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I was excited about this and the milestone until I saw the article was VGChartz.

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This author unfortunately hasn't even played the games on the list... Look at #10, he makes assumptions about the beat a specific challenge in The Witness, and he himself has clearly never gotten to the music box. Just sad...

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The development team is literally 20 guys in a house in Berlin. The fact that they can make a massive open world RPG and nail it down at a stable framerate is amazing.

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They completely rebuilt both games on a new engine. Especially for 2033, the changes are drastic.

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Yeah, but it's really only the premise summarized, not the entire story.

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These changes will many more layers and opportunities to the game's experience.

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Thanks for the spoiler by posting this.... Jerk

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Need this in my life.

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Gameplay-wise it's much in a similar vein as the originals, but stylistically that's where the biggest shift is. I feel like they've made a nice homage to the original while trying to court new fans.

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The added content alone makes is a worthwhile purchase.

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'GI" stand for Game Informer, not Gaming Illustrated. Until you have over 8 million subscriptions, then I don't think it's fair for you to call yourselves that.

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Opps, you're right about Dale. I agree that numerical scores are silly. We have this argument all the time at work that non-uniformity across review scales harms the industry and the integrity of reviews... C'est la vie...

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This is an outlier as far as reviews for the game are concerned. Other reviews are averaging in the 70s and 80s, even from Jim Sterling at Destructoid.

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Great game! I'm about 68 hours in.

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Boring and badly executed combat? If you don't like a genre, then don't review it. The gameplay is what makes this game shine and is nearly flawless.

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5.5GB... don't waste your time with a clickthrough.

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Yeah, if only the game had offered options for controls... OH WAIT! /facepalm

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Go to the review, and read the comments...


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CUBS WIN!... oh wait...

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Viva la Vita.

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