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When developers (Bioware) steep so low. Remove content from the game and charge extra as DLC, false advertise by saying choices HAVE A HUGE IMPACT on the game/ending, yet they lied.

These sort of blatent lies and money grabbing justify piracy. #10.1.1
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no MMO plz. keep that kind of garbage on PC #4
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It provides a 'connection' between their cycle and ours. Just seeing him alive and seeing his backstory brings a closer connection.

If you are serious about story, it definitely matters. #2
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Variety is definitely not what it use to be.

People aren't getting tired of the same experience, otherwise MP wouldn't be so popular. Mp games have the same exact gameplay (kill your opponent in some map).

Whether its Gears, Halo, COD - same exact formula & repetitiveness and people aren't getting tired of this, so developers don't bother taking risks, because the same formula keeps selling.

Thats why MP is destroyin... #7.1
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If you want an RPG go play an RPG. ME series was NEVER an RPG to begin with. #18.1
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"When one village in the mundane monotony of Skyrim contains more optional content than all of ME3,I begin to seriously question whether a big budget narrative on an aging engine is truly the direction of excellence in gaming.I doubt it,I really do."

Why are you comparing a TPS to an RPG?

Of course an RPG is going to have more optional content.

Should we diss Uncharted 3 next for having pretty much non... #15.1
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I'd rather spend $$ on games then kids. Why? Kids suck, but I am smart enough to make that decision BEFORE having one. #6
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I don't mind DLC that adds 'side quests' that are not connected or have a big part of a games story, but FROM ASHES. I have just played this and the story deeply connects to the main plot of ME3.

Story is the biggest focus with this series and for Bioware to cut out an important part of it, a part that makes you feel more connected, is a shame.

Obviously this was cut out of the core game on purpose.

Shame on you Bioware #3
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People need to stop looking at the ME series as an RPG.

It was NEVER an RPG

It IS a TPS with RPG ELEMENTS. (keyword : elements)

Some people are disappointed at ME because they are comparing it to the wrong genre

This game absolutely shines it what it is. #4
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Why do people keep saying Mass Effect is an RPG series?

It is not. Not even the first Mass Effect was an RPG, it is simple a TPS with RPG elements NOT an RPG.

BIG BIG difference #1.1.2
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Not sure why anyone would want to use anything but the default Shepard. The default face IS Commander Shepard. #6
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Sorry to burst your bubble but the 360 and PS3 versions are the same -

same gameplay
same story
same side missions etc

The only difference are the visuals thats it.

So PS3 owners are playing the same game, unless there is a huge chunk of the story/missions cut out of the PS3 version we don't know about? #1.2.5
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As much as I'd hate to admit it, these greedy companies aren't really to blame.

The vast majority of people would still buy the DLC, hence why EA do this, because they know most people will buy it regardless.

If the vast majority of consumers stepped up and didn't buy it, this wouldn't be happening. #23
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Not surprised Sony losing $$ in the TV business, their TV's are overpriced.

Both Samsung and Panasonic provide better quality TV's and are cheaper. #12
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Since when is selling 2m - 3m a "struggle" ? If thats the case, then besides Halo and Gears, 360 exclusives struggle also.

Seems to be people put Sony exclusives on a higher pedestal due to them being of higher quality and expect them to sell more because of this. Sadly this isn't always the case - look at COD - an average FPS that sells 10m.

But back to the question, I think the reason why it looks like PS3 exclusives struggle, to some peo... #75
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I'm sure I am going to get a lot of disagrees here but I'll say it anyway.

Firstly Uncharted 3 is a GREAT game don't get me wrong, but the first half of the game is average at best. It takes half way through the game to get good. Second half, starting from the boat yard, absolutely AWESOME!. If only the first half was like that.

Secondly, the gameplay is incredibly basic and the climbing well, very limiting. You know you're climbing the ri... #5
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I have no patches installed at all and surprisingly 175 hours in, I have only encountered around 4 bugs total.

But just because I haven't encountered many bugs myself, doesn't change the way I feel about Bethesda lackluster attempts at fixing them, because I KNOW there are a TON of bugs people have had.

And yet these patches come out and fix some of these bugs but break other things, this proves a severe lack of testing.

The lac... #14
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You must of hated Uncharted 2 (GOTY) as well, because the gameplay in that had hardly any depth also.

Theres nothing to 'fix' gameplay wise, just peoples crappy taste in games. Go back to COD #1.1.2
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I must say I feel sorry for PC gamers, they really have nothing going for them.

They bring up graphics as a 'Pro', but the sad truth for them is, graphics does not make a game better. You are still playing that same exact game, same GAMEPLAY. I've played a lot of multiplats on PC also and the extra graphic fidelity does nothing at all for the game. I was still playing the same game.

So the whole graphics is a "Pro" is invalid. Why? B... #33
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1st person 100% of the time.

One of the best things about Elder Scrolls, is getting immersed into the world. Using 3rd person, you destroy that.

Don't know why anybody would want to play in 3rd person, just destroys immersion. #7
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