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The demo does not give a great impression for first time players.
The fun in monster hunter is to get the movements of the monsters and get the timing right just for you to attack at the right moment. If you went in and buttonsmashed. you would definately have no fun. They should have just put you in with some small monsters and some quests that actually demand you to play intelligent.
As a MH Veteran this does not bother me in th slightest, but I understand it from a rookie...

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I played online with the psp versions all the time. You had to get your ps3 to make get an app that was on the store and connect that way.

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If you played Freelancer you would think otherwise.
Now I have not given them any money but as soon as I get a good pc I plan on doing so. this game seems awesome, and as a huge freelancer fan, this is looking to surpass it.
Also these guys are publishing it themselfs, so they can take the time to make something you would otherwise critizice. "they should have released it a year later" kinda talk that is pretty common

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I put about 20h into god eater.. Wasnt for me, dunno maybe the new one is better.

in MHFU I put in over 200h so yeah loved that one.
Also Freedom Wars was great more than 100h. But it does lack the endgame.

Anyway, Im curious about a new God Eater

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Its like in the old days, thats cool :)
In fighting games you also got new things after finishing something of higher difficulty. Actually, this is so normal that I don't know why you have a problem with it : D

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I got the mail for the platinum theme but havent platinumed the game yet! seems like sony can see into the future

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Why do you play games? its just some virtual thing...

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shadow fall had no focus points in the campaign even though its pretty tunnely it just laked the focus. but I still finished it. KZ2 is still my favorite

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sry to hear, I played the shit out of Phantom pain, for me it was the metal gear I played the most. Becaue it has the best gameplay of them all.

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I finish my games. normally I dont even buy a new game until I finished my last one. I know myself pretty good by now. too many games, no time to play them all. But if you take some time it shouldnt be a problem. Appreciate every game like when you did not have enough money to buy them all

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I finished it 4times. 2 times on psp and then 2times on ps3! one of the best

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because it sold millions more on handhelds and its cheaper to make.

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Thats some cheap stuff you got there, price and quality wise. I hope nobody buys that to play games, better off with a nice, sleek ps4. That actually runs the games always and it good quality.
If you are short on money, buy it used :)

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wth. Mouse, keyboard and OS for 23USD, gimme a break hahahaha

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I can wait till september too :)
ryzen is a great start, now I need a gpu in my future computer

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maybe it was two 100dollar cards.

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You couldn't even form groups. It was just destined to fail.
At least when I tried it...

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darn, too many games, just finished The Last Guardian. Then I'm 15h into Horizon, so still a lot to do. after that I want to play Persona5 but damn... Nier is so tempting but I already bought all those other games... gotta wait. Hope summer brings more time to play..!

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I heard so many great things about Persona4 that I gave it a try on Vita.
Really liked it. Guess you just have to try it out. I liked the turnbased combat and the story was very intriguing

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steep learning curve

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