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Tbh .. i think its depend on people taste whether they liked or hated that game , some have high standards .. maybe you don't see what they personally believe is good for them , You just need to respect that .

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If you had a chance to talk with SE devs there .. PLEASE ask them if Parasite Eve is on development and show them enough interest by asking them more questions about the game and the future of Aya Brea character

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IT felt like a new Clock Tower / Haunting Ground sequel the whole time from start to finish .

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I feel like open world would absolutely work with Parasite Eve if SE is interested enough to make that happen someday

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"I mean they could have used the budget for Kingsglaive for a new Parasite Eve"
That's exactly what i was thinking about , i mean why would they waste such a huge budget on a movie that speaks about the game when the game is coming out regardless , if they are interested enough to make a realistic and atmospheric open world games then dammit they should try to show their talent and go with Parasite Eve in the first place , it has real life settings with horror vibe + t...

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Bloody roar + Tekken 3 > the whole list

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Please be Parasite Eve ~

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....... to this day i think Square Enix made a huge mistake not keeping Jonell Elliott voice for Lara

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They want to be the world's no.1 games developer ... by copying others and following trends
Capcom lost their touch since 2006 .. ain't no such thing will meet their expectations after every dumb decisions they make and after losing most of their development teams who has the talent to make changes , let their arrogance lead them to whatever they want .. to me , they become out of touch with the industry .

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If he likes open world games that much why didn't he make a modern open world Parasite Eve game on New York City
that will give the team many possibilities to show their talents since its a horror franchise

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"You can't argue with them. As "old-tiem" RE fans as they claim to be they should actually be excited for this title, as it is returning to RE's roots. "

*Instead they seem to want another game like 5 and 6 which they at the same time regard to be the downfall of the series.*

This right here .. hurts me a LOT
Please for the love of gaming tell me you did not just said that about me ? Who said i wan...

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RE7 ... Returning to roots ? Fans ?
I think the development vision of RE7 was crystal clear to everybody
if you want to talk about fans be more specific on what type of "fans" are you referring to
I'm sorry but I don't think us oldschool fans were waiting for another Outlast / Amnesia / P.T clone and looks exactly like thousands of first person indie horror games .. i'm an oldschool RE fan and this game is NOT for me .. case closed.

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Me and my friends hope its a new Bully game , Bully was a great R* back in the day and its still fun to this day

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I'm pretty sure Tomb Raider will get an announcement soon regarding the classic games for the 20th anniversary

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"PS Now is Coming to Mainland Europe"
Wai-.. what ... its still going and further ?
Look .. i don't mind a side service that give you the ability to stream PS3 games , but please don't tell me the new PS4K doesn't have backward compatibility because IT SHOULD O_O !
I mean if Sony is smart enough they would have included a Cell chip to emulate PS3 games on the PS4K , all i have to do is waiting ..... and expect miracles to happen !

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@zep Nice to know you :) .. here you can download the game from this link :


Copy/paste on browser , hit ENTER then it will ask you to install the game

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Tree of Savior opened a new server for SEA recently called Telsiai , ToS now becomes global since the English version pretty much cover all regions except the regions that already has its own publisher , BDO on the other hand is strictly region locking everywhere because of the western version due to its business model and a decision came from Pearl abyss part .. i'm still looking for any news regarding SEA version , PA seems silent atm but i think Nzin Corporation might be the one who wi...

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I want to see that day that we finally see a remake for this masterpiece , SE DO IT

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Parasite Eve : Rebirth

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They use this footage on purpose to shade and take advantage of the weak minds in Iran so they can involve themselves in the Syrian war by trying to make Hezbollah mercenaries look like heroes and create this delusional image in their minds , this is not the only time they did this .. they did much worse than that .. this is just a glimpse from their shady propaganda

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