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Wow. Good luck to this guy, trying to get Sony's version of OpenGL to run on Xbox or PC, or DirectX 11/12 to run on the PS4.

Something tells me they *have* to write platform-specific code... I dunno maybe he is just smarter than all the other devs in the universe though, yeah? /s

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Cost of goods = $8 (this is a fact)
Retail cut = Half remaining, or minimum $10 (also a very typical number -- retail won't stock something below a certain value, in lieu of other products that could use that shelf space)

So, by your numbers (which are more front-loaded than the real numbers, I think):
2 million @ $26 ($60 - 8 - 26) = $52 million
1 million @ $11 ($30 - 8 - 11) = $11 million
100K @ $2 ($20 - 8 - 10) = $200K

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Good stuff. Same quality as Rift and Vive, but without the sensors? I'll take it.

Also, a unified API, and Steam support? Yup. On it... it's about time someone came up with a cross-platform API and open ecosystem. The fact that it's Microsoft would have astonished me in the past... but I guess everyone else wants to be Apple and Sony, and have everyone live in their walled garden, these days.

Also, works with integrated GPUs? Seriously?...

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Is that why my mouse cursor gets all messed up when I use AMD, because the drivers are awesome now, and have been messing up my mouse for *years*? Is that why the textures in some VR games were BLACK until a recent update by AMD? Where do you get this drivel that AMD drivers are decent now? Is AMD's driver awesomeness why AMD performs so much worse in DX11 games, than in DX12 games, on the same hardware?

nVidia puts tons of custom code in their drivers, and AMD doesn...

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@zerocarnage: Okay yeah, good point! I suppose that not everyone is interested in saving $100.

I was more wanting to address folks who either don't have either, and want both, or folks who have both a PS4 and Xbox One, and want a 4K console upgrade. If you've only got one console, the choice seems pretty clear -- you should get the other brand as your 4K, unless you're a total fanboy, or rich enough to have the double whammy.

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Get a Xbox One X for multiplats and MS exclusives. Get a regular PS4 for PS4 exclusives -- it's not that different from PS4 Pro. Look at it this way, by giving yourself "points" for the systems you own, in order of system power:

(4) Xbox One X
(3) PS4 Pro
(2) PS4
(1) Xbox One

Xbox One X + PS4 == "6" points. Xbox One + PS4 Pro == "4" points. The winning combo is clear.

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AMD's hardware is actually awesome. It's their drivers that stink. Use DX12, and you bypass the stinky drivers. Win.

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Consoles perform better than equivalent-spec PCs, due to the specialized OS and drivers, and the ability of developers to tune the app precisely to the known hardware.

This is news?

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An ego that big would have caused nothing but problems. This guy needs to take a hard look at his life -- level designer is basically an entry level position, and he thinks he's better than all his coworkers? Come on.

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Sony is not only denying Xbox gamers cross-play. They are also denying PC, Nintendo, and mobile platforms from cross-play. That's a LOT of gamers, and a very closed ecosystem they're trying to control.

They ARE trying to control it, make no mistake. They WANT a monopoly if they can get to it. They don't want you to pay someone else for online MP (Xbox), nor do they want it to be free (PC). Monopolies are always bad for consumers, plain and simple. No *actu...

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As I stated above, both chips are manufactured on a 16nm process, and the Pro chip yields half the volume. The only factor that could influence the Pro to be as cheap, or cheaper, than the regular PS4 would be it beginning to outsell the PS4 at a higher price beforehand, thus requiring more volume and a supply increase.

The chances of that happening are slim to none. Like the Xbox, the PS4 Pro would need exclusives that the regular PS4 didn't have, to justify people b...

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This is one of the most uninformed things Pachter has said in a long while. For one thing, the PS4 Pro will not be a baseline for PS5 software. That'd put PS5 software at a lesser spec than the Xbox One X.

Sony has sold too many normal PS4s to make the Pro the "standard" model. I can see the Xbox One X becoming the "standard" Xbox someday, because it makes sense for MS to do that, but Sony... no. Not while they are so far in the marketshare lead....

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The DirectX API can fib to the older apps, telling them they are getting a 1080p framebuffer, when, in fact, it's 4k on the X1X.

This won't work on every title, but it WILL work on some -- all MS had to do is test the feature on an older app to enable it for the world.

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$500 USD is about what the OG PS2 cost, in today's dollars -- a little less, even. It's simply not a big pricetag, plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand the straightforward economic concept of inflation, and can be discounted as a moron.

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Newsflash: new console sells a lot to early adopters!

So... lets all assume that this trend will continue through the holidays, because there are soooo many parents wanting to drop $300 on a handheld/console combo for their kids, right? They couldn't afford a PS4/Xbox One at $250, so they are waiting to spend more on a Switch... totally makes sense.

This early adopter thing has never happened before, so we should ignore it.


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Need one more cool game, beyond Mario and Xenoblade 2, to justify a Switch for me -- I already scored Zelda on Wii U, because it was basically the same as the Switch version.

I'm not gonna buy crossplat software on the Switch though.. heck no, why would I? Reeeally hoping they fix the "it heats up and warps" problem before I buy one, though. It's not gonna move from the dock much, for me.

I still think the Switch is basically a fad for...

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Too dumb to pay for. I'll get it if it's free, though.. maybe.

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Vita 2 would be an immediate buy, over Switch, for me, if it had HDMI out.

They should have provided that for the original...

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I'll take the console, thanks. I honestly just don't care that much about a couple exclusives -- definitely not if they are budget/indie crap. All these stupid journalists make the wrong assumption about the demographics that buy PS4 Pro and Xbox One X -- that we haven't already bought a console or two.

Chances are, most people looking to upgrade mid-cycle, to a 4K console, already own a PS4, and not a Xbox One. So why would they choose a PS4 Pro "for ex...

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"They are not charging for BC by the way" + "The PS4 is not BC" + "PS now is an option"

Um, yeah. PS Now is an option for PS3 gameplay that you pay for. OH, I see what you're saying, it's WORSE than BC, since you can't play any games you already own on PS3 with it, AND you have to pay a subscription to use it.

You are totally right.

And yes, I am bitter about it. I have over 150 PS3 games on ...

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