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Wouldn't put too much in the review score. These are the same people that gave Alien Isolation a 5.9 when in fact it was a clear 9/10 game, so they are pretty inaccurate at times

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- repetitive side missions
- Africa and then the first mission back in Afghanistan, the only great main missions in the game.
- missions prior to Africa and also part 2 are a snorefest
- revisiting the SAME locations over and over again to do missions
- an open world that is bland and nothing to do outside of the outposts

With the above clear flaws in a game, yet reviews of 9or 9.5/10 show that reviewers are clueless and are scoring it high sim...

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The Witcher 3

Don't get me wrong, MGSV Is great, but outside of its main missions, the game is average. Repetitive side missions, with a bland and empty open world. I am enjoying the stealth aspects.

The Witcher 3 on the other hand. Excellent main quest and side quests, with a living open world with lots of activity.

If there was one thing I prefer in MGSV is the combat/stealth over The Witcher 3's combat, but still, overall The Witc...

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And how much of that 50hrs is spent running in the empty areas of Afghanistan and Africa and/or doing a prisoner extraction of some sort for the 20th time?

The answer is, most of it.

The game is padded with the same repetitive side missions. Not to mention wondering the emptiness of Afghan & Africa.

I am having fun with the main missions, but the side ops are just too repetitive, with an open world that is empty outside of the outposts. ...

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As much as I am loving the game, the mission structure is actually one of MGSV's flaws.
For example:
One of the main missions requires you to collect Intel documents
Next side op mission requires you to rescue/extract a prisoner from that same location from the main mission.

So why isn't extracting that prisoner a secondary objective of that main mission? Instead it's a side op where I have to revisit that same place again. Poor mission des...

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This game may just have overtaken The Witcher 3 has. Y GOTY so far. MGS still to come

Amazing experience. I love horror, and I think this medium is more effective with horror then actual movies, because of the interactivity.


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This is odd. Are you playing digital or physical?

I have completed the game and I had no framerate issues at all (physical copy)

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Just finished it
What an amazing experience!

I was worried about the story/narrative and how it would flow/be told, but WOW.
I love the story and the way it's told, characters, atmosphere, the gameplay aspect fits perfectly, tension/suspense.

Well done to Sony and SupermassiveGames
Holy cow I was not expecting it to be this good!

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Pretty good review considering IGN didn't get a pay check to artificially inflate the score.

Cannot wait to play this!

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I think the big problem with PC gaming is the majority of great games on PC, can already be played on consoles. Not to mention, graphically, a part from only a few games once modded, there isn't that much of a big difference, especially considering the hardware difference.

And as for PC continously getting bad ports, iPC gaming has a much much smaller core gaming audience xo pared to consoles and developers aren't willing to put the effort into such a small market. Bu...

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-100 crappy indie games yes so great...
-28 bucks oh dear, you must be a poor peasant to not be able to afford it and have to get the game cheap
- gears is on xbone

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The majority of that 70m steam users aren't core gamers though.

Still I am surprised this game sold more on PS4 then PC. If it was any other game, then it is a no brainer it would sell more, but The Witcher which is dominantly a PC game series, sold more on consoles.

I must say I am surprised.

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I have to admit 60fps is incredibly overrated

Having gone straight from playing hours of a 60fps game then jumping to a 30fps game immediately, yes there is a difference. 30fps had that jitter effect when you pan the camera, but here is the great thing, the brain/eyes adjust and after 10 minutes of playing that jitter effect disappears and it is actually smooth.

I guess everyone is different though. Going from 60fps to 30fps has zero impact on my enjoyment of...

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Article looking for clicks?

6.25/10 for one of the best RPGs ever?

I have hardly ran into many bugs at all. Amazing amazing game.

What a troll

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My timer countdown is currently at : 9 hours 32 minutes remaining. Will be unlocked by 10pm tonight (currently 12:28pm) So thats odd

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Doesn't bother me what so ever

Some gamers are too nitpicky with graphics these days. It still looks great

Does it really effect your enjoyment of the game? Seriously?

Cannot wait to explore the world, interact with characters, doing quests etc.

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Totally agree TheDBD

Technical aspects are one thing. Real world scenerio is another.

What frame pacing issues? Its been smooth for me. I have not had any judder issues, except possibly one time where I noticed it.

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I must be the only one not noticing the frame stutter

It has been a pretty damn smooth experience.

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Too many mechanics in this game that make it too forgiving.

First the REGAIN system where you can regain your health when being hit. Seriously? Talk about forgiving. You are not punished for your mistakes and getting hit.

Secondly you can carry 20 Blood Vials. 20!! Way too many

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Brilliant game! Definitely worth of the score, though he mentioned framerate drops. Outside of the one time where for some reason where the fps dropped to 1fps for around 5 seconds when enterting one of the boss fog gates, I have not experienced frame rate issues what so ever in 28 hours of play. It's actually been really smooth.

Loading times weren't a problem with me, as I tend to look over at my other TV, that has TV shows running. Goes by quick! Though I can see w...

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