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Keep in mind that the CPUs in all the recent consoles are evolved versions of the AMD Steamroller/Piledriver/Bulldoz er architecture. I doubt they are even capable of speculative execution, which is probably why they are immune to Meltdown.

Avoiding Specter would just be an OS patch. Heck, the console OS may have already been safe.

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It'll be open-world titles (i.e. CPU-bound) that are hit the hardest. AC is exactly that kind of game.

PC master race... burned.

Consoles 4ever.

No, I'm kidding, I'm actually pissed, but at least I got a Ryzen 7 in my latest rig.

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All of them are MINE.

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Because everyone trusts Link Cable as their main go-to for console reviews.


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AMD doesn't have good marketshare in China, where Steam just expanded (note the rapid rise of Simplified Chinese, as Steam's most popular language, just in the past year). The Ryzen is actually doing really well in other markets, outside of Asia.

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The majority of Steam users are now Chinese, and can't really get their hands on expensive GPUs. Steam just expanded there, so the % appears to have dropped, when in fact the new Chinese users simply don't have access to them at this time, because the lower-grade chips are easy to get a hold of, for the masses.

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This is some seriously unscientific BS.

The reason that AMD has fallen is because their chips are made at GF, in Germany, and the Chinese market can't get them second-hand as cheaply as Intel and nVidia. Steam has recently expanded to China -- notice that the most popular language of Steam users is NOT English... it's simplified Chinese, and that's new, in just the past year.

The article, and many of the posters here, are implying that AMD ha...

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The bandwidth of the 1060 is pathetic. You can't put it in the same category without some outrageous assumptions. It's roughly a 1070. I suppose it'd be a "1065", if there was such a thing, but if I had to call a real-world comparison, it'd definitely be a 1070, and NOT a 1060.

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Lol... when you caveat "2160p via checkerboard", you're basically stating that the game is rendering about as many pixels as 1500p. Dynamic resolution is almost *never* full, except when the scene is super tame, so that pretty much amounts to the same BS. 1800p checkerboard is actually BELOW 1440p, in terms of pixel count! Look at your list closely -- it's pretty obvious what GamingBolt was getting at once you cull the snake oil you're trying to sell.

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It'd be humorous if Darksiders didn't come to PS4.

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Seems like the developers need to put some more effort in. Most games that perform poorly on consoles are lacking good multi-threading -- a very PC-way of thinking, given that single core performance is so good on PC. This game would likely perform even worse on PS4, if the CPU is the bottleneck, which I would wager it is -- they need to step it up.

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Milkin' it.

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This is a franchise they shouldn't have brought back. It's just not gonna be the same. Sir Daniel needs to stay in the grave -- the gameplay of the original just doesn't make for a good game in the modern day, and they are only up-rezzing it, not re-imagining it. This game won't be one of the reasons to buy a PS4 folks -- mark my words. Up-rezzings of old franchises don't usually cut it, they just ruin them.

More new franchises, please.

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Uhm... The numbers don't add up. By TFlops and bandwidth, the XB1X is a lot closer to a GTX 1070...

The 1060 has 4 TFlops and 192gb/s bandwidth -- it's basically a PS4 Pro GPU.

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Am I the only one who wishes this game was also on the Wii U?

I hate that I will have to buy a Switch for this. I guess I can get Mario as well, then, but augh...

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Net Neutrality is the current state, not some government plot... Get it right before you go all right-wing paranoid on us.

Corporations want it gone, so they can control what you do and see, based on the $$ you pay them. It's a good thing to have -- you posted because you had it. Without it, you have to pay extra to visit N4G.

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Lacks games... some 95% of games are cross-platform, and Xbox does have a few exclusives, so I think "has a couple fewer games" might be a more accurate statement. The "has no games" argument is BS and sounds like desperation -- it's gotta stop.

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Wow, there are another 22+ people in Denver who read this article on N4G, went to stores to check inventory, and found your post to agree with you!


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I have both a X1 and a PS4, and never intended to just have one. I only chose to buy a X1X, as an upgrade, because it was always going to be superior, seeing as they announced it before the PS4 Pro, even. The Pro just doesn't offer me anything of real value -- some extra rez in a couple games, is all. The X1X will offer me better everything, on pretty much all games going forward, outside of a couple Sony exclusives -- many of which won't even offer sp...

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That's interesting. In my area, the shelves are full of unsold Switches, PS4s, and PS4 Pros, and there's not an Xbox One X anywhere -- just empty spaces with "Xbox One X" labels underneath. Oddly enough, the Xbox One S units are also largely gone.. although they were the cheapest console ($249) due to all the recent sales, so.. kinda expected.

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