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Yup , it"s a fucking camp fest.That Jungle map is fucking retarded , there are like a bajillion hiding spots and even when an enemy appears on the radar in front of u , All u see is the massive foliage. I went on a 12 kill streak without even getting out of my cover even once. #13
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sexy #7
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Amnesia Dark Descent pisses over every game that is coming out next year. Yes , its that Good.

Fear 3 is all set to launch next year
Call of Duty : Fear 4 Clinical Strike. #14
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Dang i"ve had Pacific Rift since the very day my PS3 was Purachased but never bothered to go online with it.Actually did want to play it online just never found a game online.

Dang those Free 12 months PS plus Subscriptions. #6
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Online Co-OP is Sick. #8
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ahah , i Just went through all of their awards that have been Released.

They picked RDR over ME2 over Dialogue and Interaction.Infact , ME2 had not a single award in the Storytelling/Voice Acting/Dialogue Department.

Bunch of RDR fanboys. #11
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ME2 Improved a vast amount over the Previous Titles and is one of the Best Solo Experience i have ever played.

But best game of the Decade? No , Just No.
I don"t know how you could come up to such a conclusion if you have been gaming for 20+ Years.
SOTC is far and away the Best Single player experience i have ever played , that is one game you wish would never end.The Ending just wraps up so many emotions in a Single Campaign , Real Emotions.
... #48.1
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Starcraft 2 for me.

ME2 and RDR get boring and Repetitive after Some time.

Starcraft 2 is something that i can play for many years to come and watch others play Gleefully as well. #46
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As neither Arkham nor Blackgate Prison are in any condition to hold inmates, Sharp buys out a large
So an arkham asylum type Area where you have to roam inside the Confines of the Slums , a lot like Arkham Asylum.

Not that it"s a bad thing , i never expected free roam in a batman game anyway.Let"s just hope they somehow up the Gameplay Quality.

This game is going to be a beast. #6
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Atleast the guys at Gamesradar are taking there sweet time while Reviewing the game.

It"s like Reviewing an MMORPG the very first day and then complaining there are no players , there is no content etc etc. #5
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okay #9.1.1
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It plays like a Dream and Looks like a Dream.

Thats all i need to know.

And oh , the menu isnt that much of a clusterfuck as they have told to be.Only if they got their lazy asses to play the game a bit more. #108
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Harp de Harp.

I feel like killing somebody. #1.5.1
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Okay , anything else?

Your very first point explains why you were never meant to play this game.

As for me , the game is super awesome with my brand new G27 wheel.
The major Reason holding it down from a perfect score is it"s unfinished Multiplayer that lacks Matchmaking and Leaderboards something that can be fixed by a patch.

For all you Xbox army - It will still outsell Forza #14.1
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Killionaire is better #1.5
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The Reason why i refuse to pay for a new copy of Black Ops.Will probably buy a used copy
There always has to be some problems with One Version or the Other. Tryarch make huge claims and fail epicly at each of them.

The Campaign has good story , and that"s just about it.Every single set piece is generally taken from MW and MW2 or WAW.

If they really just worked that much on the multiplayer , don"t even bother releasing it with a single player.Just multiplayer only.Sheeps will still buy the game.

Rant over. #1.12
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If he ever wants to act the Part
He really needs to trim down a bit.

I"ll never accept a Drake with a pot Belly.

Everything Else is fine though. #9.1
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I Thought it"s the Humans that were Overpowered?
The Spitter Doesn"t spawn right away for me? Is it a Bug? I can spawn fine with the other 2 but if i select that Spitter one i always have to wait the 5 seconds without getting spawned.

Cannot comment about the balance , as whichever side has me always loses :D #7
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It isn"t N4G unless we see some PS3 Doom and gloom articles. #33.1
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What"s the Surprise
Even F1 2010 outsold Reach on it"s Opening Week. #6
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