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It's rather simple and it's not pure greed.

1) Sony has clients to keep happy. They are retailers. If Sony start selling their games on the digital store for Steam like price, why should these retailers work with Sony to stock their products when Sony is stealing all their customers?

2) Retailers buy the games from Sony and then sell it. Which is why games go into bargain bin when they don't sell. Inventory space is important, and at some poin... #11.2.1
The games are far from overprice unless you feel that all retail handheld games are overprice.

3DS games are $40 which is no different that Vita games.

If you look at the digital content for the 3DS, you get better deals with the Vita. It's ~$8 for a Gameboy title. A gameboy title. $2 for a calendar.

For the ~$10, there are quite a handful of PSP titles I can get for the Vita. Once they bring PSOne titles to the Vita, most of them a... #2.1.5
We all know it's coming eventually. #4
There certainly are more powerful and emotional movies than games but it doesn't mean that there aren't any equally emotionally powerful games to movies.

One of my favorite game is Valkyria Chronicles. I love the characters and was shocking when Isara was sniped just as Rosie and her were about to make peace.

Another is UC3, the relationship between Drake and Sully (while a bit cliche), you can sense that Sully will go through ev... #26
Capcom for making them do a different Dante. Fans for not "understanding" why their Dante is better than the original "Dante". #10.1
Read the above comments on the animosity. They blamed Sony, the 3 million people who bought their game, and others for what they deemed as failure. Which was pretty far from the truth.

It's not because they went multi, it's because of their arrogance and misplaced ego. #7.1
Real gamers buy games regardless of systems, troll.

Exclusives allows devs to flesh out and devote more resources into their work translating into a better experience. If you can't see that, then you can go on and not enjoy all the exclusives out there. #1.1.6
I don't know about LA Noires. The uncanny valley in that game was far too big for me. Something about their animation just really put me off.

But this, while there is still some uncanny valley, the gap certainly is very small. #21.2
Because we want to continue to see more impressive stuff. #10.2
I think it would be more like Bicentennial Man. #8.1
I believe it is a human running the test. So, the human took pity on her and let her go. #6.1.1
Because Quantic Dreams actually turn tech demo into reality. The game that will based on the tech demo may not follow the same story but we all know another game for Quantic Dreams is coming for a PlayStation system. #1.6.2
You can't determine the textures by the size. PC can compress the files and uncompress them once you install allowing greater textures in small size.

360 can only compress so far since it's running off the disc, textures have to be decompress as the disc is running hence you can't compress the files as much as you would for PC. #1.2.1
A polish turd is still a turd. #5.1
I discover this a few days ago. Quite useful.

I'm still wondering what's the port next to the card slot on top is for. I'm hoping it will support Video out in a future update but I have my doubts. #5
You don't have to follow twitter. I don't even use twitter. If you even bother to read their interviews or when they take about their works/behind the scene type of things you would know something. It doesn't take a nerd to do a little research and light reading. #2.2.2
You clearly are not a fan of TGC. If you follow Jenova Chen then you would know how much Sony has done for them and they are where they are today because of Sony.

Stop being a hater. #2.2
If anything, it can unite PC, all console and handheld fanboys against a common enemy. #17.1 can't because these kind of things don't happen with PC. When was the last time you've seen hoards of buyers fighting over the latest Dell laptop or HP outside of black Friday? #3.1.1
The best deal was the 3G/Wifi Launch Bundle at Lockerz for $240, no tax, free shipping for most state.

There are no 16/32GB bundle. #1.3
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