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Not that impressive

Take out the casual games
Take out the games already on PS3/360

Hmm not that impressive at all actually. #10
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Obviously not as ergonomic as the 360 controller. The button layout looks ergonomic, with both analog sticks being in the natural position of our thumbs, but the shape of it is definitely not ergonomic.

Now the Wii:U PRO Controller looks to be even more ergonomic then the 360 controller

MUCH more ergonomic then the... #8
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Though haven't held one in my hands. Just judging by the layout (both analog sticks in natural positon etc). The Wii:U gamepad could possibly dethrone the 360 gamepad as the most ergonomic gamepad to date. #17
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It's a shame the game is pretty short. Of course you can artificially make it longer, by doing multiple play throughs for achievements etc.

Going for my second playthrough at the moment, for the Ghost/Shadow/Clean Hands achievements. #6
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The fact they are charging FULL PRICE? YES there is.

But that's not Activision's fault. It seems like 26m people or whatever latest COD sold, do not want change. They want it the same and they don't mind spending full price for the same game they ALREADY got.

If thats not being blinded and stupid, I don't know what is. #14
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LOL @ playing this type of game on PC.

Talk about ruining the experience #16.1
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The reason the stick placement is better, at least the left analog stick, is because the left analog stick is in the natural position of the thumb, making it more comfortable and less stress on your thumb tendons and joint.

It's a FACT - The 360 controller IS more ergonomic for the reason above.

Another reason : The 360s handles fit nicely in your palms, giving more support and provides less stress on your wrists.

The DS3 is comple... #1.1.3
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"Get use to it"

Of course you'll get use to it.

Anything is comfortable once you get use to it. Look at the DS3 for example.

But just because you get use to it and it's comfortable, doesn't mean it's ergonomic. #6
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Got tired of Uncharteds gameplay mechanics and design.

Lets be honest here.

The climbing was very linear. You could only climb the right way. If you could climb it, you knew you were going the right way. The climbing got rather tedious.

The gunfights were better and fun, but unless Naughty Dog can add dynamic climbing where you can climb ANYWHERE (which is what they should of done from the get go), I'm not sure on this one.
... #47
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Whoever thinks the DS is ergonomic is a friggen moron and has NO IDEA on the natural position of the thumbs.

Let me ask you something, when you go and shake a persons hand, is your thumb pointing towards them (where the 360 left analog stick is) or to the side (DS3 analog).

Unless you have some kind of abnormal joints in your thumb, they should be pointing pretty much towards them (natural relaxed position), just like where the 360 left analog is.
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Say hello to carpel tunnel later in life due to using a non-ergonomic design for so many years #52.1
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Dfooster "he best thing about the Xbox controller is the positioning of the sticks. Nobody else dare copy that even if the wii u controller looks similar in every other way. After owning ps1 and ps2 and now a 360 there's no way I could ever use a playstation pad ever again it just feels wrong."

I totally agree. The positioning of the left analog stick on the 360 feels so incredibly natural.

The problem with the DS3 pad is it still has a 2d g... #33.1
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One thing I am impressed about the Wii:U is the controller.

It's like an improved 360 controller. Microsoft had the left-side of the 360 controller right (with the left analog stick being in the primary position and DPAD in secondary), but the right-side is wrong (face buttons in primary, right analog in secondary).

I guess it depends what games you play, but for the majority, I tend to use the right analog stick more then the face buttons (especially... #39
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Don't also forget it is EA's fault that the core audience was disapointed with the edning. EA have been stating long before ME3 that your choices matter, your choices impact the ending.... and look what you get.

That is EA's fault, not the core gamers.

Another factor is EA dumbing down the game for the casual audience. #5.2
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The graphics were only better - thats it. The game itself wasen't better at all (same game).

So that argument fails.

You just have to face it. PC has nothing except Diablo 3, which is the last game I played on my PC in a very very long time.

What can I play on my PC that I can't already play on my PS3 or 360?.

The fact that the last 2 games I played on PC were THw Witcher 2 (at the time exclusive) and Diablo3,... #3.1
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I've only played 2 games on my PC - The Witcher 2 (at the time exclusive) & Diablo 3.

Yeah not surprised no one cares about PC, it has hardly any games anymore.

The Witcher 3 will most likely be on PS3/360. So that leaves me with what? Diablo 4? LOL #5
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Deus Ex HR - yes, but the others no, especially not a game like Killzone 3 - Why? The KZ games were NEVER about story, it means very little to that series.

Deus Ex and ME have a STRONG focus on story. ME3 was definitely the most disappointing though, because the type of story ME showed, deserved a happy type of ending (if you made the right choices), which again is it's other problem - your choices don't impact it what so ever - even though EA ADVERTISED that it wou... #9
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The only people who were satisfied were casual ME players - who just jumped in for the gameplay, here and now, but didn't care about the game overall.

After 3 LONG games and a game heavy on story (an amazing one at that) and the TYPE of story it was, it deserves a happy sort of ending (if you make the right choices), then you can have a sadder ending, again depending on choices.

The problem with the ending, it really has neither of these, especially m... #5
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I finished Skyrim 6 months ago. Even though I still remember everything about the game, if I stepped in now to play this DLC, the immersion would not be there, due to the long break.

The best way to experience DLC like this, after a long break, is to play the whole game again, so you can get that immersion back.

Will wait until the GOTY edition (with the other multiple DLCS by then) and play Skyrim again completey. #2
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Like Lebron cares. He's still kissing that ring. #8
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