Playing and reviewing as much new games as financially possible.
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In my case I buy an average of 30 games per year on release and 6 back catalog games during the drought and since I live in Australia that means I spend AU$3200 per year on games, not including new consoles. I'm also a single man who has nothing but time on his hands and even I can't finish all the games I buy.

Why do I buy so many games on release? We'll most of those games only get limited stock in Australia or are preorder only so if I don't get it on relea...

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Well it may be true but considering how much Internet freedom is being taken away by companies and legislation, that could even get outlawed.

The subscription model is already in effect if you look at things like PC security. If you want it for more then a year from retail purchase you need to throw down more money just to stay protected. Also did you forget about Xbox Live and the fact that to play online with PCs with the next Windows you'll need to join that? We call t...

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Computers will still sell but the OS will be just a glorified web browser. Also Google already has a cloud PC so nothing is stopping Microsoft starting a hardware division for cloud PCs and Apple will make a cloud PC very soon and everyone will jump on it like the next iPhone and iPad.

There may be a chance that the cloud PCs cloud turn out to be a more mixed bag instead of just using "The Cloud" but I'll stay skeptical on it.

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Yes I do realise it can be turned off. I mentioned it in my review. I added it to the negatives because people need to know about little niggles like that.

Did you even read the review or just check the score and the pros and cons?

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The game does use a lot of the original models with new textures but they did remodel a fair few of them.

Spelling mistakes I could find have been fixed and this is written in the Queen's English not U.S English since I'm Australian.

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Well in my opinion it is. I've yet to play a game better then OoT in my 21 years of gaming.

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Geezer? I wish! I'm only 25. I still stand by my review. I had fun with the game and when it comes to graphics I focus on being able to see the differences between all the things on screen and what they are more then everything else.

Reviews are the opinions of the reviewer and since I not a professional I review games on their merits more then the graphics or whatever else the big boy reviewers judge. I only fill in the numbers on the site because I have to. On my blogs...

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I don't think it's 7 years late. 3 years definitely but 7 is too far.

Also to correct a typo the games they showed focused on a demographic who don't care about Nintendo so why make them the core focus?

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All modern warfare style games are the same, just different developers. Sure it's different locations but they're still military gun wanks. I am sick of them myself and being Australian I just can't get into them since Australia isn't so gungho militarised.

Besides if people can say all JRPGs are the same I can do the same for military shooters. I deserve the same courtesy. Also I didn't mean to offend with the statement, it's just they all look and pl...

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Wasn't the first game Sly the Raccoon? Regardless A Sly 4 is just awesome. I'm not big on what's considered mainstream but It's nice to see that I'm not neglected either.

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With the idea I figured since the service is dedicated to just the online services of the consoles it would reduce the strain on it. It also would mean no internet browsers in the consoles could be used. Also I thought with a globel 4G service they could conquer the ping issue along with a system that balances the connections at a central server. I also mention only the console of said company could use the service which will reduce the amount of devices using it and releave some pressure, se...

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It's just an idea I thought of to improve the gaming experience for all and I figured by giving them this idea they may find a way of doing it if they want to improve both loyalty and cash flow.

Also considering they have offices in every region they should be able to pull it off, especially Microsoft since they have the capital and resourses to pull it off and properly with the smallest cost.

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I want it to be region free because I'm a JRPG gamer who misses out on a lot of them because they don't get localised very often. That and it will reduce piracy. Plus looks at people who own PS3s, the don't import very often even though they can.

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It has been banned. Australian customs and and Border Protection have now been told to seize all Refused Classification games being imported because it's now part of their blacklist. All RC games are banned because it's illegal to sell or promote any game that has been refused classification and anyone caught importing anything that is prohibited will have the item seized and will be fine up to AU$110,000.

So yeah it's banned and you're risking a huge fine if ...

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This is sorta true, it's more like 29. Also even though the average age is over 18, the fact is that the ratings system can ony change on a unanomous vote not a democratic vote. There is no democracy among the SCAG.

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It's banned alright. If you go to some of the import sites they'll say the game can't be sold in your region and Australian Customs is now on alert to hunt down copies of the games once it's released overseas like drugs at the airport.

Also we have a Sony and Microsoft in Australia who keep an eye on their respective regions activities so our online accounts are not very safe if we buy the game, somehow get it through customs and play it on our online enabled ...

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It uses a stylus so I figured people would have assumed no multitouch. I tried with the demos and nothing. I didn't ask them either about it because I didn't thing people cared if it had multitouch.

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I can say I don't play with my Wii as often as I'd like but that's because Nintendo promised an awesome virtual console line up and hardly updates it and most of the retail games are shovelware. I literally own only the best of Wii games and that mean I only own a total of 16 games on it.

I think why most people seem to hate on the Wii comes down to 3 things
1. Not enough games worth owning if you're a long time gamer.
2.It's got too many s...

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Believe it or not I didn't mark the game down at all because of the online jerks. All the scores are based on the games merits. I just mentioned those types of players so the casual players and less skilled are warned before they take the plunge. If my online score was based on the players online it'd be a 4.

Also the biggest jerks love to jump into lobbies that say "beginners unite" and fight the underskilled for kicks. That's just outright dickishness!...

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I wouldn't trade at all. The damn thing is region locked and I'd rather keep my original DS instead of handing it over for a useless PAL 3DS. I'm going to import the thing from the US to play JRPGS and save some money in the process. Thank you great Australian economy!

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