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This article is BS. The SNES won, and was superior to, the Genesis, plain and simple. Add-on crap doesn't count. The PS3 outsold the 360, and demolished the Wii when it came to software sales, so I'd call that a win as well. And this generation? The PS4 is the clear leader, AND it's the most powerful default platform.

This article is clickbait. -- the "journalist" here is distorting facts to make it sound like the answer to his question is black an...

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There is a significant push in the console game industry, right now, to hire female thinkers -- this is because the female demographics are still bound to the mobile space, which isn't all the $$ people once hoped it would be.

It's not "discrimination", per se. They are looking for people who think like female gamers think, for business reasons. If you don't have that skill, then your chances of being hired at many places is just plain lower, just li...

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Wow. Is this really news? Studios move all the time...

Is N4G really into zoning and construction costs, these days? Is it because this is a Sony first party studio that their moving is "big news"? Because we all live in Bend, Oregon, and are going to really notice, right?

How about some news about their game?

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Like last gen, Microsoft will now win every crossplat game comparison, and Sony will still have the most exclusives, which look great purely by nature of focused development. Microsoft's exclusives almost can't avoid looking great, on Scorpio, but having enough compelling ones is always the real challenge.

I actually prefer MS to Sony, when it comes to satisfaction with getting what I pay for (Crossplat features with PC/Win10, BC with 360, online service in general...

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It will not affect PC gaming at all.

The idea is that the Scorpio will run games at high PC settings, for the next couple years, not that PCs will get better because of it?

Also, this author's claim that a piledriver FX is profoundly better than the 2.3 GHz Jaguar/Steamroller in the Scorpio is just plain untrue. The Jaguar has a FPU on *each* core (I.e. 8 of them), and the best FX chip has one per *module* (i.e. 4 of them). On top of that, the instr...

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Try playing some PS3 games at 480p, and compare to the 720p version. The 480p version will look better than you might think, thanks to the same kind of downsampling.

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The best reason is: you want the best console gaming experience. Even on a 1080p TV, it will look better, because the image will be downsampled from a larger framebuffer.

That said, I'm keeping my PS4 for Sony exclusives, but everything else... I'm buying Xbox. I'm glad I didn't bother with getting a Pro.

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No, they shouldn't, and they should make the free games on Plus cost $40 extra per year, as an add-on to Plus multiplayer. True fans love options.


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I don't see the problem with people making 2-hour games that have no replay value, and having their garbage refunded like crazy.

Maybe allow developers to flag their title as "NO REFUNDS", and display it prominently, if they are so scared of it.

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Umm, I'll take a free upgrade to all Xbox One games past and future, thanks. That is what the Scorpio is. I really do prefer the Xbox controller, and Microsoft's services to Sony's, as well. I'll wager that, on the Scorpio, any and every Xbox One title ever made will have at least the framerate stability of the PS4 equivalent, and then some. Heck the Xbox One S is already there in that department. Unpatched past titles won't get native framebuffer rez boosts -- but ev...

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This is one of the mechanisms used to keep an iron grip on the Japanese market. You don't want folks thinking Xbox is any good, or that Nintendo has something that appeals more than Sony. By offering high-quality titles on PS+, you get exactly that.

They don't need to, and shouldn't, offer the US or Europe anything better than what they get. They have already brainwashed those markets to beg for more cheap indie titles each month. This is good business, plai...

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PS5 is here. You are typing on it.

You think I am /s, but I'm not. PS Now wants to be your games Netflix, and Sony wants to drop hardware, in favor of making exclusive games for their subscription channel -- because yep, that's where the money is. Why sell hardware at a break even, and lose millions in creating and advertising it, when people can just play on their PC or tablet instead?

PS Now IS PS5.

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Quick, someone compare it to Wii U! Oh.. it looks the same, given the heightened numbers of available units compared to the Wii U. So yeah! Wow! it's basically no indicator at all of future sales.

Amazing... except no. It's basically meaningless, because *like always* it's bound by the number of produced units, and not by demand at all.

It is good that they produced enough to meet more demand, I guess. Or rather that the demand was there...

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Lol. Sure. They also aren't AAA.

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It's not the CU flops that hold GPUs back from 4k, it's the ROPs and the pixel output rate. Since you have no idea what the raster perf of the Scorpio is, you might want to wait before making assumptions. If it has 64-96 ROPs, at a high clock, it may very well be capable of 4k native gaming. It certainly has the GPU bandwidth.

Having half the ROPs (16 vs 32) is the main reason the XBO is unable to push 1080p vs the PS4. The compute power is much less relevant th...

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Also, PC gamers are Xbox gamers, whether they realize it or not. If your platform uses DirectX, congrats, you play Xbox, whether MS sold you the hardware or not. They *did* sell you the OS, and everything that comes with it, and that's the point, isn't it?

They don't care to sell you hardware at cost, if they don't have to, to get you into the PC/Xbox ecosystem. The console war isn't about MS vs Sony or Nintendo -- it'...

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GWG destroys PS+, if you're looking for past AAA experiences, as usual.

PS+ wipes the floor with GWG, if you want indie experiences, this month, as usual.

Same old, same old.

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If that's the case, developers should use the extra horsepower to bump 42 frames, at 4K, to 60. THAT will be noticeable. There's not a human being on the planet who could *honestly* say it wasn't.

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If they win again, it should be on the condition that they give the $500 million from the previous suit back. Unlike Facebook, this is a ton of money to ZeniMax.

Or that they replace the VR headset of everyone that owns a Rift with the "ZeniMax VR", which of course doesn't exist.

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Apparently any idiot can get a job writing for Forbes. I think we already knew that, though.

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