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I have to completely agree with this article. Bloodborne is the only reason I am glad I own a PS4 right now. I enjoyed inFamous. But it didn't scream out: "BUY THE PS4!" I am sorry, but The Order sucked... for me. It was just not my cup of soup. Bloodborne is tough, but even tougher to put down.

More like this please. #7
I am going to guess you haven't actually played it. I was less than enthused to try it out, but the gameplay is actually awesome. I HAVE played Destiny, and it is bit more complicated to hit someone with a ground slam than with a Super Duper. It is actually really well balanced. I would suggest it is easier to shoot someone executing this move than it is to actually hit someone with it. #1.1
I would love to play the Last of Us, but my PS3 died a long time ago... It is one of the original 60 GB models, so I need to just sit down and repair it. But I will definitely play it on the PS4... whenever I get one. Prices are going to have to come down to get a new console for just one game. But I also expect as the price comes down on the PS4, they will have some other games that I want to play. For now, I will be patient. #1.2.4
Or it could indicate that MS is doing a better job of keeping the X1 in stock so people aren't having to resort to eBay to snag one. I have seen the X1 at a bunch of retailers, but they don't stick around very long. There are also more PS4s on eBay than X1 the last time I checked. We can spin numbers anyway we want. All I know is that I am enjoying my console of choice thoroughly and will eventually be getting the other when the price drop happens. Merry Christmas! #6
Nabbic, you clearly speak about things of which you are not familiar.

"Xbox Fitness is mainly shooting for the "Yeah. Hardcore fitness, let's tone up!" crowd... Which don't buy consoles, and are already at the gym."

Not only am I already at the gym, but I am a coach at a CrossFit gym. AND I am a gamer. The two actually coexist. Your blanket statements and stereotypes smack of someone who just wants to hate for the sake of hati... #1.3.4
This article is pretty worthless. What rumor did it cut through? Egh, five minutes of my life I will never get back. #3
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I don't know about you guys, but this is pretty awesome. I remember playing these games for hours as a kid. #1
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Just wanted to come back to the post and say THANK YOU to those that have proven my point. Again, reread my posts... I never attacked the PS3. I like my PS3. I probably don't like you.

And yes, I am really stupid by the way. #13.10
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There is a good possibility that I am blind. But I have yet to see with my own two eyes what anybody is complaining about. Just my opinion... and if you really think I am attacking the PS3, why would I own one (send me a friend request from my profile, I will accept it)? I can understand that you might think I am going on the offensive since most posts seem to be PRO-PS3... so anything less than 100% positive comes off as an attack. Seriously. Think about it. Be honest with yourself.... #13.5
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How is that an exploit? The easier way to accomplish EXACTLY the same thing is to use Scavenger AND Danger Close. I know... I've seen me do it. It isn't like it makes you invulnerable.

I have never seen the PS3 community hate on a multi-platform game so much... and the only reason I can think of is that it sold more on the 360? I do see all of these posts on glitches, and I have played both the 360 and PS3 into the first prestige and seen one glitch.

It i... #13
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As much as I think Jijoro's arguments are COMPLETELY ridiculous... talking about rehashes is funny since the winner itself was a SEQUEL.
I completely understand that you think MW2 and L4D2 are the same game with a different name... I also completely understand that you have obviously never played them otherwise you would not think that... unless of course you were legally brain dead. I have played those games as well as Uncharted 2 and beyond the multiplayer, it is just a rehash. A... #27.6
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Hey, retard...
and yes, I am referring to you "Band1t."

And I quote:
"Not everyone thinks MW2 is the bestest Ef Pee Es Evur, and yes, we do think it's overhyped. Are you gonna cry about it? "

I love it when jackasses can prove my point for me.

And the fact that I have already lost bubbles ALSO proves my point. Hilarious. #14.5
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Totally agree with Leon...
I am completely onboard with all of your previous comments, Leon.
13.2 is a great example of the ridiculous d-bags that have infested N4G like a plague. Because the PS3 fanboys DO take bubbles away for disagreeing with their opinion no matter how slight... and yes, that does make them losers. If you have a lot of bubbles on this particular site, it is because you support the PS3 cause with utter and blind faith. And the other blind followers give you the bubbles. You aren't gamers... #14.3
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I would but...
I would watch your video, but it always seems to raise my blood pressure, piss me off, AND make me dumber in the process. No thanks.

I have had to play the PS3 religiously over the past few weeks since I left my 360 at home... and I can say that the PSN sucks my balls. I can't party with friends. Inviting them into a party has RELATIVELY ridiculous hurdles to jump though... not to mention JOINING a party has the same long process. And I can't chat with my friends while they T... #6.5
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I have issues...
And that is it is a ridiculous pain in the ass to play with friends. See the above work around. Ridiculous.

However, that doesn't seem to work for the Spec Ops portion. I hear it is awesome, but it is languishing, because my friends can't join just a party, and I can't join theirs.

Glad you either have no friends or are completely issue free... neither of which I suspect to be the case. #10.2
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Uh huh...
Idiot. #22.1
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1.1--- I was just...
I was just thinking the SAME thing! Woot, WOOT!

Hehe. #1.2
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What are you doing? Trying to play "The Biggest Loser?" If he had said he was 45, would you have suddenly been 46?

A cat? Seriously? Shoot yourself. #6.2
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Uh huh
And maybe because that is true.... #52.1
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Ummm, not so much...
I have all three game systems:

I use my Wii in the morning for Wii Fit. I come home from work at night and fire up the Xbox for most games. When I watch a movie, I use my PS3. I bought Uncharted 2 because of all the people on this site praising it as the be-all-end-all of gaming. And I'm sorry... I think it is boring. I even went out and bought the first one (I was unimpressed with the demo... pretty and all, but boring), because I thought it had something to offer to make U... #48
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