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Go play the ORIGINAL RE1 right now and tell me it's the best one. Sorry but it's aged badly. If you are talking about the REmake then sure, but not the original LMAO

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If developers/publishers could actually get easily sued for these kinds of practises, this kind of crap would never happen.

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I surely hope this is a sign that mainstream gamers are actually getting smarter, though doubtful, as they still buy COD, which has been the same game for many many years now.

Titanfall 2 = Titanfall 1 + add grappling hook.

Cool so let's pay $60 for a grappling hook.

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Ext HD support is not a big priority.

Just delete the games you have finished. Do you really play 2TB of games all at the same time?

No point having games you have already finished and no longer playing, still on the HD. Just delete.

If you want to replay a particular game again in 1 years time, you can just redownload, or reinstall from the disc again.

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Naughty Dog and CD Projekt Red setting the bar

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From Best -> Worst

Dark Souls 1
Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 2
Demon Souls

Yup Demon Souls last. Still a good game, but people seem to be fooled by nostalgia, or are Sony fanboys (exclusive).

Outside of the awesome atmosphere, the others, especially Dark Souls 1 does everything better. Better combat, better level design (demons is way to linear and disconnected), better bosses, better explora...

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Lol @ running 4k/60fps.
You need a high end PC to run games at that and even then depends on the game. Scorpio is not even close to high end PC specs. The only games it will be able to run at 4k/60fps, are those that aren't graphically demanding at all.

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Is it still going to use a 5400 rpm hard drive? lol

A big reason why load times on current consoles is higher then last gen, is because games are now 1080p and using higher resolution textures, on the same slow 5400 rpm hard drives.

Just imagine even higher resolution textures and 4k on a 5400 rpm hard drive lol

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A lot has to do because of Sony. They allow Naughty Dogs creativity flow be used to full potential. Other publishers have more constrictions on how much time developers have, thus limiting their vision & creativity.

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Looking for hits I see Darklink28.
Why idiots like Darklink are In this business is beyond me. It proves they hire anyone who can dribble shit.

Do humanity a favor and go drink some bleach.

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Stealth works surprinsgly beautifully in this game. A lot of the battle areas are designed very well for stealth. Lots of multi-levels etc. Just takes a lot of patience. You can actually bypass enemies completely using stealth in quite a few of the areas and it's very rewarding but tough.

Using cover, grass, climbing, multi-level areas to sneak around enemies, using the grappling rope, using the water to dive, using terrain to slide down bypassing enemies. These are lot...

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As great as Uncharted 2 was, it's not even close.
Uncharted 4 is better in every single way
Better narrative
Better gun play
Better world design
Better stealth
Better and improved climbing mechanics
Mind blowing action sequence (You know which one I'm talking about) that makes the train sequence look like child's play.

Naughty Dog have out did themselves!

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How do idiots like this Mike dude have a job in gaming reviews, when he is either clearly trolling for hits, or has shitty taste in games?

What a complete moron.

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IGN inaccurate with yet another review. Played about 3 hours and solid 8.5.
IGN losing even more credibility with their inaccurate reviews.

Time to fire these reviewers who don't know the difference between a bad game, a great game (Doom) and a masterpiece (Uncharted 4).

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I would rather a new Jak game

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CrimzonRazor, but that's because you have a shitty taste in games. TLOU is known for its amazing story and characters.

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Maybe because amazing games deserve amazing reviews?

The amount of effort Naughty Dog put into Uncharted 4. The game IS amazing and Naughty Dog deserves amazing praise, for such an amazing game. So when a reviewer gives it a lower score then it deserves, I kind of understand. But by giving an amazing game a lower score, it kind of ruins that reviewers reputation also.

It's funny because this same reviewer gave ROTTR a higher score. Now don't get ...

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This is why I think some review sites need to be excluded from adding to the overall Metacritic score, such as troll reviews, sites with consistently bad rep (giving great games low scores) etc.

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Too familiar?. DUH it's a sequel
Just like Uncharted 3 was familiar to Uncharted 2.
Fallout 4, Fallout 3.
DUH Sequels. There is suppose to be similarities

What do you expect?

*facepalm* Amateurs who have no idea about gaming

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