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How many years have people been asking Sony for the ability to change their names?

Must be close to a decade now. So much for listening to feedback and giving fans what they want on time.

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Dads of war

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Well I assume they chose this setting because Kratos ran out of Greek gods to kill. So I suppose once he has ran out of Viking gods to kill he can move on the killing all of the Egyptian gods next.

This series will end with him eventually taking out Jesus!

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Not a true Spiderman game, the ground level isn't cut off with poison gas ;)

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Once again I'm reading this list along with all the 3rd party games shown whilst having my bank account open in another tab...

Its not looking pretty :(

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Sony definitely won E3 this year, heck Kojima won the whole thing by just saying "I'm back!"

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It was just a man walking onto a stage, and it was one of the best moments of E3.

GG Sony

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Battlefront 3... the real one.

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1:28 Dem Graphics! Also notice how there is no in game audio in this trailer ;)

Polyphony up to there same old tricks again I see.
"Gran Turismo Sport, however, looks, sounds and plays just like Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3."

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Trying... to... care... about... Kotaku... ... ...but ...just... cant...

I'm sorry guys I tried.

This is just the Kotaku cycle, they went through the same thing with Halo 4, before then complaining about how they changed it too much and it no longer felt like Halo.

They are trash.

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I think it depends on the type of microtransaction, A lot a free to play games offer MT's that directly give the player and advantage within the game (better weapons, damage bonus etc) meaning its pay to win where as the MT's GOW 4 appears to have while still a little annoying do not give the player any advantage in the game.

If you are a better player, it doesn't matter if they have bought all the fancy armour and skins, you will still beat them.

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Good selection but my personal top 4 would be completely different.

(In no particular order)
Shadow of the Colossus
GTA: Vice City
Timesplitters 2
Gran Turismo 4

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Absolutely! PGR4 was one of the most underrated racing games and a hidden gem from last gen.

Its a shame that game was sent out to die releasing next to Halo 3, deserved so much more.

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The amount of people in all the Beta leak articles that dont seem to understand what a Beta is for is actually quite frightening.

I guess Rod was right, all these "fake betas" that get released really have tricked people into thinking a Beta means a fully textured and polished demo.

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"Mm. Never been a fan of switching grenades in gears. The one thing judgement did well was incorporate a dedicated grenade throw button. I was hoping they'd use that in gears 4 instead of the switch to grenade to throw."

Are you serious? That was one of the changes that killed Gow Judgement, instead of grenades being a power item, something to be fought for and contested on the map everyone just spawned in with one, plus with the added quick toss the game was tu...

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"A bunch of turds" - Translation = "The majority of the fan base"

And luckily for everyone there are listening to us. Notice how in all there interviews and marketing they never mention that game at all, only the original trilogy.

A bit like how Disney only ever mentioned the original trilogy when marketing The Force Awakens.

Judgement is to GoW what the prequels are to Star Wars. They are not going to make that mistake ag...

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I wish EA would take note of this...

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kind of a shame this stuff is getting leaked now, this would have been a great surprise 'bomb drop' moment at Sony's E3 conference.

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You must not remember when The Order released, it was an all out assault by the Sony faithful against the games media.

Some of whom you will find above.

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