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I don't care which sold more

I am enjoying both systems. #63
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To be honest

Titan Fall isn't really that great. Sony really didn't lose much of anything #1.2
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Wow some console gamers are frigging spoilt as hell.
Whining how its 1080p, 60fps possibly but other then that not much of a graphical upgrade.

Now you know how PC gamers feel with 99% of multiplatform games.

As to why there isn't such a big improvement - remember they don't have a big team working on this port. The majority of them are working on Uncharted.

TLOU is one of the best games ever made. I was actually going to play... #38
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Don't see the point of the locking to 30fps option. The frame rate was smooth as silk for my entire play through of both Good and Evil.

THe ability to change the time of day is nice though. #32
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Hmm not sure what the point of a frame limit option for this game is.

The game was silky smooth throughout for me. #4
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For those that say the graphics leap isn't big need to play games like Infamous and especially BF4 on PS4.

BF4 on PS4 is still the graphical king IMO. #5.2
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This game is amazingly fun don't get me wrong, but for a game series that has this reputation of being hard, it doesn't do a good job at it successfully, at least not consistently.

In both Dark Souls & Dark Souls 2, there were only small patches which were somewhat difficult, it really wasen't consistently difficult through out both games, which is something they need to improve on. #7
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Circle strafing and blocking and waiting your time for a strike in the meantime and rinse repeat is a successful tactic on those bosses.

I have done this EXACT tactic myself.

Exception would be the Smelter Demon, unless you have the 100% Fire reduction shield. In that one I dodged/rolled past his attacks, (also Iron King, rather then blocked, but those other bosses, that tactic works

The bosses are very disappointing. Except for a select few... #1.2.2
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PC does not have the appeal to the majority of core gamers like it once did.

90% of the games on PC can already be played on consoles. The graphics are good enough, so your 'the graphics a better though' argument goes out the window.

I own all the platforms, except Wii:U, that way I don't miss out on any games, but if I had to choose, or recommend, it would easily be consoles. WOW, iRacing? LOL 4500? shovel ware and indie titles. Really grasping a... #13.3
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Fanboys disgust me.

First of all let me tell you I prefer the PS4 as a gaming platform, but some of you PS4 fanboys are hypocrites, stating that Titan Fall sucks and then all of a sudden welcoming the series to PS4 once news hits Titan Fall 2 will not be XBONE exclusive.

I have Titan Fall myself and the game is great!

I would like to ask a serious question, this goes for both PS4 and XBONE fanboys

Do you guys refuse to buy th... #51
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Dark Souls 2 this week
Infamous Second Son next week

What a great fortnight for gamers #7
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Seems like Dark Souls was just not right for you. You are supposed to be punished when you die, lose your souls and try making it back to your body.

One thing I do agree on though is the bosses. You mention that all it takes to defeat them is simply dodge their very simplistic attack patterns, hit them and rinse repeat.

If there is one thing that needs improvement its this. The bosses in Dark Souls all had a very basic, simplistic attack pattern and can be ea... #15
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THe reason why we don't need the movie is because it can NEVER tell a story or have character integration as effective as TLOU.

The fact that it has gameplay and lets you interact and control the character, it amplifys the connection you have with the characters, story and the world.

When a story or character integration is done right, TLOU is a perfect example, no Movie can improve on this.

When done right, just like the TLOU, a video ga... #10
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And OMG I totally forgot - Infamous: Second Son the week after

OMG what a fortnight for gamers. #3
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Wow this game is getting unnecessary harsh treatment.

The game isn't perfect but goodness gracious 5/10?

Are we playing the same game here? #5
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The Dark Souls/Demon Souls games are massively overstated when it comes to difficulty.

Dark Souls especially (with so many bonfires/checkpoints), wasen't really all that difficult at all.

The 'difficulty' comes from the battle mechanics and how enemies attack you. They are way different then any other type of game.

Other games you can carelessly just hack and slash and kill them, with these games you cannot and people new to these... #15
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Look, I Love the Uncharted games, but I have already played them numerous times. Ahh yes it will have better graphics, but that really doesn't change much, it is still the same game.

I really wish they would focus their work on something new instead. New IP? Uncharted 4? TLOU2 #33
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For those who are about to start THIEF, I HIGHLY recommend using CUSTOM DIFFICULTY and turning OFF things such as WAYPOINT and FOCUS.

This is a stealth game and FOCUS totally ruins the stealth experience, as it lets you know where enemies are etc.

There are other things you can turn off, but these 2 are a must imo #6
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dcj - Sony really don't have much competition now
PC is a tiny market and does not have that much appeal at all to the majority of core gamers. (Most of the games on PC can already be played on consoles - really doesn't leave much left for PC)

Nintendo - Different market, they are more targeted to the casuals

Microsoft is really their only competitor and they aren't off to a great start.

If Sony can continue pushing great... #4.1.1
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I REALLY recommend people to turn OFF Focus and use Custom Difficulty

Turning Focus off improves the gameplay tremendously, especially since this is a stealth game. #3
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