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They will not be able to achieve the massmarket with that price. That means no support from developers. All the VR-market was abandoned in late 90-s because of high headsets price.

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According to GAF it's
ps4 - 297
xbone - 168
worldwide in october.

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Miku was also cell shaded in "Ura Omote Lovers" in Project Diva f 2nd.

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Considering the Dreamcast installed base both Shenmue games sold very well.

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Shovel Knight had 15 000 backers. But then they sold 180 000 copies of the game during the first month. And that was before the game was even released on PS and Xbox.

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It's GameCube all over again.
Powerful and low at cost.
But late to the start of generation for two years, giving competitors time to expand their game libraries.
And also it is the Nintedo auditory that avoids most of the third party games and even the first party games that don't involve Mario or Link (hello, Bayonetta).

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Remember how Microsoft advertised Milo or scanning yor skate with "Natal" and what you've got in reality?

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Tomb Raider Anniversary is also a good example of a remake.

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I liked the PSP version a lot. Even though PSP version had only singleplayer campaign, it also had great level design from the developers of Ghosthunter and Primal. Overall it was really interesting and fun game.
On the other hand Vita version has more diversity in gameplay.

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>>polished to perfection
As you can see from WiiU sales that words have nothing to do with reality. It's just beautiful words and nothing more. Pure PR BS. WiiU is still only for those, who like Nintendo-style games.

Also you cannot really call a full-priced game with with week to none plot and with no voiced dialogs "polished to perfection" without taking fanboyish glasses off.

Even the best games with high metacritics ranks and a...

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Whether you are into Nintendo-style games is the main reason of owning (or not) a WiiU.
The second reason for me is prices of games and lack of service like PS+.

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Flamebait provoking headlines is a signs of poor journalism. Seriously. The article should be consistent from the headline to the last dot.

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Evil Within is a cross-gen game. So this game cannot take full advantage of current-gen architecture because it was developed with PS3 and X360 in mind. I think it's not quite right to say that Core i3/R9 270 is a match for PS4 capabilities.

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I'm playing my Vita every day since launch. Much more, than I did on PSP (wich was mostly for watching anime more than half of the time). But you have to admit that Vita is mostly for those portable gamers, who like good indie and japanese games. Big western-style games, like Borderlands, are some kind of exeptions if you compare it to the amount of JRPGs or indie titles.
I'm OK with that, so I have tons of games for my Vita. Big and small. I even have games that I bouhgt on r...

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I think you should blame SqureEnix. It's for them as a publisher to allow their games to be published on another platform. And Squenix are ditching the PSP and Vita in favor of 3DS. They still didn't localize FF Type 0.

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>> 4.3 Inch widescreen VGA Screen 480 x 272 Resolution

But GC's resolution is 640x480.

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Agree. I bought my Vita two months after it's launch and since then play it almost every day. I remember with PSP it was 50/50 for playing games and watching anime. But with all that Vita games I have, I don't have time to watch new anime episodes anymore. It's only games games games now for straight two years.

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Agree with Ezz2013. I remember the Red Dead Redemption was the new IP too. It also had a deep dramatic plot and was overall an amazing game. And also sold very well.

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Finishing Batman Blackgate and after that I have Tearaway, Killzone, Ys and Dragon's Crown cartriges ready to play. I really don't know what to start first. Probably Tearaway.

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