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My_Name you need to be shot. You are obviosuly not a gamer if you think the game was mediocre.

Get some taste buddy or quit gaming. it's your kind that developers flood the gaming platforms with actual shit games, that your kind enjoy. #9.2
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Not sure why ND are still surprised with this.
They released one of the best games ever made. #13
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*sigh* I was really hoping you console gamers were a lot smarter then PC gamers.

Buying a game you already played, just because the graphics have improved on another platform.

It's still the same game people.
Seems like True gamers are disppearing, and it's all about the graphics, even when it's the same game.

Prepare for a generation of remakes if consumers keep supporting it. #19
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Of course it's not worth it. You are playing the SAME game.
People get sucked into this whole 1080p/60fps thing as if it makes a difference. You are still playing the same game.

It's like watching a 720p rip of Transformers and then going to watch the 1080p BluRay version and expecting the story to be better...

You only have yourselves to blame if developers continue to bring out these remakes this generation. #50
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Good riddance. An absolute garbage developer, who had no idea on how to make a great game. All graphics, poor and boring gameplay.

Gameplay over graphics. This developer had no clue.

cya later Crytek #43
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I have bought around 12 games just simply from seeing/watching it on YouTube. So yes they do contribute to sales of videogames #5
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The insecurities of PC gamers rears it's ugly head again. Just because the PC platform has become less appealing compared to consoles due to not having that many great games that can't already be played on consoles, plus all the eclusives that are only available on consoles, no need to bash.

Maybe go outside, lose some weight and lose your virginity. Another reason PC gamers are so insecure.

Just as bad as Apple fanboys, will defend a platform,... #13.2
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Way too much hate for this game.

The gameplay is really fun. The stealth mechanics are really well done and it is so enjoyable and rewarding doing the missions in stealth mode.

Chase sequences are a huge step above GTA V, simply because you can hack/manipulate your environment, while being chased, which is so cool!

And the graphics - holy gosh. At times the game can look like real life with its amazing lighting and this is suppose to be a dow... #20
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Even the PC version on HIGH settings @ 1080p doesn't even look as good as Infamous Second Son.

You can look at this 2 ways:
-Sucker Punch did an amazing job
-Ubisoft did a piss poor job on the PC version.

No excuse for a game on PS4 hardware, to look better then a game on high end PC hardware.

Looks like we will need mods for Watch Dogs.
Will then surpass Infamous most likely. #19
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Infamous SS is still the graphical king of open-world games. This is even when compared to the PC version.

PC version with mods will most likely pass Infamous SS though. #35
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More jaggies and less texture detail.

In what world is that better dude? #32.2
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Unless you are playing at 4k @ 120fps, then you are not playing on the high end.

There is a MUCH bigger difference between 1080p and 4k, then there is 720p -> 1080p #2.7.1
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Still doesn't change the fact that Infamous SS looks better #1.8.1
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David Cage obviously has not played The Last Of Us.

The game is proof that gaming can deliver superior storytelling to movies if done right.

Absolutely amazing story & characters. #5
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First I was like yeah not happening. PS4/XBONE, theres just no way. Then I just remembered it's on 360 and PS3 as well, so yeah it will possibly get there #19
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Better exclusive games? Dead Rising 3? Hmm what other great ones are there?

Titanfall is not an exclusive - (on 360)
Plants vs Zombies (awesome game) - not an exclusive (on 360)

Ryse? I enjoyed it but I wouldn't call it great.
LOVED Dead Rising 3

On the PS4 side
KZ was trash

Knack was great
Resogun was great
Infamous SS is great

Seems like the PS4 actually has more... #78
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gameon1985 - There are a few games on PS4 that show quite a huge difference compared to XBONE

1) Infamous Second Son
2) BF4 compared to XBONE ver - The difference here is actually quite big, especially in AA and texture quality. Not to mention the clarity of objects in the distance. #1.2.8
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I was really hoping these relaunched games from last gen would sell poorly.

Yes the graphics are better, but you are still playing the same damn game. Same gameplay. Same story. Same experience.

TLOU is an exception, well because it's one of the greatest games ever made, but come on people, don't make this the norm. #6
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lifeisgamesok little to no difference?

You need to play BF4 on both XBONE and PS4. The difference is actually quite huge. #1.1.27
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100 side missions?

Heeeeere we go. Recycled, repetitive crap confirmed. #5
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