core reason i bought PS3 since the 2006 E3 trailer ( wow time passes fast .. ) , i didn't regret that decision , many JRPG's and many good games on that system :)
still hoping for Parasite Eve announcement ... *sigh* #1.4
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Wai- why do you guys even call it Xbox TWO ?
wasn't the Xbox ONE supposed to be the "all in one" console to begin with ?
or was it just a slogan ! #25
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Its actually the opposite considering 3DS getting a lot of support from them unlike the VITA , Square Enix starts being arrogant with Playstation brand since last gen and its known for all gamers how this turn out to be recently , just don't be delusional Square Enix still supports Nintendo more than anyone in the gaming market ( except when it comes to bigger IP's ) . #6
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That Parasite Eve cover *sobs* curse you Square Enix :( #8
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Why not a new open world Parasite Eve instead of these games ? #2.1.3
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This is truly by far ( and in my opinion ) one of the best RE games i have ever played in this franchise , its totally deserve the hype that RE2 and RE4 has been getting , they should combine 2 and 3 together in one game and remake it as a part of the story #5
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I miss the "Fatal Frame" days ~
i want these days to come back alongside with the whole Fatal Frame community ..
but it seems isn't possible considiring Nintendo still co-own the IP D: #5
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Here's my personal favorite games on the RE series :
1: Resident Evil 3
2: Resident Evil CV + Resident Evil Remake
3: Resident Evil 2
4: Resident Evil ( original )
5: Resident Evil 4
6: Resident Evil 0
7: Resident Evil Outbreak
8: Resident Evil Survivor
9: Resident Evil 5
10: Resident Evil Dead Aim #12
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How ? Resident Evil 4 might be considered the least best one in the series ( based on some polls ) but that doesn't mean its not the part of the problem , RE4 is where all the bad decisions from Capcom starts . this is where Capcom starts heavily focus on action genre based on how successful the 4rth game was and its still follows the recent games till the no end , in short : RE4 kills the the legacy that is meant to be called "Resident Evil" #6
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New Parasite Eve .. I wanna believe :( #6
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Platinum + Studio behind Spiderman games could possibly make this happen , we know that PG recently worked with Activision on Legend of Korra and its somehow turn out to be disappointment , but this combination right here could possibly change everything if PG fully worked on this game with the help of Spiderman studio on the swinging / glide mechanics and animations #1.4
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It pains me how Square Enix keeps ignoring Takashi Tokita and not give him any chance ( its sad that they force him to do mobile games instead of home console ones ) , but instead they give this guy Toriyama the whole freedom to do whatever he wants , its true that he make only one good game ( which it was FFX ) but nothing good came from him after that .. Sqaure Enix , you really need to give your precious talents a chance or you might lose them someday :\ #18
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