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even though Metro33 was never a 360 exclusive...

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haha dumbass bots.

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Im enjoying FF13 thoroughly.

The story is actually quite good. The characters are wack but the relations and the interaction between characters are actually quite good.

Square enix has finally succeeded in creating an environment where EVERY character is being used and developed. Even the ones who are less charismatic.

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FF7 remake is coming on the new engine specifically designed for the PS3.

It will be PS3 exclusive.

PS3, home of the very best games.

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Says one of the biggest bots working for Microsoft.

"but but bu Flopple3 must sell more than 5 million"

Unfortunately for him Flopple 3 isnt gonna sell more than Flopple 2. Thats what happens when you milk it every year. We seen it happen with Flopza 3, we seen it happen with Halo ODST/ Wars, we seen it happen with L4D2.

Flopple3 will follow that same path. And we all know why the bot said that in the first place...Microsoft is gonna skin his a...

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Reporter in the room: "Microsoft, I really dig my 360 but I soooo want a Blu Ray drive. Can you finally confirm the date for Blu Ray drive? I have been a supporter of the 360 and I know you have it planned"

Microsoft spokesperson: "umm"

reporter in the room: "just say the date"

Microsoft spokesperson: "GOODBYE, YOURE OWNED!"

*runs away as fast as he can*

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Even though I told them Sony owns Blu Ray and they already gave the middlefinger...

Also I think there has been a translation error in the article.

Article says "MS: Go buy your own!"

In fact, I think Microsoft actually said (when some bot in the room asked whether 360 is getting Blu Ray): "GOODBYE, YOURE OWNED!"


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I laugh at how to you its either the one or the other.

Didnt you learn anything these last three years.

As a PS3 owner, you dont have to chose. You get both. Thats how it is and thats how it will always be.

PS3, it only does everything.

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Performing even worse than expected.

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Only the best!

PS3, it only does everything.

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And of course, the 2 million in Japan.

Not bad for a mediocre Final Fantasy.

Playstation 3, home of Final fantasy versus 13, Final Fantasy 14 and the Final Fantasy franchise.

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Well, yes, they have to say it in a way that doesnt anger their fans lol.

The Playstation 3 version will absolutely trash the 360 version.

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then I dont know what is.

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that the PS3 version will outsell the 360 version by 4:1

That means I think the PS3 version will sell four times more.


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"but but bu I went to my friends house and damn it looks good on the 360"

Except that it looks five times better on the PS3...

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360 has not one Triple A exclusive so far.

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Owned in your face?

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"but but bu Njetflieks"

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No installing
Superior graphics with no jaggies
One Blu Ray Disc
No loading times
Dualshock3 compatible
Superior sound

Playstation 3 version is without any doubt superior.

Playstation 3, home of Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy Versus 13.

Year of the Playstation 3, get used to it.

I know. Thats not the first time things like that has happened.
Ninja Gaiden Sigm...

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