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Are these developers straight out of high school, or are they that lazy lol

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The Witcher 3 + the expansions and The Last of Us, remain the pinnacle of gaming in the last decade for me. Such amazing experiences.

It’s just a shame this type of quality and passion that are put into games nowadays, is not even close to what these games achieve.

CD Projekt Red is how small? and look at what they achieved.

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Wow I seriously hope people don't fall for this garbage that Ubisoft is spewing. Now I'm not saying it won't be a great game, but it ain't going to be any different then any other open world AC game.

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Nice to see the correct layout for today's games with these controllers. Something that unfortunetly is outdated with the official Sony controllers (most games are 3D today Sony, not 2D). I currently use the ChronusMAX Plus to use the XB1 controller on PS4 and works wonders, besides some touchpad functions for some games, which can be annoying.

These look like as a great alternative to the whole Chronus-XB1 combo, but at the same time, being 3rd party kind of a turn off...

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Don't be so gullible. Tax is also used as an excuse, by the government, to fill their OWN pockets. You think it's all used legitimately? Please

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Shame shame shame for those people who have to use keyboard/mouse because they don't have the skill to aim with the controller, so they resort to an alternative which requires much less skill.

Where's the satisfaction in killing someone when you use a mouse, which requires little skill to aim?

If you have little to no skill in aiming go play on PC.

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People who say the current XB1 UI is the best UI, obviously don't know what makes a great UI.
Great UI - Simplified, easy to navigate, quick & responsive, not a mess.

The XB1 UI fails with every one of those. That's just simply a fact.

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The competition offers a technically superior console, more and better games, at a cheaper price.
The Switch should be priced at around $100 less then the PS4. Being priced higher for something that is inferior and less games to play makes no sense.

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The price comparison Is completely fair. If the Switch was more powerful then the PS4, then the price is valid, but it is LESS powerful then a PS4, which came out more then 3 years ago, yet the Switch is priced higher, with no games included.

Overpriced for what you are getting.

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"Shouldn't expect improved image quality & 4K"

Erm this is EXACTLY what it does.

I think the author is confusing Image Quality with "Graphical effects/detail"
The Pro still receives a nice bump in texture quality, AF, shadow quality etc but not as big obviously because it has to render the game at a higher resolution.

The image quality improvements though is insane.
Watch Dogs 2 for exampl...

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In a way the jump between PS4 and PS4 Pro is bigger then PS3 to PS4, just simply by Image Quality alone, thanks to downsampling games from 4K to 1080p displays.

Watch Dogs 2 for example looks quite average on PS4, with jaggies/shimmering everywhere. On PS4 Pro all those jaggies are gone and the IQ is incredibly sharp and clean, while still getting a boost to texture detail/draw distance/lighting.

It's quite an eye opener on how much downsampling impro...

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The author of this article obviously doesn't know about supersampling the PS4 Pro offers for 1080p TVs.

To be honest it kind of blew my mind the improvement supersampling does. Seeing Watch Dogs 2 on standard PS4 go from a jaggy mess, to a super sharp, clear, 95% of jaggies gone conversion!

Another great example is Ratchet & Clank. It looks like a Pixar movie. The image is so crisp, sharp and flawless using supersampling.

Yeah s...

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If this was a PS5 priced at $499, I would say it would still sell huge. Look at PS3 launch. PlayStation brand is HUGE.
XBox on the other hand at $499 is a different story.

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This is silly. It does say "Contains nudity" on the case. Come on, how pussy as the public in general become?

Oh but chopping heads off with blood everywhere is fine. lol

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Yet again another publisher releasing unfinished games and they are allowed to get away with this kind of practice. No lawsuits, No fines, Nothing.

What a great industry where companies can rip people off and deliver faulty products on purpose.

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I would take The Witcher 3's open world over Skyrim.
Skyrims world still has that copy/paste generic feel to the world in some areas.

Witcher 3's however has a organic feel to it, with an incredible attention to detail. The way the world is designed, the amount of detail and areas/villages, the world feels like a real place. Really well designed.

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Not surprised.
Titanfall 2 = Titanfall 1 with a SP campaign.

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1080p, 60fps, more detailed textures, more post processing effects > 4K
Hopefully developers give in-game options for either 4K or 1080p/60fps, so people can choose

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For those who have not played the game and are, is the game this bad? Yup

- Kill enforcers
- Destroy equipment/supplies
- Interrogate people
- once successful with the above, kill a person to lure out the main dude running the racket
- kill the main dude

Rinse and repeat the above for the other rackets.

Just so you know, the above repetition goes on for 80% of the game!

Are these th...

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Go play the ORIGINAL RE1 right now and tell me it's the best one. Sorry but it's aged badly. If you are talking about the REmake then sure, but not the original LMAO

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