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I think this rumor is BS. If Neo was arriving this year, then Sony just missed a HUGE opportunity to announce it at E3. They aren't so stupid as to release it silently.

What company would be so dumb as to release a huge upgrade to their popular console, and not announce it's existence, publicly? That way, anyone who would buy it... doesn't know it's out? Not very smart.

Sony isn't that dumb... but this rumor is.

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It amazes me, the number of people who believe that MS doesn't win just as big (or bigger) if a consumer buys the Windows 10 version of a game over the XBox One version. In both cases, Sony is most definitely the loser.

If MS didn't have to sell a console (often at a loss) to you, to get money from buying games for you PC... I think they'd prefer that, wouldn't you?

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This article is grossly biased towards Sony's platform. "the memory could change before release", to address the bandwidth difference, and "big numbers are good... caveman" to address the TFlops difference.

Changing the memory architecture would require some significant reworking of the console design, and supposedly, dev kits are already out. This isn't going to change. Get real, "trusted reviews".

Journalism is s...

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These comments about how the Scorpio will hurt the XBox One S are ridiculous.

The Scorpio will almost unquestionably be an enthusiast console, at enthusiast pricing. 6 TFlops is more than a 980 Ti. The XBox One S will still be priced at $299 -- or maybe $249 by then.

Any enthusiast with the $$ to burn on a Scorpio *already has an XBox One or PS4*, and *doesn't need an XBox One S*.

The PS4K and Scorpio are targetted at people who c...

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You do realize that the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line, by itself, is neck-and-neck with the entirety of the Apple smartphone ecosystem, right? They both own about 20% of the smartphone market?

Couple that with the Microsoft Surface line chewing up the iPad's marketshare over the past couple years, and Apple has darn good reason to be worried.

Likewise, Sony would be stupid to ignore Microsoft (and Nintendo) as competitors.

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I use my Vita primarily for playing PSP games. I sold off my UMDs and bought digital whenever I could, back in the day -- admittedly I bought a PSP Go, and that's why I did it then, but I'm pretty happy now.

Still have my Go, too. Got the TV adapter for it -- it's still pretty awesome, frankly. Sadly, was ahead of it's time.

It still amazes me that Sony made a handheld that stands up to the 3DS, in terms of game visual quality, back in ...

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Naughty Dog is a few minutes drive from Hollywood.

They hire professional actors, screenwriters, mo-cap folks, etc.

And then, they make games that are, quite frankly... not really games, like an open world game is a game, more "interactive experiences". In other words, they design to their strengths.

It's not a surprise they make the great games that they're known for. As a counter-example, Jak & Daxter was not a...

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"I figure it'll come down to whichever headset has the first truly 'killer app'"

Minecraft is coming to the Rift pretty soon. If the GearVR version is any indication, Sony better get MS to put Minecraft on PSVR sooner, rather than later, if they want to have a killer app.

Minecraft is an older game, but it's perfect for VR -- honestly its the only game on GearVR I can stand for more than 15 minutes -- I can play 'til the pho...

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$5000 pays for how many people to work, for how long?

Minimum wage in California: $10/hr (because, of course, game devs get paid the same as people who work at Walmart and McDonald's)

$5000 / $10 == 500 hours of work.
...say there are 10 guys working on it (lol, at minimum wage)...
500 hours / 10 == 50 hours.

So... that's a little over a week of having 10 Walmart employees make a game. ...and of course they do...

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Kudos to Sony for providing an option for those of us who want to get the most out of our consoles, and out of PSVR.

You don't want one, don't buy one. Your PS4 will keep running just fine. You can even PSVR on a regular PS4... I don't see what the issue is? Why should the rest of us suffer, because some folks choose to be the lowest common denominator?

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Care to elaborate, with actual logic and by refuting individual points?

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...said the PC elitist! ;)

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I can almost guarantee the PS4k experience will be superior. Remember the PSVR supports 60 Hz + 60 Hz reprojection, or native 90 Hz, or native 120 Hz.

I can guarantee (from experience) that native 90 Hz is superior to 60 Hz + 60 Hz reprojection, and that's probably what the PS4k will provide over the normal PS4, along with possibly superior AA -- which is exactly the graphical issue the article complains about, and exactly what a bigger GPU could resolve without otherw...

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I have a great PC (FX-8350, which is lame, but I do have a 980 Ti), but I don't like to use it for gaming (I use it for hobby VR development). I have a Rift, as well.

I just like livingroom console experiences better -- I would spend $1000 on a console, if it was worthy (no console is worth that, obviously). The trouble with PC gaming is kb + mouse, which I can only stand for top-down RPGs and strategy games. Controller support in PC games is just... never very good....

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I am totally re-buying my PS4 (Neo) for this game, because I can afford it. That's a first-world problem I just plain don't intend to have. I needed a Blu-Ray player in another part of my home, anyway.

I wonder how most folks will feel about it, though. You could probably put together a gaming rig superior to the PS4K for less than the price of PS4 + PS4k. Kind of lame that Sony will be creating this "console middle class", in the eternal PC master rac...

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Ps4.5 will be a 14nm chip. By the time it can be affordably fabricated at 10nm, and price reduced, there wont be enough hardware left to make a ps5. It stops at 7nm folks.

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PSVR works with the PS4... kinda like nVidia supports the Oculus Rift on a GTX 750 Ti, right? 'cause you can run with that setup...

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So um.. what games does it emulate? I'm gonna guess... a couple early Unreal titles, and some PSN games. In other words, nothing that makes use of the SPUs...

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I'll tell (the author) why it wont be more powerful: Moore's Law is broken, and has been for years.

There aren't cheap chips available to make a console that would both appeal to Nintendo's prime demographics (parents, buying a console for their kids), and best the PS4/XB1, in terms of power.

Economics is the reason. A pretty damn good one.

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