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Funny thing is that 90 percent of people who bash cod buy it anyways.

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Heavy Rain?

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All I'm wondering is when this'll be implemented into my ps3. I pray the vita is involved somehow also.

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When did they promise to give free games?

60%+ of most of the advertised vita functions and are no where to be seen.

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Sony are mishandling the Vita big. Or maybe not Sony really but developers.Lets look at it like this, We know there's a good amount of games. but if you look at the quality of games its lacking in that area. When you look at it all the games are being kinda "down played" for the vita.

Fifa soccer - Using fifa 11's engine which is years behind what they currently have (we'll have to wait on the next vita news to see if all that's on the console will ...

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I wonder who appoints guys to be CEO?

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Wow the top 12 xbox 360 games are 80% multiplat.

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Never really liked a GTA game after san andreas. One of my favorite games of all time.

Hated that the series went from gangsta "this is my block, that's yours" to like underground mafia type stuff.

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I sure I know ill regret some. Games are fun but there a waste of time (or simply a good way to pass time)

I'd rather be kissing babies or balancing my cheack book but unfortunately I'm black.

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Of the publishers I think it goes Ubisoft > Microsoft > EA > Sony

funny because of the hype around sonys conference and the microsoft isn't showing anything. But just saying based solely on games shown Microsoft blew me away, no surprises but the games demos were amazing but Ubisoft killed it with everything.

In calling it right now Assassins Creed 3 GOTY

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Wow that was really underwhelming.Who knew Sony with the tagline only on Playstation and teasing "20 new gaming experiences" shows of 2 multi platform games and 2/3 exlusives.

Microsoft: Cod,RE,Forza,Madden,Fifa,Tomb Raider,Splinter Cell,Halo,and more

Sony:PS battle royal,TLOU,GOW,Assasins creed,and a harry potter game.

Am i missing something?
Sony droped the ball big time

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A smack in the vitas face? 2k available for PS3, 360, PSP, WII, and PC

no vita

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Pains me to see PS+ disregarding the vita. but next month post E3 I think we'll get some stuff

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Seriously all these E3 speculations are starting to get annoying.

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Am I the only 1 that hates that page to page scrolling setup?
Couldn't just put all the games on one page..

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I think some of you guys are in denial. Just finding every single way to deny the possibility that either Sony or Microsoft might reveal the next gen at E3 (or maybe tease)

II say there's a good chance we might see something.

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