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you got destroyed by the enemies. admit it. lol

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What a great comercial! cool to see behind the scenes :)

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They came up with the singleplayer and the coop. Now its online only. They called it a "keyfeature" "absolutely crucial" so it's obvious gamers are pissed.

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I'd rather read something like this than other articles that state "Battleborn is better than Overwatch" At least they are not just looking for clicks with this article. Because the other title would have given them a lot more clicks.

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true that! It's so convinient to just play and click the button to put it on standby when I leave the train/bus and then start again where I left when I enter the train/bus again.
If its on Vita, I play it there.

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Its like detailing the evolution from alpha to beta to final game, nothing strange about it here.

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Its just easier to develop one and be done with it. But I like the option too. its pretty nice

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I'd love to see Colin Farrell

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how is this something special? Things get discounted all the time :P

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that doesnt make any sense xD

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Well you can only look at what they did before. The ps4 outperforms the Xbox why? because they actually looked into the issues that could come up. You got Mark Cerny there and we know he is pretty good at what he does.
So xbox talking about stuff is something else than doing it. Lets just wait what they offer and how it performs before painting on the wall of Sony as they already proofed that they are on the right track with the PS4

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You have a ps3? it works there too

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Who used Media Go for downloading psp games?
I did it via ps3

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I read it was really made for ps4 normal. But I would think every improvement in hardware is better. So for the best experience get the PRO.
But It will work with the normal and that's where it was suppost to be

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As much as I loved the Bullettrain experience that I could test with these controllers. I would never buy them for 200. Thats just too much

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I need water and food. thank you mister "journalist"

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the thing is, that for the artist that made this it's about putting it into another engine for learning purposes and to push himself forward in texturing and workflow. It is definately not as original I give you that, but the artist himself said that what he wanted to do is to adapt the style and to work on certain aspects that he did not do yet, so for him its very good to do something like that. (As he does not have to think about what environment and how the level is gonne get together...

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I think I can counter the ps+ argument.
Did you buy Rocket league on PC? because we got it for free. Now you payed 20bucks for Rocket league while I payed 50 for a year of ps+ so just one game and the price is down to 30bucks now guess what, every month you get up to 4 games.
This month it was Journey, wich is also about 20bucks of value.

Now if you do not like ANY game they put on ps+ it sucks, but are you that kind of person? I mean who is that kind of ...

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