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And OMG I totally forgot - Infamous: Second Son the week after

OMG what a fortnight for gamers.

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Wow this game is getting unnecessary harsh treatment.

The game isn't perfect but goodness gracious 5/10?

Are we playing the same game here?

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The Dark Souls/Demon Souls games are massively overstated when it comes to difficulty.

Dark Souls especially (with so many bonfires/checkpoints), wasen't really all that difficult at all.

The 'difficulty' comes from the battle mechanics and how enemies attack you. They are way different then any other type of game.

Other games you can carelessly just hack and slash and kill them, with these games you cannot and people new to these...

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Look, I Love the Uncharted games, but I have already played them numerous times. Ahh yes it will have better graphics, but that really doesn't change much, it is still the same game.

I really wish they would focus their work on something new instead. New IP? Uncharted 4? TLOU2

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For those who are about to start THIEF, I HIGHLY recommend using CUSTOM DIFFICULTY and turning OFF things such as WAYPOINT and FOCUS.

This is a stealth game and FOCUS totally ruins the stealth experience, as it lets you know where enemies are etc.

There are other things you can turn off, but these 2 are a must imo

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dcj - Sony really don't have much competition now
PC is a tiny market and does not have that much appeal at all to the majority of core gamers. (Most of the games on PC can already be played on consoles - really doesn't leave much left for PC)

Nintendo - Different market, they are more targeted to the casuals

Microsoft is really their only competitor and they aren't off to a great start.

If Sony can continue pushing great...

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I REALLY recommend people to turn OFF Focus and use Custom Difficulty

Turning Focus off improves the gameplay tremendously, especially since this is a stealth game.

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This is a great move by Sony

Indie games offer a certain gameplay experience that can't be found with your usual AAA title.

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The site says the PS4 GPU is 'slightly' faster. If that was truely the case, we would be seeing 1080p for mulitplatform games on XBONE just like the PS4 has, but it doesn't, on those same games and also framerate.

That reason alone shows the difference between the GPU's isn' t 'slight' but 'massive'

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Dark Souls really isn't 'difficult'

The 'difficulty' is that it is so different to other hack/slash games, if you don't go in with the right mindset, the penalty is death. The 'difficulty' is getting in the right mindset and patience, thats it

Once you have got that, the game is not that hard at all.

And that is going to be a problem with Dark Souls 2, it's not going to be that difficult, because we all kno...

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ESRAM hates you all mwhahhahahahaha

On a serious note - you fanboys are absolutely hiliarious, using anything (even when it doesn't matter) to fuel the fanboy wars at each other.

Those XBONE only people, even though 720p, are still playing the SAME GAME and are going to obviously have the same experience.

This isnt PS2 area graphics anymore. Graphics have come to a point where they do not hinder gameplay/experience anymore if one platfo...

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'No Titanfall on PS4 is a big deal'

Actually it's not a big deal at all.

Why? Because I can play this game on my PC or XBONE.

Thats the great thing about owning mulitple platforms, don't miss out on anything.

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How did the Wii win last generation?

It's not even in the same market as the PS3 or 360 was, so how could it have won?

It's like saying the iPAD won last generation.

PS3 won last generation as it's only competition in it's market was the 360, and it had more sales then the 360.

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Well deserved

TLOU is one of the best gaming experiences ever!

Such awesome fun gameplay - awesome stealth
Such amazing & realistic environments to make you feel immersed
And oh boy! What characters and story - Probably the best story told in a video game to date.

Amazing game and well deserved.

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Why couldn't you COD people just have stayed on PS3/360?

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yellowflash - 3DS outselling PS4. We are talking about 2 TOTALLY different devices.
3DS is not a CONSOLE.

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The problem with the Steam machines is what games will they have that can't already be played on consoles?

This is really what has made the PC platform a little lackluster with not much appeal - there just simply aren't many GREAT (non-indie) games on there that can't already be played on consoles.

I really don't see that changing with the Steam machines.

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I would like to ask an honest question here

Whats with all these ports of PS3/360 games that people seem to excite over?

Tomb Raider for example
We have all already played the game. Sure the graphics/framerate are better , but it is still the SAME game. Same gameplay, same story etc.

Its like watching a BluRay rip of MOVIE A and then you have the full fledged 1080 BluRay of MOVIE A itself - its still the same movie - same story, chara...

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Have not been targeting children??

All these Mario and Pokemon games - err yes you HAVE been targeting children and that is why their console is failing.

Children are now moving on to iPads etc.

Targeting casuals & children is fine, aslong as they stick with your platform. The majority of this market have moved to other casual game devices like the iPAD, hence the low sales of the Wii:U

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How about something fresh Microsoft?

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