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I'm still wondering if we are gonna find out that although Anya might have raised him, she might not be JD's actual mother. I'm pretty sure in one of the books it's mentioned that Anya was unable to have kids, could be wrong though.

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Ok if we find out after the game has released that they have just shown us Marcus getting killed then ima be pissed!

Apart from that it looks great. Especially the fact that THE COLE TRAIN STILL RUNNIN THE TRACKS BABY WHOOOO!

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Lol at all the people saying MS and the Coalition are scared and not very confident of the game.

That's why they have just had a MONTH long exclusive coverage on IGN first... Because they are trying to hide the game from people...

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That name...
That picture...
That comment...


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It benefits Sony because it shows they are willing to put their money where their mouths are. All those years saying they would love to give there fans cross play but the other guys just keep saying no :(, well... now the other guys are saying yes and suddenly Sony have gone quiet. MS have called there bluff and Sony dont seem to have an answer for the fans anymore.

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Hey shhhhh... You're challenging the narrative, they don't like that.

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How many years have people been asking Sony for the ability to change their names?

Must be close to a decade now. So much for listening to feedback and giving fans what they want on time.

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Dads of war

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Well I assume they chose this setting because Kratos ran out of Greek gods to kill. So I suppose once he has ran out of Viking gods to kill he can move on the killing all of the Egyptian gods next.

This series will end with him eventually taking out Jesus!

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Not a true Spiderman game, the ground level isn't cut off with poison gas ;)

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Once again I'm reading this list along with all the 3rd party games shown whilst having my bank account open in another tab...

Its not looking pretty :(

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Sony definitely won E3 this year, heck Kojima won the whole thing by just saying "I'm back!"

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It was just a man walking onto a stage, and it was one of the best moments of E3.

GG Sony

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Battlefront 3... the real one.

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1:28 Dem Graphics! Also notice how there is no in game audio in this trailer ;)

Polyphony up to there same old tricks again I see.
"Gran Turismo Sport, however, looks, sounds and plays just like Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3."

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Trying... to... care... about... Kotaku... ... ...but ...just... cant...

I'm sorry guys I tried.

This is just the Kotaku cycle, they went through the same thing with Halo 4, before then complaining about how they changed it too much and it no longer felt like Halo.

They are trash.

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