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Load times can be a little on the long side. No idea whY frame rate is mentioned. I have had zero frame rate issues in about 10 hours of playing

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I will never understand why people would want to ruin the game for themselves by using guides. Part of the fun is discovering and working it out yourself

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SteamMachine will fail imo. I don't see any desire in getting one

Much like the PC platform, there really isn't anything that will come out on it, that can't already be played on PS4/XB1, excluding Indies.

Will it get some big 3rd party exclusive? Doubt it
The only way I see getting myself one of these is if it got HL3 exclusively, but we all know that wont happen.

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I finished The Order in about 7 hours. Not as Short as people make it to be and definitely doesn't deserve The scrutiny it is getting. In fact, I found it to be an amazing narrative experience. Did I want more gameplay? Sure, but people have to remember there are different types of games. There's games with gameplay, gameplay, gameplay and then there's games with a more narrative focus. Nothing wrong with that.

In fact, if it's done well, I enjoy these a lot. ...

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People really need to stop relying on looking at the review scores of sites to see if a game is great.

Look at Alien isolation on Metacritic, yet it is one of the best games of 2014. Great game

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Take review scores with a grain of salt

Didn't Gamespot give one of the greatest games of all time (The Last of Us) an 8?

Lets look at a recent game - Dying Light, isn't that averaging what 78? I had a BLAST with that game.

Sorry but review scores have no credibility.

At least not always

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Just remember this. Back in the day, this sort Of content Was either included with the game, or was unlockable.

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I really hope Nintendo go bankrupt. We don't need this kind of Trash in the industry.

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This is why I don't bother playing on PC anymore. Poor optimisation.

No performance issues at all on PS4 and the graphics are good enough.

Poor story? Erm it's a zombie game lol

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Erm there are other sites other then Pirate Bay to download PC games.

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Not surprised at all.

The Wii:U is the wrong target audience for Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is more directed at the core audience rather then the casual gaming audience, which is what the Wii:U is made up of.

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STeve AC2 was only fantastic because at the time the gameplay was something fresh and new.

If AC2 was released NOW it the same state, it would be no way near as good.

If you compare AC2 now to the newer AC games, AC2 is barebones and baron.

It was only great because when it released it was something new and fresh. It would be pretty average now if it came out.

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Unity is a huge step back in terms of gameplay

They pretty much went back to the gameplay mechanics of the previous games (exclude black flag). One city, same stealth, same old climbing.

Just gets boring after 4 games of this same stuff.

Black Flag was a BIG refresher and improvement with the open seas and ships and everything. This a step back to the old 1 city, doing the same old stuff from the other 4 AC games.

This type ...

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GTA V on PC @ 4k will blow away the PS4 version yes. Not so much at 1080p.

The definitive version will be the PC version @ 4k

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How many of you getting it on PC are going to play it at 4k?

Unless you are playing it @ 4k , you are not playing the best version I'm afraid. 1080p on PC just doesn't cut it, so bragging to those console crowd about how you will be playing the better version, unless its 4k, you won't be. :)

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For those of you who are playing this on Consoles and own a smart hdtv, look for a option callEd motion flow and turn this ON. This has made the framerate really smooth for me. It may introduce a little bit of input delay though.

Just a temp fix for you guys until/if ubisoft bother to fix it.

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HDD maxed out?
How many games is that 10-15?
Do you really play 10-15 games at once? Do you even play some of those games that are still on there?

You do realise you can delete the games you have finished or no longer play right?

Unless you are someone who plays 10-15 games at once, it's fine.

Once a complete a game and have little intention of playing it in the near future, I delete it.

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mediate-this you just have shitty taste in games that is all, doesn't mean its over-hyped.

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Serious question

Publishers releasing unproperly tested games and selling it to the consumer. Should this be illegal?

It boggles my mind why they are allowed to get away with this to be honest. There should be laws in place for this.

Sadly don't think anyone gives a crap about the gaming industry.

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TLOU 2 easily
Better story telling
More serious and realistic tone
Better voice acting

Everything about TLOU was superior to any of the Uncharted games, as good as they were.

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