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PLAY IT! its not a long game and its really fun!

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Uncharted 3 had a supernatural twist?

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yeah If it really is like that. I would stop playing their games. That's just stupid.
I mean If I buy a new computer I dont have to buy the same MMORPG just because of that.
Backwards compatibility has to happen for everything

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I dont know what looks "meh" in these pictures to be honest :D
The lighting? The Textures? The Colors? what is it that you don't like?
The Artstyle?
For the thing about it beeing the biggest scam in gaming history, you base that on what?
Im just curious.

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Well I dunno but havent there been thousands of people playing on this sever for years?

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cant wait for deus ex! But it will be tough against Uncharted

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Indeed, I played some more with my friend last night and its super fun

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G-police is available on the Vita I played it about huh cant remember, but the store says it came out in 2007

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G-Police I could care less. but...FUTURE COP L.A.P.D!! THIS is the game to be reimagined!!!

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I liked it very much! especially Resistance 3 was something very special. Actually all of them were special.
and different.

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that is also the reason why monster hunter for example is so enjoyable. You have to know what you are doing at every moment.

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What release model? hahaha

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hahaha true true

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some of them were good to great. I liked 1 and 3 was great. but the others...

Cant wait to see ratchet & clank here in theaters on the 28th :))))

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they should finaly bring it to all EU...

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it was on sale last week...

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that would be awesome. I just discovered the series for myself. After finishing Freedom Wars I was looking for a new hunting game and Kiwami came along and I'm really enjoying it.

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Well maybe to you. Ratchet and Clank was and is still my favorite :)

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yeeeeah can't wait!! :) its gonna be the first big release to buy for me since MGSV!

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yeah. the whiners are out again

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