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I wasn't referring the the games quality.(we all know exactly what this game is even though some will never admit it.)

I was referring to these sites and there utter transparency with there scores. #4.1.1
PS Nation - 9/10
PS Now - 8.5/10
PSU - 9.5/10

About says it all really... #4
None of that means anything, I love Angry Joe's videos but he has been hyped for games in the past that have let him down.

And the gameplay looking as good as the cutscenes is also meaningless to the point the article is trying to make, we already know this game is going to look incredible, whether its actually fun to play is what a fair few people seem to be concerned about.
We have just been through a bunch of launch titles that should have proved graphics aren&... #15.1
One of the lead Codemasters devs said they would like to do this but the F1 license is very expensive. So they need to get a game out every year to make enough money to keep the series going. #1
Fair point well made.

I guess it comes down to a personal choice. Where would rather have Developers focus there efforts?

If you would rather have developers focusing on important things like the cars themselves and there audio then its Forza.

If you would rather have developers focusing on less important things like crappy 3D crowds then its GT.

I know which I prefer. #6.2.1
Im gonna give it to Forza, Turn 10 actually put effort into there games, recreating every car with the same level of detail and passion, A more robust upgrade and tuning system and greater car customization.

Unlike GT where they will just add 23 slightly different copies of the same Nissan, all the cars they don't care about will just be ported over from the PS2, wont bother upping there visuals or giving them a cockpit.
Also someone get back to me when PD grasp t... #6
The fact that People can fly/Epic Poland are not making this one gives me hope. Also the fact that Rod is back at the helm and has acknowledged that they went in the wrong direction with Judgement gives me hope as well.

I am hoping that the backlash towards Judgments multiplayer have have a similar outcome to what happened with 343i on Halo 4. Everything they have detailed about Halo 5 multiplayer shows they have listened and learned from there mistakes and hopefully Black tu... #2
Make sure you bring a towel. #1.3.1
Well FH2 is more about just having a laugh compared to FM which is more serious. And its fun to take cars like a Beetle and and swap out the engine, put some crazy bodywork on it and tune it up. #7.1
FH2 and project CARS both will have a demo, and Driveclub will have the free ps+ version so you can try them all before buying.

Good news! #10.3
Yeah good luck with that. #4.1
Why is any game an exclusive?

Money #2
Question that hopefully someone can answer:

Wasn't there supposed to be a live demo of the division in the xbox conference? #2
I remember them explaining at E3 that the universe is populated with other people but because its such a big universe the chances of you meeting another people are very slim. Still sounds interesting though. #4

I'm talking in terms of MS having a platform that has software updates every month with an existing program to beta test these updates and allowing for feedback directly from its users. Something which Sony is not doing, I wasn't talking about the best platform overall. #15.1.2
Or maybe its because at this moment MS offer a better platform for EA to test this service considering MS already has its xbox live preview program where members can test the new updates every month and provide feedback before they officially launch.

Also the reason MS got Titanfall is because they offered to help with the development and funding of the game where as Sony did not.

These companies aren't as evil as you want to believe . #15.1
Of all the stupid and ridiculous comments I have seen you make, this one might just top the list. #1.1.1
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I think MS Sony and even Nintendo do have recognizable faces.

to give 2:
Nintendo - Mario and Link
MS - Master chief and Marcus Fenix
Sony are the hardest to choose for but for me when I think Sony I think of Nathan drake and Kratos #20
For all the arguing people who thinks this is made up.



tweeted 5 mins apart yesterday. #7
If you don't want to hear about the cloud why did you click on this article? #1.1
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