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"⓿⩌⓿ Found You !"


Hmmm .. what if Allison Road turn out to be the actual P.T ( Silent Hills ) , since Kojima left Konami and he no longer working with them he may have a part in the development for this game , not sure yet but there's something really mysterious about this demo .. we will find out soon :) #29
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I bet everyone at Square Enix headquarters celebrating this moment ( except Toriyama lol )
many good decisions has been made since he left the company #11
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I cannot believe they didn't even talk about the Parasite Eve franchise in the press conference , not even a single word nor hint to make me gain more faith in gaming these days , you can't simply play with my emotion like this by leaving this easter egg for nothing SE .. you better do something and respond to the rumors that says that there will be a game starts with a "P" and will be announced , for the love of gaming if this was meant to be a hint to bring back the franch... #6
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I have seen people who refund for no reason and just for fun , this hurts indie devs and Valve needs to look into that since this may also affects the Japanese publishers too

Indie games players quotes :
"10/10 best uninstall simulator , Uninstall + Refund"

I mean really ? :\ #11
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Stella was an iconic loveable mature and strong women based on the trailers we saw , Luna on the other hand looks like a weak 13 old girl and the design choice is out of the place , i'm expecting her relationship will be like Snow and Serah from the original FF XIII story :\ #20
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How many times do people needs to be reminded that The 3rd Birthday is a spinoff .. Tabata himself said that before ! #2.1.1
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Most of you may consider this random but I'm really into FF V i don't know why :]
the game really has a strong FF vibe and its a great introduction to those who weren't into 8bit era games , not gonna forget the rest .. from VII to X were also my favorite games . #8
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There's no innovation if you put all your focus on mobile gaming for the rest of your life since the way you control this device isn't gonna help you to achieve the same type of experience you get with consoles / PC , few type of games has been made to this device and each one of them has thousands of clones in the mobile market , its funny considering these few games originally ripped off others ideas and claim as if they come up with the next big gimmicky thing to brainwash the mass... #21
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I will lose my mind if they announce a sequel / prequel or even a remake for Parasite Eve
this is my gaming dream and it needs to happen at E3 #2
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Forgot to mention From Software has Tenchu franchise and that's HUGE , hopefully they can make an awesome Tenchu game like they used to do in PS1/PS2 era #2.4
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Square Enix , bring back the survival horror genre that we all been begging Capcom for , please revive Parasite Eve franchise and buy the rights from the writer to own the name . #12
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. . . Just one of my regular days

Wai- Who is the CEO of Konami now ? #83
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Thank you for everything Cat :3
https://www.youtube.com/wat... #55
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I think a remake for TM2 will be the best thing to happen for the series #5
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Anyone who doesn't consider RE3 / Parasite Eve / Fatal Frame / Haunting Ground a terrifying games is automatically has no taste on the horror genre to me #11
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Don't worry .. i'm aware of that ;)
i think it's enough to give the reviewer a wide look on what he is doing #8.1.1
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I would give the used thumbnail 10 / 10
but not the game .. sorry buddy ~ #8
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Most likely Onimusha or Maximo
i'm pretty sure its a Capcom game #28
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New Parasite Eve game ( not T3B ) #51
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"May Mean Fewer Third Party Exclusives"
That's depends on publishers perspective , either they choose to pick on gamers side where the majority of gamers are or just desperately accept the moneyhatting from the other company and let them expect some unrealistic possibilities from it ( take Japanese IP's exclusivity on Xbox as an example which may hurts the gaming industry and the gaming community too if they choose to be strict about the exclusivity ) hope things lik... #6
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