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I'm totally getting one, day 1. I don't want to miss out on this future collector's console, when they stop making them next year, due to lack of demand!

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So.. the Switch has more texture detail. That's nice. Not unexpected, given that it has like 4x the memory of the Wii U.

How is the framerate, I wonder?

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Shutting a company down is usually a way to dispose of it's leadership, not it's workforce, and to make the books look good, temporarily. It is kind of a jerk move, emotionally for the employees, but simply firing the leaders and replacing them doesn't usually work as well as laying off the studio and distributing the employees to other studios, or letting them find work elsewhere.

Getting your whole studio laid off is a thing that just happens every few years ...

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...said the guy who runs the company that makes the hardware.

Grain of salt, anyone?

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I'm not seeing this MS imposition in previous exclusive titles like Lost Odyssey, and Tales of Vesperia, which were arguably some of the finest games developed in Japan in the past decade.

You sure about your accusations? Seems to me like you're blowing fanboy smoke. Maybe MS just didn't want the hero to show his hiny so much. Feel free to post some examples of MS pushing western ideas into Japanese devs, that back up your comment, so you can demonstrate that...

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Nintendo would go backrupt if they sold off their IPs. Otherwise... no.

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@MasterCornholio: I used to play PC + PS3 + Wii, and avoided Xbox altogether.

...then I realized I wanted to play all my PC games, even at lower rez and render quality, with a decent controller, and on my couch. So I bought a Xbox. I haven't looked back, outside of ridiculous Steam and GOG sales on indie or clearly kb/mouse titles (like 4X strategy), that I can play on a weaker PC, like my laptop. I still have a PS4, to play the exclusives, but do I go to it for my g...

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Maybe you missed the part where I already own the consoles necessary to play the games. I'm not seeing any spectacular PS4 Pro games before the Scorpio comes out, and every game that gets a Pro upgrade will likely get a better Scorpio upgrade... so why would I bother with the Pro, again?

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What will it run at on Scorpio? That's about the time I will pick it up, so that's what matters to me.

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The what?

I'm not seeing it. Way more indie titles than there used to be, same amount of AAAs... what's missing is the A titles that sometimes evolve into AAA, true. That evolution has merely moved to indie-land, though... it's not gone. There is no "crash".

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The Scorpio offers more than the PS4 Pro, and may very well sell better, but in coming out a year later, people will clamor that the PS4 Pro has "sold more" (with a year head start), despite sell rates -- ironically just like the Xbox 360 (year earlier) and the PS3 (sold faster overall).

That said, I own a backup for every console (except Wii U and PS4)... and I didn't buy a PS4 Pro. I would buy a backup Wii U before I got a PS4 Pro! I will get a Scorpio, ho...

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I'm sure Nintendo could have cut the price to about $199 a couple years ago. Heck they don't even pay DVD/Blu-Ray royalties on their hardware! They may have actually been able to recover from the Wii U debacle some, and hold out another year on the Switch, maybe building it with 16nm a Tegra X2 (instead of the 28nm Tegra X1) and actually showing up with some decent hardware, for once in the past decade.

But... nope. Nintendo. Pride before profit.

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All four of these games run on Xbox One. Pretty awesome. I love BC.

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The rumors stated that the older devkits were under the standard Tegra X1 clock. If they bump the clock to the standard X1/NVidia Shield clock, that qualifies as "more powerful", but isn't going to magically make it more powerful than a PS4, etc.

Every Nintendo console has fanboys screaming about how this new Nintendo console will be much more powa than the competition, despite being battery powered, mobile, or otherwise tiny compared to the competition. Ni...

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So... $99/year to play Star Citizen, via Amazon Prime now? Serving it up via Amazon services is pretty much the only reason to switch engines. It's not because they had a desperate desire to rewrite the game...

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It's a Tegra X1. How many times will that need to be repeated before people realize that it's about 2x the power of an Xbox 360, and about half the power of a PS4, *when plugged in* (i.e. less when on battery)! It will do 1080p/30 at best (i.e. on Nintendo games, where the shading computation just.. isn't that hard), and that's that. Maybe we'll get checkerboarded 1080p/60 if we're lucky.

That's about 1.5-2x the power of the Wii U. That's...

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The coolest part about Xbox One BC is that it seems that they usually put BC titles up on Games with Gold -- thus you basically get 4 Xbox One games to play each month, rather than merely 2 Xbox One and 2 Xbox 360.

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My point was that, with the HDMI out, or a dock with HDMI out (and CPU/GPU clock bumps), they could have leveraged the same kind of "what if it did this?" marketing that the Switch is using. That *will* help the Switch, and would have helped the Vita distinguish itself in the same manner. There's a question as to how much, but it would have helped, for certain.

It may be a big deal -- we'll find out in a couple months. A shame, since we could have known...

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MS doesn't care if you buy a Xbox One S, a Scorpio, or a Windows 10 gaming PC. It will not be $399 -- they just don't need, or even want to appeal with the Scorpio to that extent -- why take a loss, when you've got other hardware to cover the cheap market?

You want power? Step up with your wallet. Otherwise, go find something that doesn't do as much, and is consequently priced cheaper. That's the whole idea behind having multiple console models.

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