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It's perfectly fine for a game which can be completed, by a master, in a short while, and a game in which the typical interactions (usually combat) are fun despite having done them a zillion times.

Cinematic games have the downside of being boring to replay -- usually because they rely on story to cover their gameplay flaws. You can't have permadeath in a game that bores the player when the cinematics are removed.

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They had me at "Ultima".

Ultima Underworld was one of the greatest games ever made. If they can even come close to it's greatness, this will be a great game. That said, Underworld was great because it was the first of its kind (real 3D dungeon crawler, not lockstep, like Dungeon Master and its ilk), more than anything else. It'll be tough to distance this game from all the great 3D dungeon crawlers that have come since. The dungeon crawling design seem...

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It hasn't had a holiday season yet. It's not a success until it wins a holiday season, by definition.

Selling to enthusiasts does not a success make.

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Pachter is high, as usual.

a) The PS4 won't be $199, ever -- it'll be $249, maaaybe $229, if it continues to sell like hotcakes. The PS3 never was $199, and hardware margins are getting thinner, not fatter.

b) The PS5 won't release in 2019, because the PS4 is kicking too much tail and Sony is not dumb enough to shorten the lifecycle of their best selling console, ever. 2020, at the earliest -- probably 2021, given how well the PS4 is selling...

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This is a rare month where PS+ actually compares decently to XBL Gold. I'm actually glad I have both right now, whereas usually I wonder whether PS+ is worth it any longer, with all the indie garbage that couldn't sell otherwise.

Also, this site's comparisons are lame -- you have to own a PS4, PS3, and Vita to use everything given with PS+ each month, whereas you only ever need a XB1 to get everything from XBL Gold (literally all of the 360 games offered are p...

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BC makes the games on XB1 fantastic, yet again.

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Amazing at the number of disagrees 343 got for suggesting that people wait for the PS5.

You'd have to be pretty foolish to burn your money on a PS4 Pro, at this point in the game, unless you are totally desperate to play a few exclusive games in checkerboard 4k.

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What a stupid question.

I guess if, yeah, we wanted 720p games, there would probably be some more 60 fps titles out there.

At a certain point, the simulation is the problem, though -- the TV doesn't matter any longer. Open world games have it the worst, because of all the AI pathing and physics. Racers have it easy, in that regard -- they easily make the framerates. So much so, that they have to go out of their way to make their simulation more rea...

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This article's data is over a month old. The $250 cut is already in place -- it just takes a while to show on VGChartz

Also, your example is ridiculous. You can't get a Switch and a PS4 AND 8 games for $500, not now or on Black Friday. Besides, what does that have to do with the price of the Xbox One S?

In your example, I'd pick up the Xbox One X -- because I have a PS4 and all the games I want already, and have no interest in a Switch.

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The $250 price cut on the Xbox One S will start to show next month. I can already see the difference at the local Wal-Mart, Target, etc. The PS4 is currently just a bit too expensive for the current buyer demographic.

Sony needs to knock the price down to $249, or they will start to lose ground in the US.

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The Pro is inferior, and the demographic that can afford it will know that. Sony won't lose money but undercutting the cost of the console, just to not sell to a demographic that can afford the Xbox One X anyway.

By bringing the PS4 Pro to $349, Sony would lose money on each console sold, costing themselves millions, and the consumers who did buy would be uninformed individuals who are "splurging", but not really -- buying a cheap 4K TV, at 30 Hz with no HDR,...

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They won't with the PS4 Pro. Why would they? They are competing with a console that is $100 higher pricetag already. The slim to $250... sure. They don't want to lose holiday marketshare to the Xbox One S, I suppose, and most people buying a "cheap" console for kids won't understand the typical reasons for getting a PS4 over a Xbox (exclusives).

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If I could afford a premium console, I could probably afford both consoles.

I'd buy a PS4 slim for the exclusives, and a Xbox One X for everything else. Frankly, I would probably already own a PS4, and would have known about the Scorpio before the PS4 Pro was released, since it was announced first... and hence, waited.

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Yes, because the PS4 Pro was half-baked, and the demographic who bought it are likely to run out and buy the Xbox One X, because they can afford it.

On top of that, outside of the silly people who honestly believe Sony is going to run the PS4 into the ground in 1-2 years by announcing an upcoming PS5 (lol?), Anyone who wants the best console will see no competition, and will run out and get a Xbox One X -- you can bet a lot of them *didn't* buy a PS4 Pro specifically ...

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A console launching within the next couple years, and being more powerful than the Xbox One X would be stupidly expensive -- meaning it would fail. Just because something *can* be built, doesn't mean it's smart to do so.

Sony and MS aren't that dumb. It'll be a good 3 years before either Sony or MS provide a console bigger and meaner than the Xbox One X, by nature of the cost-of-goods to manufacture a better beast, at a price people can afford. You can...

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"How $1000 still beats $500"

This guy is really pushing the limits of imagination here.

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This is the Bedrock engine -- not mods. Not sure how people can confuse the two, since Java has NEVER run on console.

That means that the PS4 Pro Minecraft won't get these upgrades, as they are tied to the same engine as crossplay.

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I'll buy one. Don't need one. Don't need any console.

I'll buy one. I don't understand why that's so hard to understand for some people.

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Any game that is cross-platform with PC will have built-in upgradable options. All they need to do is tune up the settings for Xbox One X to match that of a "high"-end (not ultra) PC, rather than a "middle" powered one, like the Xbox One S.

The Sony versions don't share so much code with the PC (DirectX, Windows), so they won't be as quick to tune the PS4 Pro version, but it should be decently fast, nonetheless. Like "2 days" rather t...

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