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I know it can't be done on this game but i do love it when cheaters get caught then thrown into matches with cheaters only. They can still play but only with other pieces of shit :) Not sure when this idea started but i do remember this happening to a R* game a few years back. #6
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I have Brighthouse which is Time Warner company here in the south and have no problems. 90mbps down and i think 10 up (can't remember the up speed) but never have i had a lot of disconnects. #5.1.4
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I thought the man that started that company years ago worked w/ Bungie on the 1st Halo. What was his name? Anyways that sucks :( #2
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Oh i will still be watching this games release like a hawk, i just wanted to point out from what i experienced the frames did annoy me a bit but everything else was great. Well, except i was trying to heal in FATES and the targeting on the DS4 had me scratching my head as well, i could not pick my targets quick enough so i could just start pumping out heals to everyone and i know there where options but my time that week was limited and just wanted to play so i switched back to my Dragoon typ... #2.1.1
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I played the PS4 beta and i really liked what they did, it was my first time playing the game. However i have to say i was bummed out by the games frames running in the high teens to low 20's :( I hope that changes at it's release next month cause i loved everything else and would buy day one if it could mostly stay at least in the mid to upper 20's. #2
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This is what i need to know as well, just got my ps4 yesterday and today when playing battlefield4 on the over head map in multiplayer i seen 4-6 little white squares checkered in the middle of the screen and i don't know if i should return it or wait. #54.1
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Are bluetooth headsets doomed on this console? Cause if not i would like to add that as well. #2.3.2
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Nice, i have neither system yet but have spent time on both. My only gripe with the X1 controller is the sticks, which blew my mind as to why they messed with them in the first place when the dead zone for the 360 sticks was beautiful! Evey time i tried to shoot someone in ghosts with the X1 controller my aim was bad, it felt like killzone 2 but drunk. I really hope they allow 360 game pad use on the system in the future cause i suck with the new one. The bumpers and triggers and D-pad are ve... #11.1
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Shoot man, i don't know guys. I want to geek out over Dark Souls 2 but i can't. I love,love,love the past souls games but this one just seems to ....slow? No that's not really right sounding. The movement is smooth looking but it's also.... err, i can't think of the word but i know when i see this game i know to much has been changed for it to feel like all is still good. The person playing this sucked on purpose and i know as well as all of you they brought these two new... #4.3
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Grr, awaiting income tax! Hope they will be in good supply around the first half of Feb. #12
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20$ Psn card will now be used :) Tales of Xillia, Blood Dragon and Crysis3 for me all at $18.75, Nice! #11
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Yeah, i am ready to buy a PS4 and can't find them atm. :( #12
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I heard this game at launch had no public chat? Is this still the case, will be getting the system in Feb. Thanx

*Ok, lol i see now, my bad :( #13.2
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So, can ps3 talk w/ ps3 players at least? Thanks for the reply. #20.1.1
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His take on the Demons souls review had me laughing so hard my stomach was hurting. #1.2.1
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I have been playing WoW since '07 and have been waiting for a new MMO to play but i don't want to drop that kind of money into my p.c for upgrades atm, DCUO on ps3 was ok, gave it a free try but nothing more after. This game looks nice but i keep hearing that Playstation gamers in this MMO are being discriminated against by p.c players due to not being able to use vent, is this true? Ps3 players can't verbally chat w/ other players or what ever i was hearing this about? I would lo... #20
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He says its pretty but that's not saying much. #1.1.1
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Justin from pixel gate, Go learn a new skill! #10
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Only thing that has me concerned is how they said Music unlimited will play at the same time as a game....What about my music? I don't want to subscribe to have this feature. I really like this feature on my xbox/360's over years during online death matches but why only mention through Music Unlimited? #39
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I have no idea why it took me so long to play Hotline Miami. It said it was a 10$ game, i would have paid 20 had i known how hard i would fall for this title, so as a PS+ freebie it is making my year! Oh and that soundtrack is just "BOOM"!

This year at Gamescon was it? SONY said something about Hotline's sequel and it being exclusive or timed exclusive was it? Have they said anymore like ETA, PS4 only, that kind of thing cause i am so buying it. #4
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