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My fav character in Gears. If they make a Cole Train trilogy, I will be in Gears heaven. #16
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I hope he's talking from a business/marketing perspective, because if he's talking from a dev team perspective, he's a... well he's not very bright. #3
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Here's a shocker... I actually like my XB1 better than my PS4. Yet I buy PS4 game versions over the XB1 versions, typically, because the rez is higher, and the framerate is the same. I buy XB1 if they're equal or better there, though -- the controller and feel of the system is just better. Sadly, this mostly amounts to crossplat indie games, and only a few big titles.

I think a lot of gamers feel the same. XB1 is quieter, the controller is my favorite controller o... #20
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Amazon trends go up and down hourly. Telling us what the numbers are when you posted is almost a completely useless anecdote. #1.6.1
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I may be the oddball here, but I actually want the DS3 on my PS4.

I have always loved the traditional PS controller design. I would actually prefer the DS3 on my PS4. #40
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Oculus is a PC device. The Sony VR headset may be proprietary.

PC gamers have a lot more money to throw around than console gamers -- that's kinda the point of a console. If this headset is PS4-specific, Sony will indeed have trouble selling it if the pricetag is near that of the PS4 itself. Ironically, if they make it DirectX compatible via some MS standard, it will likely also be usable on the XB1, which lessens its impact as a Sony "thing". #5.1.1
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So.. VR really needs 60 Hz, and these babies are 1080p? VR requires rendering the geometry of a scene twice, from two different camera viewpoints, as well -- that eats extra GPU horses.

If you can't achieve 60 Hz in the usual manner, you can achieve 60 Hz by dropping rez(!), or by adding latency and interpolating frames... both of which result in blur, and latency, of course, is extra bad for VR. Gonna be rough for VR devs to make anything too spectacular on current con... #13
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"Tegra 4 is outdated. There are much better SoC already in the market."

Sorry, 'better' relative to such a weak chip still doesn't make it worthy gaming hardware. At best, the more recent mobile GPUs best the Wii U, when running at full clock -- which of course requires a chip designed to run at much higher power than a cell phone, or tablet, would ever want to.

"STBs doesn't use batteries."

This is really... #11.1.1
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When will the Android consoles stop?

Jeez do people actually buy games on these things? Because they sure aren't making any money on the hardware.

The Tegra 4 *just* outperforms the 360 GPU... a piece of desktop hardware like 8 years older. When will the "mobile will r3wl!" people go away? Their end-of-consoles prophecy is never gonna happen -- at least not by way of mobile crap. The batteries just can't keep up, so no one will ever make... #11
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Is it just me, or does this actually look like a port of the XBox/GC games to the PS3?

Don't get me wrong, those games were GREAT. But.. you know.. like 10-12 years ago now. #16
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Raise your digital hand if you were under the impression that that US and EU PS4s are manufactured in a different factory.

Think about that for a minute, before flaming someone's statement about the state of US supply, and its bearing on European supply. What do you suppose the actual problem is? And which way is the issue being spun?

I'm not saying that all the posters, who stated that the US had plenty of PS4s, actually read the article. I AM say... #34
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The fact that the US doesn't have a shortage is completely _relevant_. Even the fact that his local major retailer has them is relevant -- these mega-retailers do a bang-up job of redistributing high-demand items to the places where they are in demand. They are extremely efficient sales machines -- they have to be.

The important part is that the US and EU PS4s are 99.9% identical, outside of a couple regional stickers/plates, and both made in the... #1.1.31
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Sure, bud.

Is there a difference between the PS4s in the US, and the PS4s in Europe? Guess what they have in common:

They're both made in the same factory in China, from the same components, outside of a couple minor regional plates/stickers.

If there's a "supply" issue, its no one but Sony's fault. I was clarifying that "supply" means "ability to supply retailers", and not "ability to manufact... #29.2.1
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There is no PS4 shortage.

If you look at the numbers of PS4s sold in the past month, relative to the few months before that, you can see that the only way they could be "supply constrained" would be by actually manufacturing fewer units.

They sold out of the initial production run of PS4s well before the end of the holiday season in 2013, so the "they had a stockpile then" excuse doesn't fly. Likewise it would make NO sense for them t... #29
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Considering that they showed us some good games at E3, I feel pretty good about MS right now. #9
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Wii U 84K compared to XB1's 34K, and encroching on the PS4's 121K? I think not. I see those Nintendo fanboys still run that site.

Last month's NPD showed the PS4 near 200K in just the US, and the Wii U only barely over 50K, according to the GAF leak. There is no way the Wii U sold 84K in just one week, even if its worldwide. This is pure NDF guesswork. #16
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Women make for a whole extra animation set and mo-cap. We're talking hundreds of animations, 100s of megs of memory (if the anims are not compressed, to reduce CPU time), and mo-cap money probably in the $100-250K+ range, depending on the amount of animations -- which I'm sure AC is really high. Probably adds a few months of work to a typical animation team, as well. Now that you've got female players, you're gonna need female VO, high-def female character models (players a... #7
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"Give me a story and a path and let me enjoy the experience that has been created for me."

You're describing a movie. And yes, movies are completely linear.

Games are not, by definition. The removal of linear aspects, the aspect of choice -- that's the "game" part. I swear I'm not trying to be rude by stating this obvious fact -- my real concern is that I have to wonder why you're ignoring it in your post.
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The only part I dislike about Morpheus is that Sony will likely keep it proprietary to the PS4, rather than making PC drivers for it, when the inevitable DirectVR standard happens.

It's deeply ironic that MS will probably define the future of VR in this manner, and that the best VR headset for the PC, or maybe even the XB1, may very well be Sony's. #8
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He can't hold a candle to Jack.

TBH, he seemed very much Sony's representative there on stage, though. Very... company president, as it were. I don't usually think much of such folks, but maybe he'll be good for Sony's biz... maybe.

Presidents like Jack are one in a million. His SCEA is the one that made SCEA great. #21
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