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Like the ability to grill a steak

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The "best version" of the game will probably be out around half a year after consoles

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Devilz you'll probably have to wait half a year anyways for a next gen version anyway

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I wouldn't say it was the best part, but it was really cool. The beautiful view of downtown LS with nice sunglare while standing in a skyscraper high up. The cars and helicopters flying all over the place, and then the jet swooping past.
Then black. Absolutely beautiful end to a fantastic trailer

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Wat the hell is Razor anyway?

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A price cut? If they do introduce a price cut it will mean that they are selling at a massive loss (an even bigger loss since they are including the headset).

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The ps4 should have a feature where it overheats to the point where you can fry eggs on it. That or no buy

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I'm guessing that another board game is coming next year. And the year after that .....and so on

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Is that a new location in the screenshot? I don't remember that being in either of the demos...

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I hope it's playable as well. I also hope that they have really focused on the multiplayer this time.

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Too late. They are going to lose market share due to the higher price anyway

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Great. So I have to buy an adapter so I can use a third party headset on the x1? This is just like the wireless networking adapter all over again.

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Call of Duty- said nobody ever

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Just got it off PS plus! Installing right now.

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I kinda want GOW series to end. It's been going on for two generations now

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I hope it's free with ps plus

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If GTA V does happen to be a major disappointment, the series will be screwed.
Although knowing R* there is a 1% chance of this happening

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I'm still getting it on current gen. I want to play it first :)

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@patsrule In the first month alone we will be getting Don't Starve and Outlast for free. That alone makes me pretty excited for ps plus

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Yeah I've been waiting 2 years for this. No way I'm spoiling myself

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