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We all need to wait to see what Microsoft shows at E3, but seriously. This doesn't sound good. Just sounds like more confirmation of the fears many have been having about Microsoft for the last few years, that their focus has shifted to the casuals.

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Because it's all about the direction each company has been taking lately.

Sony has always been about the core gamer. So any silence from them would be still be silence, but hey, at least we know what Sonys focus is. Waiting for something that will be a treat to real games = exciting and suspenseful.

Microsoft on the other hand have been focusing on casuals and kinect for the past few years. It's this new focus that is making people uneasy. Not to men...

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Why do you keep bringing up money when it comes to Microsoft solving their problems.

"When MS wants to sell something they will by the commercial spots and ads."

"As for fire power, the real fire power is money. Money Buys ads money gets games made."

"If MS really wanted Fable the Journey to sell they would have done it like they did Star Wars"

Is that how all Microsoft fans think? That's pre...

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Why do you think most people who frequent video game sites are Sony fans? Because it's Sony who is doing the most for us. It's not like Microsoft has been doing much for the core gamer recently.

Sonys job at their conference was to show that they aren't making the same mistakes they made with PS3. So far all the buzz for the PS4 has been positive from both gamers AND developers alike.

Killzone and Infamous sell millions and Sonys whole reason fo...

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Well said!

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Totally disappointed...

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Are you serious? It doesn't exist? Ever heard of E3? Sonys job was to get people talking about the PS4, release the specs, talk about some new features, wow the developers with 8gb GDDR5 ram, and show off a few games. They not only did this, they did this well.

Why would Sony fans need to spin anything or play damage control? The conference went well and E3 is just a few months away.

It's obviously the people who DON'T lik...

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Gearbox Software FX artist Nick Peterson----
"It all depends on their development tools. If they get anywhere near as good as Microsoft's development tools were for the Xbox 360, they'll be sitting pretty. The device looks like it's going to be very fast with that GDDR5 memory. I do wonder where the next Microsoft console will fall in the performance category. Ultimately, you have to sort of cater to the lowest common denominator.

"Indie for PS4,...

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"Simply put, there is yet to be a first-person shooter with a dedicated cover system"

Killzone 2

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What worries me the most is so far the leak is for XBLA. If this ever gets released at all, will it not come to PSN? :/

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XBLA? Goddammit.

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I just mean that I prefer to play as male characters, as I am a guy. Not that I think anything is wrong with female main characters lol. I'm still excited by it, and i'll have to wait and see.

Though Gespenst you are right, it does look like that.

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A lot actually. Especially since this won't be Solid Snake, but rather Big Boss.

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Hope this doesn't sound too sexist lol. But is anyone else disappointed that the two main characters are both female? I have such a hard time getting into Rpg's with female main characters. Any other genre it's fine but I just can't with rpgs.

Caim was freaking awesome too, this will be weird..

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How daft can people be? There is still E3. Sony obviously wasn't going to show everything they had to offer at that conference. Besides, what they DID show WAS actually pretty cool. But i'm tired of the haters saying "nothing interestng, won't be getting a PS4". Hey jackass, try waiting till June to see what else it'll offer.

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The article is written as if the author somehow doesn't know about E3 at all.

NEWS ALERT: There is more to the Playstation 4 than we saw at the conference.

It was just an announcement. We still have plenty of new things to look forward to.

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I think a lot of people honestly just have some sort of personal vendetta against the company and want it to fail.

Was the conference perfect? No.
Was the conference good to great? Yes!
But the haters will look for the tiniest thing to nitpick in order to take swings at Sony.

Sony could have cured cancer on that stage, but someone would still find some reason to hate it.

"Sony is disrupting the worlds natural way of thin...

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Agree with you man. I expected fans from the other two to try to put Sony down, but it pisses me off when the media takes a shot at Sony.

PS3 had problems at launch but they turned it around quite dramatically and now it's a great console with a large variety of exclusives.

Sony goes out of its way to show that the PS4 won't be having the same problems PS3 had yet the media still wants to bash Sony.

I'm convinced so many people ju...

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Completely agree with you. Everyone trying to downplay the conference and ignore all the other good parts simply because Sony didn't show the actual console are grasping at straws.

Like you said a lot of them just want Sony to fail and they will say anything to throw hatred at the PS4.

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I could write out an entire paragraph or two explaining why you are wrong. But what's the point? If it's this far into this gen and you still want to pretend like PS3 didn't launch an entire year later with a massive price tag and is still managing to outsell the 360 worldwide,or that the Wii got lucky with casuals, nothing will convince you otherwise.

Oh look that did turn out to be a paragraph. Well i'll leave you with this then. You are an idiot.

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