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Microsoft really didn't plan all this very well at all.

Firstly the design if the unit is HUGE, not to mention a external power brick - YAY more space.

And now that Kinect is not mandatory, kind of feels a waste of them keeping it with the console, instead they could of removed it and dropped the price.

THirdly, am I the only one that dislikes the XBONE user interface? It's just too cluttered - PS4 one is nice, simple and slick

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With so many backwards and forwards from Microsoft, not hard to believe.

I have got the answer as 'No', therefore I can put it in the trash

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I would like to confirm

Do I need Kinect to be connected in order for me to play games, both SP and MP?

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Firstly I say this site is very inaccurate in it's reviews.

You kind of lose credibility automatically when you give a game thats even worse a higher score (COD).

Secondly - Crysis 3 and KZ ShadowFall prove that gameplay > graphics.

Let's all be honest, Killzone is graphically an amazing game but gameplay wise....

Before I get a TON of disagrees, let me ask those Sony fans something and really answer honestly to yo...

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Sometimes I find it hard to believe Sony is a business, due to how well they are treating customers.

I know treating customers well, is one of the important things for businesses, so they come back etc, but Sony really are going above and beyond that.

Well done Sony

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I don't understand.

How can a game take 2 years off to improve, actually get even worse?

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Who cares which is better - they are both casual gimmicky devices, so it means very little

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I was so tempted to buy the PC version, in wait for the PS4 version, but I held my nerve.

Ended up completing GTA V and Batman while waiting and played a bit of BF3 on PC.

Now not far out PS4 release here
Cannot wait for some BF4 action!

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How many games do you need?

NBA 2k14
NFS Rivals

I know I've missed some.

Unless you game 24/7, thats more then enough games until the next wave of games hit.

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ugh Ghosts

Why did these people follow us to the PS4.

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You dont need reviews for this.

Al you have to do is look at the developer

When have they made a game that had awesome and fun gameplay?
Thats all that needs to be said

Game will be Crysis 3 all over again - All graphics, boring average gameplay

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The more graphic fidelity improves, the less important graphics/resolution are.

It's come to a point where graphics are great enough.

Back during the PS2 generation, graphics were still important as graphics did not reach that certain 'level' of crispness, cleaness or detail, not to mention PS2 graphics are very low-res.

PS3 generation graphically they were almost at that level where graphics didn't matter anymore, but still d...

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Just because it is on next-gen hardware doesn't mean gameplay is going to be 'next-gen'. Something revolutionary

Obviously graphically it is, but gameplay is nothing different.

To be honest, it reminds me a lot of Crysis 3. All graphics but average gameplay.

Was never a fan of KZ gameplay.

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So a high-end PC is 140x more powerful then the PS4, yet the graphics for 99% of PC games are hardly any better. And that 1% like Crysis 3, still ain't THAT big of a difference.


techical power differences on paper varies GREATLY to real-world difference (what you see on screen) which are much much much smaller.

Seems like butt hurt PC fanboys getting angry since PS4 graphics are 'close enough/good enough' (which is true) ther...

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Well I've actually never played the previous games at all, just going by gameplay videos and reading about the gameplay.

Looks very fun

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God damnit
CO-OP in this game is going to be BLISS!
This game may not show the technical power of the XBONE, but it will remind a lot of people that

Gameplay/Fun > Graphics

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720p? Don't care
This game looks like so much damn fun!

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Outstanding article.

I bet a lot of people crying and immediately jumping to the conclusion that their PS4 is broken and panicking, without even calming down and checking things out properly, could fix their issue by following this article, instead of rambling on the internet about how Sony had failed and their PS4 is broken.

It really makes me think that a lot of people that have so far bought the PS4 really aren't technologically savy or just stress out...

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Guys you have to realise DICE had to develop BF4 for 5 platforms - PS4,XBONE,PS3,360,PC

That takes a TON of work

There is bound to be issues

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They are very very impressive temperatures considering the specs of the PS4 and how enclosed it is in that tiny box.

Well done Sony.

Of course remember to keep the PS4 out where it has breathing room.

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