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Well it is time to pass it on to someone else.

The general level of imagination in Marvel games compared to their movies is poor. Whilst Capcom did produce good fighting games they were very much rinse and repeat.

Just don't give it back to SEGA, their Iron Man games should be put in the video games hall of shame. #22
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Over December and January, PS4 launches in most Asian countries so that'll extend the global sales significantly as Xbox1 isn't available in Asia for some time. #60
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Normally the Asian & JP releases are tied closely together but the Asia gaming consumer base is now mature and significant - Hong Kong alone has almost 1 million PSN accounts.

Also for the first time ever during a new hardware launch Japan is now a specialist market that has more local and less global gaming appeal than ever. #8.1
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Japan really have a thirst for Japanese games. Asia is far more culturally cosmopolitan and games like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, COD etc etc do well in Asia.....in JP not so much.

Plus Hong Kong has a huge video games expo in December that attracts 500,000 consumers and would be a big mistake to miss getting the PS4 going at that venue. #5.1
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And I thought after all the outrage that Gamespot gave it a poor score. 9.0.

Also funny about how there is negativity towards the game being branded misogynistic but 'everyone' is fine with mowing down pedestrians, parking a car in someone's face and mass carnage.

Not knocking the game, btw, I pre-ordered a long time ago. #102
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Well calling #3 #1 makes much more sense. #215
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Actually Cross-Play with Kratos will have a double meaning given his uncontrollable anger. #1.1.20
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It is a mistaken belief that by blocking 3 trade-ins that previously financed a fourth game that the new game revenue will come to the publisher. The reality is that a large amount of people simply won't be able to get that fourth game.

As for all the people saying they're not buying XB1, I'll be very surprised if the out of the gate sales are less than respectable. #50
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The game looks impressive and the demo packed a punch. I am, however, a little bit disappointed in the multiplayer. It looks like Uncharted's MP but reskinned a bit.

Naughty Dog's standards and the Last Of Us expectations are so high that even something as good as Uncharted MP repacked is disappointing. #46
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Fallout on PS4 won't be a surprise, Fallout on PS4 without bugs and freezes will be. #45
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The whole region locking methodology is out of date and was never a good idea.

Service inequality contributes to this problem too.

Unfortunately as much as it is great to not have region locking on the PS3 and likely PS4, the dlc is region locked which takes away some of the shine. #30
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YAWN. Consoles are enticing for value for money. 6-10 years out of a single piece of hardware that still gets supported by Sony or Microsoft represents a much bigger ROI than any gaming PC. Not to mention the ergonomically streamlined experience.

I doubt if there are two high end PC models that have sold as many units combined as X360 and PS3 have. That tells the real story. #100
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And we're in for a lot of these kind of articles until at least one year into the Next Gen life cycle.

I loathe these unsubstantiated articles with no facts to back up the opinion. #50
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You mention the often unspoken truth. 'Everyone' is raving about cloud gaming, digital downloads and so on but there are significant parts of mature countries that jut can't get a decent internet speed or internet at all. #32.1
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Piracy not being justified is one side of the same coin. The other side is rarely or never mentioned. That is service inequality. Try buying Diablo 3 digital copy in Asia, it is a complete nightmare.

Beyond games, look at how $15-20 will get you a months worth Hulu Plus and Netflix in the USA but none of this services have launched internationally.

Until service equality is pervasively available to supply the demand it is creating a major reason for piracy.... #23
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Funny how every one of those 10 women look like the same person over and over again.

Is that the secret ending to the game realizing that it has been the same woman changing her appearance and pretending to be someone else like in a Monty Python sketch? #3
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Well with the World Cup coming up next year and Soccer being the biggest sport in the world it in understandable.

Plus as there is only FIFA and PES that focus on mainstream soccer then there is room for competition - how many FPS' do we get each year by comparison?

Show me something special SEGA. #30
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The bigger issue is that there are an embarrassing amount of places that CAN'T access either stable internet services or the internet itself.

That essentially alienates all of those consumers - I'm willing to be that the number of people who fall into that category globally is significant. #58
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I didn't realize that 1UP had played the PS4 games shown at the recent conference. #45
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We're in for lots of these click baiting articles until Holiday 2013. #80
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