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Unless you are someone who hasen't played GTA V yet,, why re-buy?

You are playing the same game. Same gameplay, same story, same missions etc. The only difference is the graphics.

I really don't get people who do this.

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decrypt : at least consoles actually have games. Unlike PC where all the great games can already be played on consoles.

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Best launch game imo

I absolutely LOVE it. I never played Dead Rising 1 or 2, so this was somewhat fresh for me and having a hell of a blast.

Awesome game!

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Great so those people who have no skill in aiming will just opt to use a kb+mouse instead.

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I think some people need to put things in perspective.

XBONE outsold PS4 in Australia ONLY because Sony did not meet demand and have enough consoles.

We all know the PS4 will outsell the XBONE in Australia ,just like the PS3 outsold the 360.

To be honest though, I am kind of pissed at Sony for not delivering enough PS4s to Australia, maybe I have myself to blame as I should of pre-ordered earlier, but now I will have to wait until early Janua...

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EA: How about you fix BF4 first?

You know it really should be illegal for publishers to release unpolished products without proper testing.

There really should be a class action lawsuit against EA for BF4

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The PS4 being cheaper is a very small part of it.

There is a more bigger reason why

Gamers KNOW Sony will deliver on the exclusive front.

Look at last gen. The 360 was cheaper then the PS3, but since the PS3 launched, it out-sold the 360 world-wide.

It's definitely not all about price, but the games and the reputation Sony has with delivering

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There are so many XBONES still in store its not even funny.

I can walk in to any store here and it will be full of XBOX ONE units.

PS4 sold out completely.

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DR3 kicks major ass.

So much damn fun!

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God damn this piece of hardware is so red hot right now

Many XBONES left in stores here in Australia - you can still simply walk in and buy one.

PS4 - 1st and 2nd shipments sold out everywhere. It seems like those who have not pre-ordered a PS4 yet will have to wait until 2014.

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PC will never overtake consoles.

The core gaming audience on consoles is much much bigger then it's on PC's.

The majority of AAA titles that are on PC, can already be played on consoles, PLUS the massive amount of quality games that are only available on consoles also, that really does not leave much for PC.

I still use my PC for games like ARMA and indie games but yeah, looking at it with a unbiased view - the appeal just isn't a...

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Why are we comparing tablet sales to PS4/XBONE?

Hell I wouldn't even call tablets gaming devices, let alone casual. Totally different market.

Maybe we should starting comparing iPhone sales to core gaming device sales next? LOL

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clouds5? Mediocre titles?

NBA 2k14

Yeah such mediocre titles.....

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Not surprised by the review.

Anyone with an unbiased view will come to the same conclusion.

XBONE UI is way too busy and cluttered, with too many sub-menus etc. It's an improvement with Kinnect where you can shout out to your TV 'Achievements' and it will go to that section, but without it, it's poorly designed. To cluttered/busy

Not a big fan of the whole 'squares' layout.

PS4 UI : Much more slick, qu...

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They have ALWAYS aimed for younger ages.
The majority of their exclusives have been suited for kids. This has always been their target audience since hmm Gamecube ?

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I get that message in the top-right corner, but thats because its unplugged.

Not interested in it. It can stay in the box.

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Once you get to a certain level of 'graphics', the differences from that point going forward when they are improved - are not as big, or the wow factor is not as big, because graphics have already reached where for the most part are great enough already. Now just need the tweaks - 1080p, 60fps, AA

It's like going from that average looking chick, to an amazing hot swedish blonde. The difference here and the 'wow factor' is HUGE

But then you...

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GamersRulz is right
XBONE UI is too cluttered, and busy

PS4 one is simple, clean, slick and organised.

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I've used both and PS4 UI is much better
More simple
Less cluttered

XBONE UI is much more busy and cluttered, making it look like things are everywhere

PS4 UI is much more cleaner and slick

And the whole 'squares' style of XBONE UI, makes it look like a GUI for some Toys'R'Us product

Now you can give voice commands with Kinect such as 'achievements' and it will autom...

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Haven't had a chance to play Ryse yet, but I have enjoyed Dead Rising 3 so far. I still think I prefer PS4's launch lineup though - Resogun puts it over the line.

After spending time with the XBONES UI - I must say the PS4 UI is so much better.

XBONE UI just feels way to cluttered, with things everywhere and sub-menus here and there.

PS4 one is just much more simple, clean, slick and organised.

I also prefer the Troph...

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