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stop watching, start playing

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a month? then its 12dollars a year. So can you do anything with 12 more or less? yeah Phantom you probably cant. how about you give me a dollar a month. just because

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feels like people love to see others fail. a new low on journalism

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I loved the Multiplayer however...! that was great fun

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They remade them for ps3. especially ghost of sparte is amazing

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I like your list. Ghost of sparta definately deserves to be second!

However I enjoyed Ascension more than chains and the original GOW. especially the Multiplayer, actually just because of the MP. So just minor differences^^

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thats obviously a design choice...

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Its an amazing game. have fun!

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cmon, just let them change their name, its not like its a sin or something :D

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Nier comes to mind within a second.

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man I just couldnt feel the old saints row games.
I played 3 but meh.
Then I played number 4. Absolutely awesome.

While I see that some may like the old ones better. I am on the other side. The new saints row games(4+) are so unique in the gaming scene I would love to see more of that.

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This game is a perfect example of "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"

The autor only sees the parts and is unable to see the whole as he is traped inside his own thoughts of "how it should be"

Some people are unable to see things for what they are. So even if something comes along that is better or is intended to be different they will still only see that it is not what they expected or what they think to know. So they try to...

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yet still its what he was talking about. Maybe nexttime you should say "series"...

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you should look up the definition of a franchise.
If there is more than just a game, say merchandise its already a franchise.

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its one of the best god of war games in my opinion.
Its also available on ps3.

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its very different from your normal games. if you got enough footprints you should find your monster all the times. and the maps are confusing at first, but they get familiar once you hunt more monsters there.
MH is about learning to hunt. Learn your environment and learn the monsters.
You dont have to level up. just finish one quest after the other and learn from other hunters, youtube etc. or read

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how dare you say something like that. you must be crazy...

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And this writer says in the article, he is not vegan and talks about this kind of stuff. The guy is a classic hypocrite.

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Just take your time :D! and learn your attacks and learn to read your enemies! it takes time. But then you will have one of the greatest experiences ever

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you mean lost planet 2? Man that game was amazing.

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