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I hope they give us the option to invert Y axis so i can finally play it this time!! Still have my never-been-used collector's guide from the PS2 days. Knew i held onto it for a reason!

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How about anything on save slots per game? I have three kids and that will make or break it for us

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Yes, yes but can we save are progress?

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Scorpio here.

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I don't care about an "enhanced graphical experience" as much as i would an "enhanced performance experience".

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look "identical" on Xbox One S
How about "run" identical? Even if slightly smoother.

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Yeah ok, im sold!

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Good to know! :)

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Tried logging in yesterday at 4pm as servers were told to be up, they were not.
After about 10 - 15 mins later they were. Both me and my wife logged on and off through out the night with zero problems.

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Insert random game to compare to a long time fan favorite as header for instant click bait!

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Ive said it before and ill say it again, MGSV is a freaking awesome game!
...It's just not the best MG game.

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This is getting ridiculous! I never play beta's that much, for those few days i forgot that i actually did not own the game yet and anytime i heard my wife say "two more days left" it did not sink in :(
Last night i saw my wife all bummed out on the couch watching Overwatch videos on Youtube all night and im like "you're just torturing yourself!"
I don't know, if i never tried the beta and saw this thread i would think all of you were being ov...

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Nice! 8.5 - 9.5's and Uc4 seems to be doing good as expected.

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Oh please... LOL!

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Dark souls 3 hands down!

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"A" for effort.
Glad these games did not happen until '09 though.

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Damn! 70+ games and not one of em call to me.

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Blight Town is x100 worse.

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Oh god The Warriors PLZ!

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