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There is already an easy mode in Dark Souls, it's called choosing the Mage or Cleric classes.

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Did someone just say Uncharted is better then TLOU? Oh dear.
TLOU is better in every single way from gun play, stealth, graphically and obviously the story.
There's a reason TLOU won so many GOTY awards.

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I would take this with a grain of salt.

They said the same with Bloodborne, yet I didn't notice any framerate issues, aside from that first area with the enemies around that big fire and even that didn't hinder my experience. Rest of Bloodborne was absolutely fine. So yeah

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"Story should never come before gameplay"

People seem to forget that video games have evolved. This "video game" medium is now also used by the developer to tell an interactive story, much just like a movie.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

For me personally, I love it. If you hate interactive narratives fine, but don't judge this game and compare it to mainstream games with gameplay gameplay gameplay, beca...

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This may sound silly, but one of the reasons I like physical media, especially for those amazing games like TLOU, is that I can look up on my shelf and while I gaze by each game I remember the amazing experience I had with that game. Its like a journey through all these amazing games I played lol

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I would prefer to wait until all parts are out.

Life is Strange is a much better experience playing it at once, when all the episodes are available, compared to playing Episode 1, then having to wait months for the next episode.

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Though Just Cause 3 is still fun, it is extremely repetitive, with poor world design in parts (towns that look the same. Destroy the same objects and generic police stations, that all look the same, over and over)

Batman is damn fun all the way through, with more variety side missions and much better world design.

It's quite obvious which game is better, even though the former is still fun.

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Gameplay wise is AC2 better? Are people just remembering how they felt about AC2 THEN, rather then how it would be playing it now?

I remember how it was when I played it and the gameplay was great, but that was then. What is more important is how it would be now?

Honestly, if I played it again now, I don't think it would stack up gameplay wise to games like Black Flag.

Story and characters is a different story.

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Ahh people complaining about the 'Kid in a Fridge' quest. How did the boy survive 200 years in a fridge with no food or water?

I picked up on that when doing the quest but didn't care.
Because its a VIDEOGAME.
You don't really need to have logic. It's like people nitpicking at these same illogical things in movies.

Who cares. Videogames & Movies are there to entertain. The less you care about these 'ill...

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Cut Content from the core game and soLd. as DLC. Firstly thIs should be illegal, but people need to stop supporting this.

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I am still waiting for my first quest glitch. I am honestly a bit surprised I have not had one 49 hours in. Probably jinxed it now

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Charging $10 for a game that's over 20 years old? lol

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People complaining about the lack of maps and content in Battlefront, yet still bought the game.

Nice job in supporting this kind of practice.

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I have played about 9 hours so far and have not experienced issues with the frame rate on PS4. Seems damn smooth to me.

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The fact that we get huge day 1 patches clearly means they need to work on fixing the bugs etc before making the game go gold and into production.

They could at least fix all the stuff that would be included in a day 1 patch BEFORE going gold and putting it into production for release.

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I must say it amazes me that people use Aim bots on PC. I mean aiming with the mouse takes pretty much no skill what so ever. No need for aim bots.

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They are aware of the bugs that plague the game, but didn't bother to fix them before the game released. Well done....

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Lol MGSV complete, polished game?

Empty open world, repetitive copy/paste side missions. Not to mention part 2 of the game.

Yes very polished and complete

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Lol Apple TV garbage. It doesn't even support MKV. Get with the times.

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Wouldn't put too much in the review score. These are the same people that gave Alien Isolation a 5.9 when in fact it was a clear 9/10 game, so they are pretty inaccurate at times

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