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Of all the stupid and ridiculous comments I have seen you make, this one might just top the list. #1.1.1
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I think MS Sony and even Nintendo do have recognizable faces.

to give 2:
Nintendo - Mario and Link
MS - Master chief and Marcus Fenix
Sony are the hardest to choose for but for me when I think Sony I think of Nathan drake and Kratos #20
For all the arguing people who thinks this is made up.



tweeted 5 mins apart yesterday. #7
If you don't want to hear about the cloud why did you click on this article? #1.1
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Its just a weird decision, If there going through all the effort of allowing people to use proper racing wheels why would they not just allow clutch support. #4.1
This whole situation has baffled me, there still making the game for xbox, there still getting hundreds of hours worth of content, PlayStation is just getting a little bit more.

Also when has the exclusive content lark ever been anything worth while, this will probably be the same with a few extra weapons/skins, a few extra armour sets and a few more hours of extra game play. Big deal! none of these things ever matter or change anything in the grand scheme of the game.
Between MS and Sony which company is more likely to go under?

Answer: Not MS #3.2
I think BF4 has definitely hurt BFs image, even without the terrible launch and bugs it just isn't that much of a improvement over BF3, its alot worse in some areas (netcode, grenade spam etc) The fun is still there though. #3.1
Well if Cole really is back I would guess its a sequel as they tried a prequel before with Baird and Cole taking center stage and it didn't go so well. #3.1
^ Found the idiot. #18.1
The one that really irks me is the survivalist gadget, it doesn't matter that you come back with only 1 point of health that fact that you can get killed but then revive yourself is stupid!

I honestly don't understand how somebody at Visceral could think that's a good idea, and why that idea wasn't immediately shut down for being ridiculous. #1
I think they canned the Halo MMO because they saw it was going to be ludicrously expensive, Plus seeing how names like elder scrolls and even Star wars couldn't find success I don't think they would consider it again.

I would like to see them try a third person game though seeing as Halo CE was originally a third person game. #4.2
I agree, Its a shame I love BF and BF: Hardline is fun and would like to play the full game when it releases but I am not paying another £50 on am game that will almost certainly have issues when it launches. And will no doubt offer another £40 premium option as well and who knows what else.

IT would be nice If EA would offer some sort of discount on Hardline for people who bought BF4, a game which they themselves call "unacceptable" and still has issues a... #10
I agree but Titanfall was cheaper, at least it was in the UK. Most next gen games have been between £45 - £55 on release day, I got Titanfall on day one for £35 of amazon #22
Thats a good list of games but I would get L4D2 on PC, it still has a good amount of players still playing (I imagine the 360 playerbase is very low now) you get all the L4D1 maps + DLC for free and there is awesome MOD support for it. #1.3.1
What an oddly specific score. #1
The campaign had interesting comedic characters Instead of 'generic Sgt' 'generic soldier 1' 'generic soldier 2' 'token black soldier'
Plus it had a wacky story a bit like Kellys heroes about stealing gold instead of the generic bad guys with nuke affair. #10
But I don't get paid until the end of the month! IM NOT READY! #1
Because the game is still in development. #3.1
I don't think It really matters in Horizon, Where in Forza motorsport games you have to really grind to earn money In horizon it felt like there were just throwing money at you in comparison. Plus if you smashed all the sign boards you got all the upgrades for free. #6
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