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But being outside the box means low third party support and practically no multiplatform games.

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I'll wait for a couple of years for Nintendo to release "Switch light" with better battery life and brighter screen as it always have been with Nintendo. And also for the library to build up and prices to go down.

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>>The Switch is more powerful than those.
I have an nVidia Shield Portable with close Tegra chipset (and 720p screen) as Switch and it has a strong battery. But in games with heavy graphics I'd say it lasts for about 4-5 hours.

>>If a 3DS game with the resolution of a PS2

Actually 3DS resolution is 240p, while PS2 resolution is 480p.
Even if you consider full resolution 80...

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Ok. Let's say many gamers want to play RDR2. Will it run on underpowered console?
Look at Wii U if you want to see the relation between power and good games from 3rd party.

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Exactly. As long as japanese developers will support Vita with good JRPGs and games in other genres it will live for me. Project Diva X, World of Final Fantasy, Zero Escape. Vita already have JRPGs for years ahead to play.
It seems that only japanese developers support both handhelds now anyway.

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>>So why would you become a professional just by picking up a phone?

This is the same reason why you are not a gamer if you just play on your phone.

>>Slot machines are used for gambling not entertaining.
Smartphone games are used for five minutes time kill not entertaining.
And why have you suddenly decided for all those casino players that they are not entertained?
What happened to your "...

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What about casinos where people play games too?

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If you use programs on your phone you are a programmer!
If you take selfies on your phone you are a photographer!
If you play music on your phone you are a DJ!

And don't forget that slot machines are also games. Let's include all the casinos in the survey!

Every porn is also a "movie". But they are only good for jerk off at them for five minutes.
Instant noodles are also a meal. But you will end up with indiges...

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It's like "Oh, you have a phone! You must be a gamer!"
As if "Oh, you have a kitchen, you must be a chef!"
As if any smartphone platform has games compared to Zelda, Uncharted, Donkey Kong, LBP, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Heroes and many other games in vast variety of genres 3DS/Vita have.

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That is true. I use my Shield mostly for emulators. But aside from that and ported games from dedicated platforms Android/Apple platforms natively do not have games that can compare to those even from PS1/N64 era. With good plot, acting, graphical design, music, level design, gameplay depth and variety. Or at least testing and QA. Even my nVidia Shield Portable has worse sleep/suspend function than my Vita and 3DS. Not to mention that phones do not have physical buttons/sticks to have full co...

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All decent mobile games are ports from home/portable consoles. And even if game is available on 3DS/Vita it is better to play on dedicated portable gaming platform simply because of better ergonomics, better sleep/hybernate function, better stability overall due to better testing/QA, and mostly because of physical buttons. And I do have JXD s7800b and nVidia Shield Portable.
Gameplay in every android/apple game (that are not ports or multiplatform from actual gaming platforms) is eit...

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I remember that on PSP. Nice game.

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No Blu-Ray means no quality of sound, textures and FMVs. There's a reason developers need 50GB of space to store their data.
And obviosly there would be no HDD either.

The most power consumption and the heat comes from GPU. Where in the world you have an example of a miracle you imagine Switch graphics would be? Is there a single real life mobile example?

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Oh the hypocrycity. For two generations of Nin's handhelds "graphics didn't matter".

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It's a fair suspicion. If technology allows Switch with its size and portability to really run multiplat games from PS4 or Xone, then PS4/Xone would have been already smaller as Switch ang got rid of their hard drives (due to the power consumption on the go) and Blue-Ray for the sake of production costs. PS4 slim would have been the size of PS2 slim if some technology would allow PS4 games to run on a game system with the size of a Switch.
You should know that PS4 or Xone are tha...

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That was a sarcastic post of mine. I thought it was obvious. Ofcourse neither Rockstar nor Square or any other major developer won't stop any of their big games being developed for PS4/Xone simply because of their installment base. Not to mention questionable technical capabilities of Switch to be able to store and run games like RDR2 or FF15 (I doubt there will be an internal hard drive in Switch to hold huge worlds, textures and audio data, for the sake of power consu...

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nVidia Shield Portable costs $200 on Amazon. So with newer nVidia mobile tech and bigger screen $300 for Switch seems reasonable.
New 3DS XL also costs $200.

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Well I, for one, don't mind the game to come out somewhere else as long as it will be on my platform of choice.
And I don't understand disagrees for your post. Because when it comes to Xone games to be ported to PC, we say they are not exclusive anymore. And I think it's fair to say the same about PS4 games. Especially if it is big-budget 3rd party title like FF. I think it's up to Sony to make their console so attractive to 3rd parties they will wilingly make exclusi...

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No! It's Square stopping its work on FF15 and switching it to Switch!
Or maybe even Rockstar with RDR2!

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@The 10th Rider
We are talking about 3DS here. Can you not change the topic and answer for 3DS?
I have 3DS and I can clearly see that even it has some good aventure games, its' library is still lacking variety in some core genres.
That is why I have both handhelds: today I'm playing Donkey Kong on 3DS, tomorrow I will play Duke Nukem 3D on Vita. And I don't see any reason to praise Nintendo (or Sony) if it's not bias or nostalgia.

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