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Sounds like signs of poor optimization so now they want 'raw power' to compensate for this. #13.2
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Holy crap when it works GTA:Online is FRIGGEN AMAZING!

Holy crap it's good. #6
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I think people are overestimating the power of these new consoles
Only 50% better is not that much at all.

You have to remember when the 360/PS3 were released, at the time they were around the high-end hardware mark.

These consoles are more close to the low-end hardware mark. #24
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Maybe not enough juice from those batteries? LOL

So last generation was RROD
This generation INPUT LAG ? #49
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Oh no 500k oh dear what is he going to do now?!

Seriously though, if I was getting this kind of cash, I would still be living in my nice 3 bedroom apartment.

I would have no temptation to buy a mansion to live in, a car museum. Those are just things I have no need for. #20
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Hmm if Microsoft struggles again for another generation, I am really wondering if they will exit the gaming market.

That would only leave Sony and Nintendo.

Anyone who wants the quality to continue from Sony, better hope that the competition stays healthy and that XBONE sells well and makes decent profits for Microsoft. #8
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I am honestly thinking low with some medium?

I think most of the extra power from the PS4/XBONE will be used for the higher res/60fps/and 64 players.

That can take a lot of resources.

Maybe I am underestimating the power of the PS4/XBONE. #4.1.2
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Judging from how even the PC version looks, I would say no. #3.1.1
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I wonder if this is a similiar technique they use to get these sort of games running on consoles PS3/360?

This is a very handy feature, as there are many people that have weak PC's and introducing this option, can further introduce a bigger audience to the game, thus increasing sales. #4
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R* breaking records left, right and centre #2
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Sounds like not spending that profit on areas where it should be spent.

This should have been planned ages ago. They had a rough idea on how many copies this would sell and had a long time to prepare

No excuses

Just sloppy. #49
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This is going to fail big time.

What games does this have that can't already be played on PS3/360/PS4/XBONE?

Massive fail incoming #13
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Who says it has to have the same amount of gameplay that we see with most games today?

This game isn't so much about gameplay, it's about telling a great story. Games are just another medium to tell a great story and more effective then movies.

Thats the beaty of games, they can either
1) Be about gameplay
2) Be about gameplay & story
3) Or strongly focus on story and limit gameplay

All 3 are fine, thats the b... #27
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Old one is technically better
But there are some things better in the new one.

The guy on the left - His face is TECHNICALLY better on the old one, but MUCH MORE aesthetically pleasing to look at in the new one.

More aesthetically pleasing > technically superior

Another thing - I honestly don't know peoples interest in this game.

It's made by Crytek - thats more enough reason to stay away. #84
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Ohhhh Microsoft and this goes for Sony as well.

Thats what you get when you show off 'XBONE Games' running on high-end PC hardware instead and hiding them so people think it's running on a XBONE.

then later on..

The truth and the downgrades come out.

You build up peoples expectations with the 'false advertising' and then people get disappointment when the truth comes out.

If you had just shown t... #20
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Whenever I read 'issues with drivers', I automatically think AMD. Lawlz

Garbage drivers sorry :P #66
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People are expecting too much with these new consoles.

You have to realise both the PS4,XBONE are using a tablet CPU and a low-end video card.

What on earth do you expect? #130
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Well done Microsoft

Doing a stunning job in getting 360 owners to move to PS4 instead of XBONE next-gen. #21
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Really not sure about Watch Dogs now.

Just from the gameplay videos shown, it looks very limited and boring. Doesn't really look like theres much to do.

Maybe just been spoiled with GTA V, but yeah, this game looks very empty gameplay wise to me. #13
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Yeah I will be using R1.

Considering shape of the PS4, the R1 is the more natural button, then R2. #3.1.2
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