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I haven't ran into any glitches/bugs so far and I am just up to Sequence 6.

I did notice the issue with the lip syncing but couldn't care less. Big deal.

The new setting is refreshing, instead of seeing the same art style for 3 games.

The graphics have definitely taken a step up.

I have had no issues accidentally falling off the roof instead of jumping across - Possibly the reviewer needs more practice, but in...

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Trophies/Achievements are optional. Don't like them, don't do them - Simple.

And they DO add replay value to the game.

I only do platinums/1000G if the game is awesome.

1st playthrough - Play the game how I want to and finish it
2nd/3rd playthrough - Obtain the trophies/achievements

So no they do not ruin gaming experience since they are optional. But they do add to it.

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This reviewer obviously sucks at this game and is just a hater.

He downscores the game because he's not a person who likes doing side activities/collecting stuff etc. Guess what dude. they are OPTIONAL but don't downgrade a game for that as negative.

At first it was kind of tedious having to play an 'Epilogue' style tutorial until Sequence 6, but now that I am finally Connor, I have forgotten all about it.

I haven't...

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I hear the game actually starts at Sequence 6?

Wow - I am only up to Sequence 3. Very poor pacing so far. Cutscene and then it just teleports you to the mission? Really?!

So I have to go through to Sequence 6 until I actually start playing the game?

I sure hope once I FINALLY get to play Connor that the world environments opens up and I can do ANYTHING (like the previous AC games).

So far it feels like I am playing t...

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I'm looking forward to this but not in any rush. There are so many games to play at the moment.

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Killzone 4 even if its on PS4 with better graphics, won't change 1 important thing - Gameplay

Killzone 2/3 are so unbelievably overrated - the gameplay is BORING.

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Not surprised this sold out.

This controller looks even MORE ergonomic then the 360 gamepad. With BOTH analog sticks being in the natural position.

Was never going to get a Wii:U due to the official gamepad (built in touch screen) being non-ergonomic and just unnatural for core games.

This controller existing, has peaked my interest again.

A proper gamepad is very important when it comes to gaming.


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Why would you ruin the game by purchasing DLC to unlock everything at the start?

One aspect I enjoy is progression and unlocking new things as you progress

Why would you ruin this?

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What bugs are people encountering?

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Not that impressive

Take out the casual games
Take out the games already on PS3/360

Hmm not that impressive at all actually.

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Obviously not as ergonomic as the 360 controller. The button layout looks ergonomic, with both analog sticks being in the natural position of our thumbs, but the shape of it is definitely not ergonomic.

Now the Wii:U PRO Controller looks to be even more ergonomic then the 360 controller

MUCH more ergonomic then the...

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Though haven't held one in my hands. Just judging by the layout (both analog sticks in natural positon etc). The Wii:U gamepad could possibly dethrone the 360 gamepad as the most ergonomic gamepad to date.

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It's a shame the game is pretty short. Of course you can artificially make it longer, by doing multiple play throughs for achievements etc.

Going for my second playthrough at the moment, for the Ghost/Shadow/Clean Hands achievements.

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The fact they are charging FULL PRICE? YES there is.

But that's not Activision's fault. It seems like 26m people or whatever latest COD sold, do not want change. They want it the same and they don't mind spending full price for the same game they ALREADY got.

If thats not being blinded and stupid, I don't know what is.

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LOL @ playing this type of game on PC.

Talk about ruining the experience

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The reason the stick placement is better, at least the left analog stick, is because the left analog stick is in the natural position of the thumb, making it more comfortable and less stress on your thumb tendons and joint.

It's a FACT - The 360 controller IS more ergonomic for the reason above.

Another reason : The 360s handles fit nicely in your palms, giving more support and provides less stress on your wrists.

The DS3 is comple...

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"Get use to it"

Of course you'll get use to it.

Anything is comfortable once you get use to it. Look at the DS3 for example.

But just because you get use to it and it's comfortable, doesn't mean it's ergonomic.

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Got tired of Uncharteds gameplay mechanics and design.

Lets be honest here.

The climbing was very linear. You could only climb the right way. If you could climb it, you knew you were going the right way. The climbing got rather tedious.

The gunfights were better and fun, but unless Naughty Dog can add dynamic climbing where you can climb ANYWHERE (which is what they should of done from the get go), I'm not sure on this one.

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Whoever thinks the DS is ergonomic is a friggen moron and has NO IDEA on the natural position of the thumbs.

Let me ask you something, when you go and shake a persons hand, is your thumb pointing towards them (where the 360 left analog stick is) or to the side (DS3 analog).

Unless you have some kind of abnormal joints in your thumb, they should be pointing pretty much towards them (natural relaxed position), just like where the 360 left analog is.

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Say hello to carpel tunnel later in life due to using a non-ergonomic design for so many years

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