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Well deserved

TLOU is one of the best gaming experiences ever!

Such awesome fun gameplay - awesome stealth
Such amazing & realistic environments to make you feel immersed
And oh boy! What characters and story - Probably the best story told in a video game to date.

Amazing game and well deserved.

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Why couldn't you COD people just have stayed on PS3/360?

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yellowflash - 3DS outselling PS4. We are talking about 2 TOTALLY different devices.
3DS is not a CONSOLE.

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The problem with the Steam machines is what games will they have that can't already be played on consoles?

This is really what has made the PC platform a little lackluster with not much appeal - there just simply aren't many GREAT (non-indie) games on there that can't already be played on consoles.

I really don't see that changing with the Steam machines.

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I would like to ask an honest question here

Whats with all these ports of PS3/360 games that people seem to excite over?

Tomb Raider for example
We have all already played the game. Sure the graphics/framerate are better , but it is still the SAME game. Same gameplay, same story etc.

Its like watching a BluRay rip of MOVIE A and then you have the full fledged 1080 BluRay of MOVIE A itself - its still the same movie - same story, chara...

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Have not been targeting children??

All these Mario and Pokemon games - err yes you HAVE been targeting children and that is why their console is failing.

Children are now moving on to iPads etc.

Targeting casuals & children is fine, aslong as they stick with your platform. The majority of this market have moved to other casual game devices like the iPAD, hence the low sales of the Wii:U

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How about something fresh Microsoft?

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Gears of War was GREAT at the start, but it has the type of gameplay that gets boring, when its the same over what is it now 4 games?

Nothing has changed.

XBONE Gears will be the same old crap just better graphics.

Not really interested to be honest, unless they change the gameplay, instead of keeping to the same exact formula.

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It seems like the hardware gap is bigger then the specs that have been revealed by both machines.

If the specs released were accurate, (PS4 still being more powerful), then the XBONE would still be able to achieve the same performance as PS4, just some graphic fidelity would be missing

BUT now with another game (first BF4 720px900p) Tomb Raider (30fps vs 60fps). If one console can handle 60fps and the other can't, this shows that the gap in hardware is mu...

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These 2 gaming platforms are in 2 TOTALLY different markets

Sony - Core gaming
Nintendo - Casual gaming (They ALWAYS have been).

Nintendo are sinking because the casual audience aren't as 'loyal' to a platform. A lot of these casuals have flocked to iPhone,iPad games

Unless they create some new feature that will attract casual gamers again, they are doomed imo.

If they switch to a core market, they won'...

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I guess the author of the article hasen't played BF4 on PS4, especially the SP and then looked at the PS3 version side by side.

The technical graphical differences are massive.

The author also has to remember not all developers target the best graphics they can, especially with ports.

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As cool as this may be, why would anyone want to play on a tiny screen of the Vita instead of their large HDTV?

Playing games on a tiny screen, instead of a big one, just ruins the experience of the game.

Unless it's just some simple, casual type of game sure thats fine, but core games that are heavily focused on environments/story/characters etc, no way

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Absolutely well deserved

TLOU is one of the best pieces of media in a long long time.

Excellent, intense, fun gameplay combined with an absolutely amazing story.

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Masterh0ppa you either didn't play the game, or have shitty taste in games.

The gameplay in the game is brilliant. Amazing stealth and intense combat.

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Nice to see another site get the GOTY correct. TLOU deserves every single bit of it

A lot of the list is pretty much spot on. Well done VGW.

Though BF4 nominee for biggest let down? I am having a blast playing this game on PS4 and have had no issues.

I still think Dead Rising 3 is the best XBONE exclusive. This game is just so much fun.

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I don't think we will ever see another game like this, that combines amazing gameplay, locations & story.

The action in this game is brilliant, intense and fun

The stealth in this game is brilliant and so much fun

The story and characters in this game are awesome and oh my what a powerful, and at times, tear jerking story.

What an amazing level of immersion this game brings, because of the above. No other game as imme...

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Site loses a lot of credibility with a poor list

Uncharted 2 is in about the right position, but TLOU? Sorry but that is either 1) or at worse 3)

COD is actually on the list?! wth

Where is Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite? LOL

This dude must be joking? Is this dude even a gamer?

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What a year for PS3/360 gamers when we are blessed by so 3 AMAZING games in 1 year.

Bioshock Infinite
The Last Of US

As amazing as GTA V and Bioshock Infinite were, it is good to see a site have the balls to name the real GOTY being The Last Of Us. What a truely epic and a amazing experience.

Congratulations to Naughty Dog on this. You really have raised the bar and cannot wait to see what you guys have in store for cor...

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This is really something that NEEDS to start happening in the gaming industry.

Publishers are deliberately not doing proper, thorough testing of their products before release simply to save $$$$.

The whole 'oh we can patch it later....maybe' or not being fixed at all, needs to stop.

Publishers need to be made accountable for not doing proper testing and bug fixing to save $$$$.

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Unless you are someone who hasen't played GTA V yet,, why re-buy?

You are playing the same game. Same gameplay, same story, same missions etc. The only difference is the graphics.

I really don't get people who do this.

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