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Never has for me

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Yes but when you need to do that every time you go into anything it gets fucking old.

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To be fair I had a funny thing happen the other night, me and my wife play on two different ps4's and normally we have had mostly good luck playing together but this one night she had no problem joining matches and here I am right in the next room and I can't even log in :( So to hear someone say they have yet to play I can totally back that.

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What did you buy it on? Me and my wife got it on ps4 and while there have been a few problems we have played many matches without worry.

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I remember leaving the fire extinguisher at the metal detector in the beginning and then not being able to progress when I got far enough into the Antarctic base which forced me to start over.

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It can be a toxic place for any player......

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Cool, so how long till we get an official patch to fix the nasty Steam version?

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Nice! Though, is it asking to much for it to be better optimized for P.C this time or is it Xbox only?

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Yea well I'm tired of AAA priced games that are optimized like shit....

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GTX 1060 6gb
i5 7500 Kaby 3.4 - 3.7 (turbo boost)
8gbs ddr4
Win10 64bit
Early Access @ Ultra preset my rig did great till I hit the first planet then my fps hit the (prob) mid to low 40's, lowered a few things from ultra down to high like Shadows, Post Proc, Partic Eff. and now I get 60fps 98% of the time and IN COMBAT where it lowers to about 55 fps now but mostly 60 overall. Hope that helps in terms of mid spec p.c's.

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Shit, i am such a dumb ass guys, i actually bought for the kaby i5 7500 which says 3.4ghz not the 6400 which i think is weaker and older also i got 8gb of ddr4 not 16 *durp* The GTX 1060 6gb is the Windforce ver from Gigabyte if that means anything.

Before i made my choice i had many different type of builds/parts and that's why i got confused :p

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Thanks for the reply !!

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I have been looking forward to this game and have a PS4 but i also for the first time now have a P.C for gaming and i am not sure which to get this for, i am still a noob with all this P.C gaming and i bought it for the main reason of running games at 1080p around or at 60fps on high/ultra. I don't care about 1440p or 4k or 144hrz just good old fashion 1080P 60FPS :)
If anyone familiar with hardware could help me out with there thoughts it would be welcome.


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Yes, yes but what good is it if a lot of that game still runs at 15 fps Bethesda? Kinda seems like a missed opportunity.

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Well when you take a loved main character like Frank West, change his voice and face so that he is basically another new character that none of the DR fans feel they can connect with and remove the one thing that gave those games a constructive spine (time limit/ 72hr mode) and you have a really good reason why someone like me who games on both systems and buys Dead Rising anything, decided to sit out this time....

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My youngest daughters name is BASED off Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8
Her name is Riona.
My son Logan (obvious) and my oldest Alexia from Code Veronica

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Ubi name was on Division, they hyped the hell out of that game and i fell for it, my own bad.
Did not fall for Watch Dogs 2 and i am glad.
So, at this point i just don't think i can get hyped on any more of there games until i see and hear user reviews on these Ubi printed games for now.

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Ive said this before i am sure and ill say it again, MGSV is an amazing game!
Just not the best Metal Gear game.

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Probably Scorpio, if i already had a nice 4k hdr screen w/ low ms response i would totally upgrade to a PRO but i don't and i am not interested in dropping that cash for at least another year or so, so PRO before Scorpio for me does not make any sense.

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