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X1 costs $349, bud, and PS4 still sells more at $399. Both cost $100 more with their cameras.

You're working on year-old knowledge here. #34.1
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The BIOS is what determines the boot rules, not the OS'es that are installed.

This article could just as easily read "SteamOS machines prevent Win10 from booting", if the BIOS is stopping unverified OS'es from booting.

This has nothing to do with software, and everything to do with firmware and OEMs. #12
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And which facts are those? Crippled media playback? Playstation Now being overpriced? Studios being closed by Sony? Sony exclusives having terrible reviews? Multiplats being generally good on PS4?

Which one of those is "incorrect"? You claim they all are?

Prove it. Do us a favor and actually add to the discussion. Clicking "disagree" accomplishes the same thing as your empty comment. #33.1.1
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I can tell the differences between PS4 and X1, if I pay close attention, but TBH, the controller (I prefer the X1 controller), and other factors (like framerate) make far more difference. I will take a solid 30 fps/900p over a variable 25-45 fps at 1080p any day of the week. Case in point, I bought the Tomb Raider remaster for the X1 instead of the PS4, because I despise non-vsync'ed gaming, even if the framerate is generally better.

I think that, in general, gamers agr... #33
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As a reviewer, whom OTHER people turn to for experience, yes. #4.1.2
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The score is *meant* to be an abstract of the review. 10/10 has a pretty singular meaning. #2.1
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Tie Fighter VR. Make it happen, EA. Or Disney, I don't care.

Anyone who doesn't know that Tie Fighter was THE greatest Star Wars game of ALL time, I feel sad for them. They missed out. There were some other greats, in all sorts of genres, but Tie Fighter will always be the best overall -- the greatest space combat simulator of all time. Elite holds a close second (in my book).

Sitting/flying in a VR Tie Interceptor would be.. unbelievably awesome. #20
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10/10? Serious?

I like DMC, but throwing a 10/10 at it suggests the reviewer hasn't played all that many games to begin with. #1
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I can never get enough Vanillaware games, so I am likely all over it, as it seems similar on the surface.

It does look slower paced than VW's games, in the video -- hopefully that won't hold it back. #1
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I can think of a lot of indie games that are over-rated... but this isn't one of them. Nor is it indie, as MS published it. #7.2
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...right. Because all we care about on this site is about sales. Enjoying games is "for nothing", unless it fills some corporation's bank account.

We only give congrats to big sales here on N4G... oops I mean N4Stockholders.

/s #2.1.1
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It will never reach $200 (until it's discontinued, and on closeout), for the same reason Sony wants to shy away from custom hardware. #2.3.3
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From the article:
"TK: Ninja Theory has been behind some of the best video games in recent years such as ‘Devil May Cry DMC’, ‘Heavenly Sword’ and ‘Enslaved: Odyssey of the West’."

Ninja Theory has made some decent games -- but "some of the best in recent years" is kinda a stretch.

In fact, they've pretty much proven themselves to be solidly average. Don't get me wrong, I own all three of those games, and I enjoyed them (b... #4
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Good testers are very underrated, because legions of moron testers mask the hard work of the smart ones with loads of inane, unspecific crap that engineers and producers need to wade through.

Good testers are worth their weight in gold, and are practically impossible to find.. because if they are good, they are usually looking for an engineering or production job as soon as possible.

The testing masses, despite their well-known flailing, and 10K monkeys bug w... #13
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Is it $$ floating out of an onscreen wallet?

Ha! I kid.. sort of. #9
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PS4 needs some serious APU cooling / airflow, I doubt it'd be as easy. #5.1
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The fathers of XBox were four engineers from the DirectX team -- Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, Ted Hase and Otto Berkes. Not James "J" Allard.

Sheesh. Do business chumps have to take the credit for everything an engineer dreams up? Those guys made makeshift XBox PCs to present to their boss, Ed Fries, before anyone else even heard of the idea. Allard was more a father of Zune than of XBox. #2.1.3
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MS makes these cool improvements without shouting it via PR... that's surprisingly humble of them.

+1 for MS, in my book. #31
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I don't hate indie games -- I like the good ones, and dislike the bad ones. It's just that I find there are a LOT more bad indie games than good ones, relative to their pricetag.

$15 vs $40-$60 for a professionally made game, is mighty steep for many indie titles, most of which are garage titles largely akin to $0.99 - $2.99 iStore apps. TBH, if you divide the pricetag by the number of devs on indie games, vs pro games, you get a LOT more hard work for your money ou... #29
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You'd think an actual, capable group would do something like save the world from terrorism, rather than try to be terrorists.

One way you earn respect, and the other you earn hatred. Not a hard choice, unless you're a religious zealot or somesuch, I suppose. #125
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