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To be honest, there should be a lawsuit against Ubisoft.

This kind of deliberate poor quality of delivery just to save $$$ should not be tolerated.

These game publisher's should nto be allowed to get away with this kind of stuff.

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I find it funny how xbox fanboys bring in 'PS4 has a bigger install base and only sold a little bit more'.

Larger install base or not, it still sold more.

Stop trying to spin it, it just makes you look desperate.
It still sold more and thats what matters.

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You are joking right?

TLOU has a much better story/character development between the 2 main characters and what they go through and the struggles between right & wrong and how far you would go to keep your loved one alive, which is brilliantly told

Dawn of the Dead on the other hand... yeah please lol

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Hahha Lev trying so hard to put a positive spin for Forza

Regardless of the number of consoles sold to game ratio, Forza still sold LESS then DC. Fact

With all the rants from XBONE fanboys stating how amazing Forza is, it sold less.

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"You basically, walk around, turn power on, walk through doors for the majority of the game. It's pretty repetitive"

Can say the same thing about Evil Within
Walk around, shoot enemies, get to enxt area, rinse and repeat

The fact you would actually list The Evil Within as a GOTY shows your poor taste in games.

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Theres no such thing as true surround sound headsets, only EMULATED

The Astros EMULATE this and do it very very well.

I would honestly take a great pair of Astro a50s over a 5.1 surround sound system.

The emulation is top notch and the amount of immersion you get from headsets that you just can't get with a 5.1 speaker system, makes it great for games.

Those looking at a new pair of headsets, I would stay away from these ...

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With so many Xbox fanboys praising this game and How it's the best racer, it's not selling very well.

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Boohoo so its 900p instead of 1080p
It makes literally no different as far as enjoyment of a game.

BUT this has Microsoft written all over it.
Microsoft onviously dished $$ towards Ubisoft to make the PS4 version on par with the XBONE, because they were struggling to get the XBONE version to 1080p.

Ubisoft mentioned it is not GPU limited for the PS4 - if thats the case, no excuse not to hit 1080p then.

So its obvious Microsoft...

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LOL @ these spoilt PS4 fanboys

Now you guys know how it feels for 99% of multiplat games on PC, when high-end PC hardware is not utilised because the games are built around consoles. Instead just get a game with slightly better and higher res textures, and 60fps.

Another question. I wouldn't go as far to say that Microsoft sent $$$$ Ubisofts way to ensure there were no differences compared to the PS4 version.

Don't you Xbox fanboys la...

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Have matchmaking as an OPTION.
It's not rocket science

Have if for those that need it, because they have friends in different timezones etc and those who can disable it.

Really not that hard at all Bungie.

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Imt558 you kind of contradicted yourself.
You said the most skilful players are on PC. Nothing beats the mouse.

The fact that aiming with a mouse takes no skill what so ever kind of contradicts what you said LOL

PC gamers have hardly any skill whatsoever OR they refuse to get any and train themselves up, hence why they use a mouse

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Crysis 3 proved this a long time ago when it came out.
KZ Shadow Fall is another one, sorry but IMO the game is just plain boring.

As for this game - can't judge it as it isn't even released yet.

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How do you review a game like this?

If I give it a 6.5/10 - it feels wrong because the gunplay/mechanics and co-op is so DAMN FUN and addictive grinding elements

If I give it a 9/10 - it feels wrong because the severe lack of content, repetitive, lack of variety and poor mission structure, variety of weapons, story etc etc

The foundation is there - amazingingly fun combat and co-op but they really need to improve the mission variety etc and o...

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My_Name you need to be shot. You are obviosuly not a gamer if you think the game was mediocre.

Get some taste buddy or quit gaming. it's your kind that developers flood the gaming platforms with actual shit games, that your kind enjoy.

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Not sure why ND are still surprised with this.
They released one of the best games ever made.

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*sigh* I was really hoping you console gamers were a lot smarter then PC gamers.

Buying a game you already played, just because the graphics have improved on another platform.

It's still the same game people.
Seems like True gamers are disppearing, and it's all about the graphics, even when it's the same game.

Prepare for a generation of remakes if consumers keep supporting it.

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Of course it's not worth it. You are playing the SAME game.
People get sucked into this whole 1080p/60fps thing as if it makes a difference. You are still playing the same game.

It's like watching a 720p rip of Transformers and then going to watch the 1080p BluRay version and expecting the story to be better...

You only have yourselves to blame if developers continue to bring out these remakes this generation.

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Good riddance. An absolute garbage developer, who had no idea on how to make a great game. All graphics, poor and boring gameplay.

Gameplay over graphics. This developer had no clue.

cya later Crytek

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I have bought around 12 games just simply from seeing/watching it on YouTube. So yes they do contribute to sales of videogames

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The insecurities of PC gamers rears it's ugly head again. Just because the PC platform has become less appealing compared to consoles due to not having that many great games that can't already be played on consoles, plus all the eclusives that are only available on consoles, no need to bash.

Maybe go outside, lose some weight and lose your virginity. Another reason PC gamers are so insecure.

Just as bad as Apple fanboys, will defend a platform, ...

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