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I came in to this article expecting the player playing the PC version (with a mouse) and I would of said 'Not THAT impressive), since it easy and really doesn't take much skill to aim with a mouse.

But this was done on the PS3? Wow now THAT is skill

Well done to the player

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One of the problems is the games.
Core type games on a casual gaming device.

Sorry but handhelds are casual.

Nintendo succeeds in handhelds because they offer a massive amount of casual style games, which is 99% of what the handheld market is made up of.

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COD is not nerdy enough for PC 'gamers'.

WoW is more to their liking

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If THOSE sales don't prove that there are MORE casual gamers on PS3/360, then core gamers, I don't know what else does

It saddens me that this crap sells this much and games where developers have put so much effort into the story/gameplay don't.

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Are you a pedophile by any chance? You seem to be a fanboy of a console for kids.

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PS3 gamers are stupid

THe game is broken on the PS3, but guess what?


SO why are you PS3 only gamers buying it on the system?
It's simple - don't buy it

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I haven't encountered any bugs either and I am up to Sequence 8.

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Don't play the PS3 version. Problem solved.

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AC3 is fine. The only people to blame are the people who over-hyped it for themselves. The location is refreshing. I got bored looking at the same style of city for 3 games.

The navy missions were awesome fun. Could be a game in itself there.

9.5 is a little high though. More like 8.5

Dishonored was damn awesome, though this is NOT an open-world game. It's 'wide-linear'. There is a difference. Loved the powers and how they fit in ...

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That lineup is pretty poor

Consists of games that are already out, or they are casual games.

So where are the core games Nintendo promised? The ones listed can be ALREADY played on PS3/360.

Guess I'll be waiting.

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I would give this game a 9/10 so far. I have had the few animation problems where I would run into a wall instead of running through the alley or something similar, but it has not happened THAT often.

The amount of stuff to do in this game is enormous and fun. My only problem with some of the stuff is it feels like they were just chucked in there.

Example : The mission where you need to discover the 'Mystery of the Sasquach' - it felt rushed and waaay...

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This is not EA's fault.

This is you gamers, not all of you, but you know who you are

Buying the same OLD and CRAPPY games like COD etc etc.

Why make something NEW when the OLD make you more $$$$

We have THOSE GAMERS to thank for this.

Well done...

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PS stick placement ?

The objective is to make it better NOT worse.

The 360 controller IS better for EVERY type of game, except fighting games.

Making the stick placement like the DS3 would just be going backwards.

As far was making the 360 controller even better then it is. Fix that damn DPAD - Face buttons like the DS3 - Looser analog sticks with a large deadzone like the DS3 - make a large and small size versions s...

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They can go where they like

I will be pirating it regardless though. Why?

After all the empty promises that your decisions from the 3 games will impact the ending blah blah blah and not to mention the crappy mediocre ending.

Hmmm yeah Bioware do not deserve any $$$$

Pirating away. Well done Bioware

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The positives that the reviewer listed compared tot he negatives doesn't reflect the score.

If I had just read that bit, sounded like the reviewer would give the game a 85/100 or something.

I didn't mind the story at all. Loved the gameplay and ...

I am probably going to get lots of disagrees with this, but I actually prefered the LOOK of this game over Uncharted 2/3.

Now yes Uncharted 2 is better GRAPHICALLY,...

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Doesn't the game open up after Sequence 6?

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Lackluster games from THQ - so couldn't care less :)

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I already have a NAS and streaming device that goes to my TV for media etc thank you.

Focus on the games - If theres no good games, then theres to reason to buy it.

I mean a WEB BROWSER on a console really?
Thats what a PC is useful for, or a laptop, or an iPhone.

Stick to games.

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Actually I have had the camera lock bug happen to me, but this was only once so far.

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I haven't ran into any glitches/bugs so far and I am just up to Sequence 6.

I did notice the issue with the lip syncing but couldn't care less. Big deal.

The new setting is refreshing, instead of seeing the same art style for 3 games.

The graphics have definitely taken a step up.

I have had no issues accidentally falling off the roof instead of jumping across - Possibly the reviewer needs more practice, but in...

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