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You may want to look at the comparisons. The 360 version of Far Cry 3 looks much better then the PS3 version, especially the view distance and texture quality.

Now Bethesda may be lazy developers, but Sony is partly to blame for all this.

If the PS3s hardware wasen't so hmm 'unique', then possibly we would see multiplatform games like Far Cry 3 and Skyrim, up to par with the 360 version.

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This game is simply amazing. Many people seem to be disappointed with the MP. They forget MP is not the main focus of FarCry 3. You play it for the SP.

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GOTY I think

So many great things to say about this game.

The huge sense of exploration that you feel when you step into the world. The stealth aspects of this game are extremely fun.

And once I got my 'Explosive arrows' OMG things got any better.

1 scenerio. I was simply exploring and I hear this person crying for help. Not far up the road we had some evil dudes, ended up killing them. I browse over the cliff and way...

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Maybe at a later stage? Or maybe Ubi felt Far Cry 3 doesn't fit well with the Wii:U's main audience.

Who knows.

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It's a good thing that hunting animals is actually useful, as it allows you to upgrade such things :)

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You focus on the wrong thing - graphics.

In order to have the same amazing gaming experience that console player do, the graphics have to meet a certain standard, while console gamers are just having an absolute BLAST with this.

This is why I feel sorry for PC gamers - the graphics have to be of 'high standard' in order to get the same awesome experience console gamers do, otherwise it downgrades it for them.

As to the most important ...

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Do Sony know anything about ergonomics and natural hand and finger positioning? The way they designed the DS3 - I guess not

And now LOOK at THIS thing!

*eye roll*

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LOL Cause for concern.

I am pretty sure a lot of developers/publishers that make much better games would love their games to sell 10M+.

The fact that sales are down for this game (though still damn high compared to other games) is a GOOD thing.

I think some casual gamers are slowly (finally) beocming sick of palying the same game for the past 5 yrs

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The success of the Wii has paved the way of more casual/kiddy style games, with more attention to simple gameplay.

Wii:U being great would just do the same.

Great for Nintendo (profits)
Great for mom/dad & the kids and those casual 'gamers'
Bad for real gamers

Sadly it seems that more and more, the industry needs casuals to survive, as the number of core gamers seems to continue to decrease.

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Why make improvements to a game that sells over 10m+ anyway?

Why stop creating sloppy code and optimisation when it still sells 10M+ anyway?

Consumers are to blame

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Even though the 360 versions of multiplatform games do look better, guess what?

PS3 owners are still playing the SAME exact game.


So this whole, it looks better on 360 is only used in console wars, but really doesn't mean much. Remember PS3 gamers are still playing the SAME game.

The big problem with the PS3 is the controller. A 2D controller design used to play 3D game...

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Not sure why people are bothering comparing 360/PS3 launch sales to the Wii:U

Of course the Wii:U is expected to sell more. It's targeted for casual gamers. Much bigger audience.

Lots of parents popping in to buy one for their children.

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THe problem with the game is it is to heavily scripted as regardds to your targets.

They all follow a certain path and it becomes very predictable.

Would of been much better if it was open worldish as well.

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I came in to this article expecting the player playing the PC version (with a mouse) and I would of said 'Not THAT impressive), since it easy and really doesn't take much skill to aim with a mouse.

But this was done on the PS3? Wow now THAT is skill

Well done to the player

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One of the problems is the games.
Core type games on a casual gaming device.

Sorry but handhelds are casual.

Nintendo succeeds in handhelds because they offer a massive amount of casual style games, which is 99% of what the handheld market is made up of.

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COD is not nerdy enough for PC 'gamers'.

WoW is more to their liking

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If THOSE sales don't prove that there are MORE casual gamers on PS3/360, then core gamers, I don't know what else does

It saddens me that this crap sells this much and games where developers have put so much effort into the story/gameplay don't.

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Are you a pedophile by any chance? You seem to be a fanboy of a console for kids.

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PS3 gamers are stupid

THe game is broken on the PS3, but guess what?


SO why are you PS3 only gamers buying it on the system?
It's simple - don't buy it

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I haven't encountered any bugs either and I am up to Sequence 8.

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