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K. Time to start rooting for the underdog folks.

No more good can come from inflating Sony's ego. The PS5 will cost $800 if we don't watch out, and games prices will inflate by another $10-$20 (just like they did after PS2) thanks to the monopoly.

I loved Sony during the mid-to-late PS3 era, because they were trying. I'm not gonna applaud the PS4 for stomping the competition. I want them to give me a good experience *after* the hardware is pur... #60
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The XBox One already lacks a lot of the driver cruft that DX12 bypasses. There will be some improvements, but they won't be as significant as the PC.

Been said a zillion times by a zillion people who know. Still, I'll take any improvements -- I got nothing against them. #34
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PS3 is my fav console of all time, as well. The only platform where I have played more games on is PC, and I adored my PC gaming for a long, long while.

I still haven't sold my YLOD 60GB, because I adored it so much, and hope to reball it someday. It lasted years, and it died doing charity work (Folding), which I feel is a good way for a console to go. I got a 160GB still goin' strong, so I haven't needed to do the work, just yet. #40
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The sad thing is that you could probably get at least that many good indie games, from a larger selection on Steam, for less than the price of one year of PS Plus.

MGS:GZ is the closest thing to a full retail game on that list, and lets face it, it was a glorified demo of MGS V. I suppose Walking Dead: S2, and Magicka 2 kinda count -- they are sub-$40-release "A" titles, at least, albeit not "AAA".

A lot of those indies are good fun, but... #12.5.1
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Yes... and that sucked then, as well. #7.2.2
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Hmm. You're right. So sad. #16.1.1
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Okay, this month seals it for me. PS Plus is just plain not as good as Games with Gold. Sony's free games offering is basically trumped 100% of the time by Microsoft's.

What's up with that? They have 2x the marketshare, you'd think they could be a little more generous with the PS Plus offers. #16
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This is actually a bad thing, for game design. They have to target the lowest common denominator to be successful.

Sony should ship 2 Move controllers and a camera with the Morpheus, to guarantee platform uniformity. Yes, it will cost more... and also we'll get WAY better VR experiences from it.

Also.. what is up with the move and dualshock combo? Doesn't seem very usable to me. Move it, or don't use it. #7
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Umm.. This guy is 100% wrong...

Dedicated servers.

There is no fail in that concept. None. #14
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Wow @ the crazy hopefulness in this thread.

The "extra processing" in the add-on unit is nothing more than frame reprojection, so the PS4 can do 60 Hz processing, and the same frames get reprojected to produce a "fake" 120 Hz for VR. Basically a tiny portion of the logic that does similar tech in a modern TV to smooth the motion -- Sony calls it "MotionFlow", and other companies call it different names. Not quite the same thing, since the repro... #12
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I have a pal who bought the XBox One version... I honestly couldn't tell the difference from the PC version when I first saw it. I even asked him "why do you play with a controller on PC?", until he pointed out that his PC was in a different room.

I suck with a mouse, since I started playing console shooters. I'll probably buy it on X1 as well, since my TV is nowhere near big enough for me to tell the difference between 900p and 1080p with that game. #30
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Why would they ask "which ones do you want?" if they didn't mean through PSN download? #110.2
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Umm.. I'd like to see my discs play? #107
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Gamers buy consoles because they cannot afford gaming PCs. What makes you think that they are going to double their investment, for some indie PSN titles, because an expensive ($300+) accessory merely exists? Without any show-stopping experiences, it doesn't matter how many indie demos and mini-games there are.

VR is notoriously difficult to get behind without experiencing it. I honestly don't think Oculus will have an easy time of it, either -- by the time VR succ... #25.2.5
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The hands on with Move were always very positive as well. They need good software to make it succeed.

Already Oculus has Minecraft and Elite going for it, along with the typical load of indieware. Sony has nothing other than gimmickware and a small subset of the indie titles that Oculus has.

They better bring it cheap, if they are going to succeed. People are not going to fall for the $300 headset + $100 Move controller pair trick, if there is no software... #25.1.1
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Okay, I believe VR will eventually succeed, but imagining that a $300 headset, with the equivalent of a GTX 750 Ti / R7 360 GPU can compete with a zillion headset options for gaming PCs with way meatier GPUs is just plain stupid.

VR will succeed on PC, first. It'll just be a gimmick on consoles, and Morpheus will tank, unless Sony allows their headset to be used on PC (which they won't).

Rendering stereo.. at 60-90 Hz.. at 1080p.. without deferred re... #25
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Yay, 30 fps racing confirmed as "selling well". Publishers can bank on that for the future now.

Is that a good thing, really? I hope publishers *don't* take Drive Club as an example to follow, personally. If every racer comes out at 30 fps, so the publishers can cash in early, I'm gonna not bother with the genre any longer. #17
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Sony owns a free continuous physics engine called Bullet, and have been trying to get people to use it on Sony platforms for years. I can imagine this Havok purchase will help that effort, somewhat, although I don't imagine a lot of Sony studios are super happy about it.

Bullet is good... for being free, if you get my meaning. Kinda like Eclipse is a good IDE... if you don't have Visual Studio. #55
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I'm not sure why people feel excited about this. I still have my PS2, and I'm pretty sure I'm not paying Sony to play games I still have for it, or that I could buy used. The displayed title is obviously NOT a disc game, which means they're gonna make you buy it again.

Now if they bring PS1 support to the PS4, that's a whole different story -- I'd be stoked because I already own like 20 PS1 games on PSN. If they want to charge me again, though... no. #18
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I think he actually got most of the money. When I say most, I think that means like 95% or more. I could be mistaken though. #66.1
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