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"⓿⩌⓿ Found You !"


I understand that but we are talking about "mobile" games , this game is the poorly designed one compared to the rest , there's 2 other digimon games on the mobile market :

Digimon Soul Chaser ( ) in Korea
Digimon Links

Digimon Links seems promising and i can't wait for it to be honest #2.1.1
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Why making review for this simple designed game ?
wait for Digimon Links its the only good Digimon mobile game #2
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I think Dissidia style could work for a new PS All-stars BUT ... considering Cloud / Snake / Ryu pushed into SSB kills all the possibilities for a new PS all-stars , its like Nintendo planned for all of this to happen . #10
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Whatever you find good about this cold series or either you try to push a propaganda , I have nothing to comment about how unappealing and bad this series is , FF13 /=/ FF games
keep in mind guys that this article coming from the same person who said The Last of us isn't a great game , i'm kinda surprised not a lot of people noticed that . #36
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As always .. Watchmojo completely ignores Parasite Eve in all of their lists . #5
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I personally think FF12 "feels" better if it was played with Keyboard and mouse
the game design and aspects feels like an MMO , a steam / PS4 release would be much appreciated :) #6
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Looks good , but to be honest .. i liked Jill more when she was in RE3 .. she looks iconic #13
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What in my conclusion is very different from what others think , i think what actually will happen isn't related to this story , there's something really mysterious between Microsoft and Nintendo recently , i don't know but there might be a partnership between the both on the upcoming system the NX!

NX = Nintendo Xbox !?

does that mean that the next system will be an official start of a partnership ?

let's wait and see .. #33
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Will it be like the old school style ( Please Insert Disc 2 ) , like are they going to pack 2~3 blu-ray discs in one cover or just release episodes separately and digitally or each episode with each disc ?

i'm kinda lost with their business decision here ! #14
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Rule of Rose is an unforgettable rare gem from the small studio Punchline , a game when it comes to story wise it may look weird to you from the first look but once you get involved into it it meant to hit you hard in your emotion to the point that you might shed a tear , this game has a huge impact in my emotion to this day and i still can't forget how sad the story is if you are deeply involved into it to understand the dialog and the events , its heartbreaking and sad to know who the i... #1.2
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Ni-Oh #403
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As a hardcore Onimusha fan , you guys have no idea how this news upset me to the point that i can't even collect words to talk , it hurts .. it hurt me so much that we no longer seeing a straight sequel to the original games :(

i'm sure this news will upset AlphaOmegaSin badly conspiring how much he was excited for this "trademark" announcement .
I hope this F2P game plays like Deep Down or dragon's Dogma other than that this will be a nightmare . #4
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You are always reading my mind , i'm glad we share the same type of thinking :) #1.4
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Stop reminding them and giving them idea's , for the love of gaming NO ! #8
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I'm thankful that we built a strong community here :) #202
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Playing the PS1 games of Medal of Honor makes me see the FPS genre differently in another perspective , i never felt that much fun in playing FPS games than the fun that i had of playing the original Medal of Honor games ( especially medal of honor underground ) #5
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Looks promising ~
OMG .. is it just me or does Kara looks like a next gen Aya Brea that looks aged at the last scene ⓿_⓿ ! #24
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They spent too much time of their life in this game , the last time i remember trying this game was 2 years ago and i don't understand the strong appeal behind it , its like the rest of MOBA games and i despise MOBA games , and stop considering a normal human being a "GOD" !?
just because his sense of sight and focus is fast doesn't make him a "GOD" smh #5
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Of all things in life Square Enix , i just want an open world Parasite Eve game that takes place in NY , for the love of gaming look deep into your library for once . #10
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Wai- Walking Dead .. Horror game , of all time !?
This list doesn't make any sense to me :\ #2
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