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That and the ability to see other people pop online as well. #18.1
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I have that headset too! Tell me, is it just me or does that thing have the most uncomfortable head strap ever? #17.1
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......-_- My kids watch cartoons like transformers and star wars the clone wars on cartoon network that have the same look but whatever. I am not impressed, sorry but i don't think i will be playing twing-twang again. #5
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LOL! I really need to read some comments before posting, oh well i still stand by it :P #35.1
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Only reason i pick female is cause if i have to stare at a characters ass for 20+ hrs due to the camera trailing behind on screen i would rather it not be a mans. #36
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Super slim not working :( oh well. #22
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Yea i am sitting there like an ass holding down the buttons for like 4 mins when it hit me, i just got rick rolled :( #12.2
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I loved the first gears game and is my top 10 of last gen! I don't care how many haters swim this site i love both systems and play all exclusives (why not?) keep 'em coming for both party's and "gamers" win in the end. (but my wallet loses) #10
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@ravinash A few days ago i was asked the same thing so i took out some time to right them back on it,so in the interest of my time i will just copy and repost here: I can try and explain it as best as i can i guess but i kind of suck at expressing myself, i also never post on forums much so this respond may be posted wrong? I was really supportive to this game even when i was bummed about Myazaki's leave but remained open minded about it anyway. My most biggest fear about the directive c... #7.1.3
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Correct.. #7.1.1
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I would like to say Dark Souls 2 but i can't, i am not liar.
So far this year i really enjoyed Infamous ss and Wolfenstein. Looking forward to the rest of the year's titles, maybe i will find those other three. #7
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Why is the end number of a game review the finale "yes" for a game well done? Listen to the review, read the review and fuck a digital # say all. If you where to not look at the score and just listen to this review then its a no-dun on buying this bitch! #7
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At first i thought to myself DNF repeat. Machine games who? i thought to myself then heard they are mostly comprised of Star breeze studios, that's when i started to look at previews and trailers and dev interviews on the game...That's when i preordered the game too. Tuesday can't come soon enough! #12
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Same here, i did not realize how much better of a time one could have on this game when not being blasted by lag snags off and on 24/7. The only dlc i have are china and strike and so far this week the online is blazing smooth #4.2.2
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Yea, this past week for me conquest has been running smooth w/ no lag. #3.1
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I don't know about anyone else but the past couple of days i have noticed conquest large w/ no lag. I use to always get snags bad on that but have been playing smooth matches as of this past week. It just feels nice to be able to jump in and not have to worry about that shit....even though i still do. If it keeps up then great but it will take some time for me to rejoice. #17
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I must say that some of those indie titles where fucking great! Thanks to plus last year Hotline2 is my most anticipated game for this year. Not trying to hate or troll on you rather just wondering if you try them? #27.1
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Well said, i was saying the same thing to myself when i saw the list and as i read your post the words yupyup kept breathing from my mouth. #24.1
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Yup, same here, wishing i got Xilla instead. I hope Skull and Stick it are fun and if not back to more Warframe. #3.2
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I know it can't be done on this game but i do love it when cheaters get caught then thrown into matches with cheaters only. They can still play but only with other pieces of shit :) Not sure when this idea started but i do remember this happening to a R* game a few years back. #6
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