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Who started this deluded idea that if someone (even a professional) crashes while playing a sim it means that the sim is bad? do these people not realize that all racing drivers, even the best in the world sometimes crash there cars in real life as well.

The fact that he lost control of the car while going over a bump, and braking, and changing down a gear does not mean the sim has problems, it means that he made a mistake, it happens to everyone.

Also im gue... #3
I'll tell you what it looks like, 60FPS that's what #1.1
You seem to be emphasizing the fact that this is there "FIRST console game" as a way to defend against the criticism they face, so what do you suggest? Should reviewers bump up there score by 1 or 2 as a 'well done on your first try award!'

Thats not how reviews work, they don't get special treatment because its there first console game, or because it looks interesting, or because its a new IP, or because its not Call of Duty.

Its been... #1.3
Yeah it really is, they gave it one mark for every hour of gameplay.

Spooky #3.1
Quick all Sony Defence Force members hide here!

Its not safe anywhere else. ;) #3
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The non pre-Order 1886

I bet your Galahad you didnt pre order this

wait until its £18.86

Ready at dawn, finished by lunch

The order: Son of Ryse

just some of the best comments I have seen. #12
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There is more than one way fr a game to flop. I have never seen anyone argue that Driveclub didn't sell well (even if it is easier to sell a game when the free version is delayed indefinitely for "technical reasons").

So no, in terms of sales Driveclub is not a flop. But from its critical reception and its affect on Sony's online reputation, It was most definitely a flop.

Another example could be Halo: MCC It obviously sold well enough, but... #13.1
Well the 2 Betas haven't really wow'd me like I was hoping, will probably not be picking this up when it releases.

Plus I know it seems to be a sin on this site to want sequels and not cherish new IP, and I don't even know if they have the rights or whatever to do it but I would rather have had them make L4D3 than this. #14
I agree that proper realistic damage would be awesome with bumpers and bodywork and tyres flying of the cars in large impacts. But I don't think we are ever going to see that in a game like Forza where it is primarily focused around road going production cars.

A Turn 10 dev talked about this exact thing before Forza 3, saying that they of course want to make damage like that and they have the technology to do it, that hard part is getting permission from manufacturers to... #11
the Forza Motorsport series has always been released every 2 years. This shouldn't be surprising or worrying to anyone, we all knew it was going to happen. #17
For number 2 I would LOVE to see a new Wipeout game made with today's graphics. Wipeout was my first game on the PS1 and I still have wipeout fusion on PS2.

A wipeout game with Driveclub levels of detail and a first person cockpit view! If only... #4
"they're clearly leaning more towards COD than classic Halo"

Well they're clearly not considering they have:
REMOVED armor abilities
REMOVED ordinance drops
REMOVED load outs
And gone back to the classic fair starts, arena style maps, and team focused gameplay.

honestly I'm surprised people like this don't just say "it has guns and you shoot people, COD clone!"
... #1.1.8
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"Always pushing envelope"

Except when it comes to engine audio. #8.1
Summary of the demo - Phwoar!!

That about does it for me . #3
Its true man, I also lost count at the amount of indie games they announced which I have already played. Truly there was just too many.

PS. Uncharted rightfully looks great but trust me, know one is jealous of The cutscene 1886. #1.2.1
I'm starting to become skeptical of this game, It looks great and technically it sounds mind boggling, but they have yet to really show or explain what you actually DO in this game. #4
Hes right!

*falls through map* #6.1
And Fifa allows you to play football, you cant do that in GTA or project CARS.

??? #1.3
I wasn't referring the the games quality.(we all know exactly what this game is even though some will never admit it.)

I was referring to these sites and there utter transparency with there scores. #4.1.1
PS Nation - 9/10
PS Now - 8.5/10
PSU - 9.5/10

About says it all really... #4
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