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There's no difference between MS having a XBO-S SKU and the Scorpio, vs Sony having a PS4 (probably shrinking next year to a "PS4 Slim") and PS4 Neo.

Why do these articles continue to yammer on about MS? Because their slim model comes out earlier?

Having a low-end and a high-end SKU makes perfect sense. If it didn't nVidia would not produce x50, x60, and x70 cards at all for gamers -- it'd be the x80 model, or the highway. These a...

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I'm excited for my Scorpio. Why wouldn't this guy be?

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Um, is that a con to the cross-buy service? No, I don't think so.

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If I was buying games today, I think I'd prefer to be buying them for my future Scorpio, over the PS4 Neo, which I won't be buying.

I wouldn't could the XBox One out just yet. It's not so different from the PS4 that people won't continue to choose it, knowing that the games they buy are going to work great on their Scorpio.

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He said "RPG" developers, guys.

ND makes action adventure games.

I would argue that some smaller devs, like Obsidian, makes better RPGs than the ones he listed, though. And CDPR, frankly, is better than the ones he listed as well, and he works there!

Skyrim, while awesome to look at and explore, is not the most stellar game, per se. Diablo is too derivative, too unoriginal (it's Rogue/Nethack/Moria -- all of which were d...

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Sure, just not VR on the same level as a PC, Scorpio, or Neo.

Pretty sure you get what you pay for, in this regard.

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Wow. This author is crazy ignorant. The XBox One S is nothing more than the current, cheaper for MS to make, XBox One model. It's necessary for MS to make money, while dropping the price. Also, not everyone will buy a Scorpio, plain and simple, and it doesn't make sense for MS to sell old model XBox Ones until Scorpio comes out anyway. The S is simply the XBox One, now smaller and with 4K

Did Sony keep maning the original; PS2 after the slim came out? Nope. H...

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Way, way too cheap. I would have paid $80. Maybe $100.

Usually my words have /s, but not this time. I am serious.

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Not seein' any cons...

The article claiming "you need Windows 10" and "you need a XBox One" don't seem like actual "cons", to me. I guess the games not being free, or on your iPhone, is a con, too?

Rough times, millennial entitled-boy.

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Not getting what? Your illogical, contradictory statements? You just stated that it wads "old" and then claimed it was "withheld". Art does not get old until you experience it, plain and simple. You can't whine about it both ways.

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$30 is a bargain, because its a new game on PS4. If you wanted to play it, you either:
(a) bought it already on another system (PC, XB1)
or (b) were waiting for it to come to PS4,
or (c) were waiting for a price drop.

$30 on PS4 satisfies both (b) and (c). It's stupid to believe this is not a good thing, and anyone who is complaining is doing so to troll.

You can't claim that it's not worth it because it's &quo...

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Did you know that Sony stopped production of the PS3 last year, and MS stopped production of the 360 this year?

So, if you wanted to play RDR, or frankly any of a couple hundred last gen games, without investing in a gaming PC... you would have to buy an XBox One to do it. You certainly couldn't buy a PS4 to do it. I suppose you could also buy somebody's used junker console on eBay, but then your money wouldn't be well-invested in a console that is moving forw...

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I love those free Sony exclusives!


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"id rather worry about the lack of new exclusives on xb1 myself"

Oh yeah, because if there's a generation with new, exciting games, it's this one, and not prior ones! Also, XB1 getting all those "crossplat" Win10 games doesn't count, because we all own a gaming PC and buy Win10 games for it already. Besides, who gives a frap about the other 99% of games released for XB1/PS4, when there are like 1-3 AAA exclusives released each year, and no ...

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Isn't RDR a game on PS Now? Besides, hasn't RDR been played by all gamers by now, even the ones who were still in diapers when it came out?

The Sony Method seems fine to me, and I own all consoles, a gaming PC, etc, because I can afford it. BC on PS4. Just requires a few extra $$ each month, is all. Totally worth it, since I played RDR already anyway.


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If Vulkan implementations are anything like OpenGL ES, its hardly a standard at all. That's the trouble with an "open" standard.. no one conforms 100%, which actually makes Vulkan development more bothersome than DX12.

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...and there it is, folks. The #1 reason Vita died: it's main demographic wasn't old enough to purchase games, or alternately, couldn't purchase games from prison.

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Windows 10 cross-buy with Xbox One is still a MS exclusive. Splitting hairs does not send a game to the PS4, folks. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Exclusivity is to the ecosystem the game is available in, not the hardware it runs on. The PS4 won't have any exclusives when the Neo comes out, if that's the case, and that's stupid.

No one gives a carp about so-called "Xbox One only" exclusivity, when the pull of buying an Xbo...

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PS4 already does compete with "PC", since the stock PC target is basically whatever the latest fab ultrabook can put out, and that's still well below the PS4.

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This article's title should read "News site wants millions of hits for BS story and title they cooked up"

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