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Denying a contributor their due in the credits is extremely dishonorable, and a vile action, irregardless of the argument that caused the contributor to leave/be forced out.

You're losin' points fast here, Konami. Taking credit for someone else's work is called plagiarism, and its not welcome in most parts of the world, for good reason. Not crediting someone, when you know who created the work, is the same thing as pretending its your creation by the letter of t... #55
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Google glass cost what?

And this is WAY better. This isn't only a USB-attached display and sensor package meant only as something you can use for VR gaming -- it's a wearable computer.

HUGE difference. How much do you think an Oculus would cost if it could do it's own computing, and didn't have to be attached to a PC to work?

Also, I don't think HoloLens is really targetted at gaming. I think you'll be able to game... #10
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It's a wearable computer. It's not gonna cost $299. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Since when do consoles come bundled with 3D TVs, and are able to run Windows apps? #1.3
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We should be thanking Sony.

If the media ever caught wind of a kid committing suicide after, or while, playing this game, the sheeple masses would demand that broad new laws be made, and then gaming would be screwed.

Then, the sheeple would go buy popcorn, now with aluminum-perserved vaccine butter, and watch Faces of Death 41, or whatever, and the laws would make gaming lame for the next 30 years. #8
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I wonder how many N4G'ers would pair an i3 with a GTX 970? And then assume the framerate will improve if only they lower the rez?

This is actually relevant to the discussion context, and statement of the dev, but you have to comprehend it. #56
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You should be asking yourself why Sony doesn't praise MS or Nintendo more, or why Nintendo doesn't praise Sony or MS more. TBH, they should be happy that the other console makers help keep the market alive.

MS benefits from the games industry thriving, in general. They have good reason to be happy of any console makers' success. They would prefer games thrive on PC or XBox, but even Nintendo and PlayStation are better places for gaming than iOS and Android, fro... #11.4
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I would say that Phil is actually a nice guy, as opposed to merely playing the part. #6.8
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Erm. Most games since near the beginning of the PS3/360 era have made the same claim. I don't suspect that the photorealism will go much beyond what we've already seen. Don't get overhyped about this, folks. #15
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The part the title leaves out... "during cutscenes". The in-game animation rigs will not be anywhere near as detailed, for the obvious reasons. #8
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X1 costs $349, bud, and PS4 still sells more at $399. Both cost $100 more with their cameras.

You're working on year-old knowledge here. #34.1
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The BIOS is what determines the boot rules, not the OS'es that are installed.

This article could just as easily read "SteamOS machines prevent Win10 from booting", if the BIOS is stopping unverified OS'es from booting.

This has nothing to do with software, and everything to do with firmware and OEMs. #12
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And which facts are those? Crippled media playback? Playstation Now being overpriced? Studios being closed by Sony? Sony exclusives having terrible reviews? Multiplats being generally good on PS4?

Which one of those is "incorrect"? You claim they all are?

Prove it. Do us a favor and actually add to the discussion. Clicking "disagree" accomplishes the same thing as your empty comment. #33.1.1
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I can tell the differences between PS4 and X1, if I pay close attention, but TBH, the controller (I prefer the X1 controller), and other factors (like framerate) make far more difference. I will take a solid 30 fps/900p over a variable 25-45 fps at 1080p any day of the week. Case in point, I bought the Tomb Raider remaster for the X1 instead of the PS4, because I despise non-vsync'ed gaming, even if the framerate is generally better.

I think that, in general, gamers agr... #33
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As a reviewer, whom OTHER people turn to for experience, yes. #4.1.2
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The score is *meant* to be an abstract of the review. 10/10 has a pretty singular meaning. #2.1
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Tie Fighter VR. Make it happen, EA. Or Disney, I don't care.

Anyone who doesn't know that Tie Fighter was THE greatest Star Wars game of ALL time, I feel sad for them. They missed out. There were some other greats, in all sorts of genres, but Tie Fighter will always be the best overall -- the greatest space combat simulator of all time. Elite holds a close second (in my book).

Sitting/flying in a VR Tie Interceptor would be.. unbelievably awesome. #20
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10/10? Serious?

I like DMC, but throwing a 10/10 at it suggests the reviewer hasn't played all that many games to begin with. #1
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I can never get enough Vanillaware games, so I am likely all over it, as it seems similar on the surface.

It does look slower paced than VW's games, in the video -- hopefully that won't hold it back. #1
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I can think of a lot of indie games that are over-rated... but this isn't one of them. Nor is it indie, as MS published it. #7.2
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...right. Because all we care about on this site is about sales. Enjoying games is "for nothing", unless it fills some corporation's bank account.

We only give congrats to big sales here on N4G... oops I mean N4Stockholders.

/s #2.1.1
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