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Wow.. go X1. Pretty impressive that is, reaching up to touch the PS4 juggernaut.

Sad that the Vita is just dying. My favorite handheld of all time, easily. #9
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Am I the only one who is disappointed? Deadly Premonition is about all I'm looking forward to, as I played Hitman 2,3,4 eons ago, and the PS4 and Vita offerings... just aren't that good.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Getting one free game I enjoy, each month, is still worth $50 each year... unless its mediocre indie games. #24
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So... some Kinect 1.0-like features, and some GPU support for zillions of dynamic objects, which no actual game ever uses anyhow -- just demos with ducks and falling blocks.

I.. will pass. Just send that GPU on over for the resolution and FPS work, please. #24
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Since the GPUs in these consoles is only about 4-5x the muscle of the past gen's GPUs, and the CPUs are actually *weaker*, I don't know why anyone would expect 1080/60.

Most games last gen were sub-720/30. That's about 1/5th the screen real estate of 1080/60, per second. So if the shaders were no more complex, all you'd get is more pixels... and that'd be really lame and boring. In any case, the CPUs are NOT 2x the power of last gen in any case, so you&... #22.2
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You realize that the PS3's Cell is a more powerful CPU than either the PS4 or XB1 CPU, right? And that the X360's Xenon was pretty close?

Maintaining 30 FPS on these platforms was likely not easy, and it's STILL better than it was on the likely GPU-bound X360 and PS3. NO amount of resolution change would have changed this on the XB1 and PS4.

If you want a game to look beautiful, you need to spend the pixel and CPU time to do it, plain and simple. #23.1
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Open world games often end up being CPU bound by things that just cannot move reasonably over to the GPGPU.

This issue will recur on just about every open world title in existence -- it just will. Time to accept it. #24
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I think that most people interpret "racing" as gameplay, whereas framerate dips where fillrate is concerned, like from explosions, is typically not as critical. Explosions have a certain finality (outside of explosions WHILE racing, in GTA) that a game can survive at 24 fps for a bit -- racing does not. Dropping frames, while racing in GTA, *causes* explosions, if you get my meaning.

In the end, though, I think it really boils down to personal preference. #13.1.1
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They are not using the same CPU -- they are very close, but not identical. At the very least, the XBO chip is clocked 10% higher, and (especially at low clocks) that DOES make a difference. The memory latency advantages of DDR3 over GDDR5 also come into play, although not as much as the simple clock difference.

In any case, my point above was that GPGPU can't really be used to compensate, in many scenarios.

Microsoft did not "buy off" Ubisoft.... #32.1.1
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I find it ironic that Sony was a much better company during the PS3-era than now, and yet now is when the Sony love is so rampant.

They've tripped up and haven't delivered with exclusives, they've started charging for PS+, they've let go of critical studios, they've sold products that are fundamentally flawed, or missing features (controller battery life, PS4 system in general)...

They made none of these errors during the PS3 era, and yet... #9
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GPGPU is not useful for all that much -- basically only for processes that resemble graphics, in terms of massive amounts of similar data running the exact same, non-branching algorithm.

Once you start branching, or want to operate on scattered data, a PS4 GPU compute unit becomes a 800 MHz single-threaded processor without a cache, and with limited registers -- i.e. a really crappy CPU. Devoting the 4 extra CUs that the PS4 has to "spare" to helping the CPU can on... #32
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Wow. Yeah. Can the PS4 just win so we can all pay the ridiculous monopoly prices on services like PS Now? I can't wait for the wallet pillaging that will happen!


I'd rather grab a brew and cheer for the underdog, for the sake of gamers everywhere -- cheers. #59
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Sadly, Sony canned a large number of studios and projects after their recent run of exclusives.

They're intentionally trimming the fat, to make the Sony books look good, at the expense of the PS4 gamer -- because the bottom line is that the "fat" is fun exclusives.

Sony is in a place where they don't need exclusives to win -- they can survive, and thrive even, on simply having 3rd party titles which have marginally superior rez. So they wil... #1.4.2
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Global Foundaries and TSMC have both stated that 28nm chips will be *cheaper* than their 20 & 14nm counterparts until at least 2018.

The PS4 uses a 28nm chip, and it basically requires a smaller chip to make a slimmer model. 20nm chips, due to some specifics which I don't want to go into here, won't be hardly any smaller, so you can bet that the "slim" iteration of PS4 will be 14nm.

In short -- there won't be a slim until Sony needs... #54
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Why do gamers care about TV division layoffs again? #11
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It's a sad, sad day when "gamers" are all about hardware sales, and not about games. Sony has been nothing but empty promises in 2014 -- it's TRUE, and there you have it. PS Now pricing, crappy or non-existent exclusives, slow updates app support. That says nothing about 2015, and it says everything about how hard MS is trying, with regards to good gaming on their struggling system, because they're making Sony look bad, by comparison.

I am really, rea... #31
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I doubt these changes save more than a couple $ for Sony, who needs the money to bolster their sagging profits. There won't be a price cut -- who is it they are failing to compete with, at the current price? #1.4.3
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Hmm... Android games... Vita/PSP/PS1 games...

Pretty clear choice for any gamer. Fire TV and Roku got nothing on the PS1 library alone, let alone the PSP library.

Lack of Netflix is the only serious downside to PS TV, relative to any other set-top box. Sony can still fix that, with not much effort. ...just like they can still add touch support for games that need it. If they don't, they deserve to lose the customers, because they would literally not b... #8
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Racing is sports, in my book. I covered Forza with my statement above.

Without exception, sports titles involve a very limited scope experience -- either its a track that can be streamed, a stadium/course setting that is hardly different from stadiums of the PS2 era, and with a limited number of specialized characters/cars/etc. to boot.

Sports games are fundamentally simple in presentation, and complex only in gameplay (not to compute, but to play -- sports... #34.1.2
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I have a feeling that neither console is looking too good at this point. I actually can't even think of one that truly hits 1080p/60 and isn't a port from an old game from last gen, or isn't a newly ported last gen game (like CoD: Ghosts).

Most are upscaled horizontally, or aren't a solid 60, etc. As far as new disc games go.. I think we have yet to see a 1080p/60 that isn't a sports game, or LEGO, and isn't running 1080p/60 on both. #34
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WTF? There is Netflix on the Vita, and its the SAME system, only without it's own touch display, battery, or controls.

That makes no sense at all. The amount of effort required is probably miniscule, at the engineering/development level -- this is some lame business-side screwup, on Sony's part, or its intentional.

Sony is probably trying to push their own paid streaming movie service with this... which is lame. #16
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