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You're making a really uninformed assumption about semiconductor technology continuing to be able to "evolve". There's a serious -- meaning impassible at this time -- physics hurdle to creating chips at transistor scales below about 6nm.

Moore's law is dead, my friend. As a consumer you may not realize it, just yet, but I guarantee by the mid 2020s you will realize it's true right here and now.

The evolution of computers, as w...

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KZ2 looked almost as good as the trailer when it came out. Anyone who questions that, hasn't played it.

This is a dumb question, because "What kind of specs?" is answered by "the PS3".

Also, the video says some guy paid $600 for a 40GB "OG" PS3 -- except $600 got you a 60GB PS3, and the 20GB PS3 was $500. The 40GB didn't show up until the next summer, and it was $500. This is garbage journalism -- the guy can'...

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If I had to choose, between a few console exclusives from this Gen, and a huge backlog of great unplayed games from last Gen... Hmm. Yeah I'd choose the latter. The PS4 just isn't that big of a leap for me.

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I actually think the PS4 is dead last, behind the PS3, PS2, and PS1, respectively. PlayStation used to be more... unique and different. There are exclusives nowadays, but its nothing like previous gens.

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Okay, for the "conservatives" who think Net Neutrality is about "government regulation" -- read carefully.

Net Neutrality stops ISP corporations from regulating other corporations. In other words, it stops Communications corporations from regulating the internet. That's the reason Republicans should LIKE it.

Only a corporate shill in cahoots with monopolistic Communications corporations (e.g. Ajit Pai) would think otherwise. Mon...

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Seriously? Last Gen games are still better than this Gen, and people still ask this question? Since when does a few more pixels make a better game?

Sorry but the power difference, between last Gen and this one just isn't great enough to improve the experience in a way that last Gen doesn't matter. There have been a few good games this Gen, sure (looking at you, Horizon), but if you're young, and haven't played the games from the PS3/360 era, you are serio...

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This isn't even a contest. I can't believe anyone thinks Sony's offering is the better one, outside of anecdotal "I own this and that already" BS. GWG destroyed PS+ this month, and that's that.

Last month was different. This month is clearly GWG. Dead Space 2 == awesome. Witness == decent. AC: Syndicate == decent. As for Sony, Mad Max == decent -- I'm sorry but GTA it is not, don't be ridiculous. I'ts a driving game with some gu...

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I have to say, that a review whose opinion that God of War's previous release titles combat is "boring" probably isn't a good choice for the review.

If the combat becomes like, for example, Skyrim, then we could start calling it boring. That's never going to apply to the past, however. Anyone who has played the series would know that.

Also, if the author is implying that 30 FPS combat is "more strategic", and thus more i...

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Pure fanboy conjecture. Don't click this garbage.

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MAG needs a comeback.

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More likely, the next iteration of console hardware will just be a revised Pro and revised X -- Sony won't release a console that is barely more powerful than the X, AND reset the generation (by not allowing BC, and calling it a "PS5") in 2019 -- that'd be suicide.

People who bought the Pro and X will be happy for a long while, I think, as neither Sony or MS can truly afford to press the reset button on the generation. If anyone can, it's definitely M...

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The PS3 framerate was just fine. I just replayed the game in the past month. IDK what you're talking about.

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A re release on PS4 will probably be mild remaster. 1080p and 60fps should come for free.

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Big cash inflow for Sony when they finally allow name changes -- lots of folks will put up the $$ for a PSN name change.

Looking forward to cleaning up my ridiculous PS Plus library.

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If MS buys EA or Ubisoft, Sony is in serious trouble. They own a ton of IP -- and Sony would lose as much as MS would gain.

Scooping up indie devs is what Sony did, to put them in their current position, but... that takes some time, and it's not MS's style, really. EA makes sense, because they have a lot of infrastructure that other publishers don't do as well..
like EA access, Origin, etc.

Scooping up old failing publishers, like S...

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Math much?

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Those are some really impressive numbers, if you can do the math -- it's there, you just have to know how to divide and multiply. Sadly lacking skills on this site, at times.

Consumers spent 14% more this year on Xbox, over last, despite the Xbox One S price drop. That's pretty impressive, no matter how much you love Sony.

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Wow, do we trust "Yeah, to us it looks close" comparisons these days? No longer a need for actual capture equipment, or frame buffer analysis? You know... something more... professional?

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Keep in mind that the CPUs in all the recent consoles are evolved versions of the AMD Steamroller/Piledriver/Bulldoz er architecture. I doubt they are even capable of speculative execution, which is probably why they are immune to Meltdown.

Avoiding Specter would just be an OS patch. Heck, the console OS may have already been safe.

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