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No, I went and got one about three hours ago and it was priced the same as the XBOX ONE X standard edition.

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Yeah, I bet if someone has a payment that is declined, they send them an e-mail, give them a day, and cancel pre-orders. *Magically back in stock* C'mon, has anyone ever purchased a black Friday special from any retailer? A bunch are reserved in hopes that funding will magically appear, it never does, then all of a sudden a black Friday special is available again!! Coincidentally this "in-stock" magically appeared the day pre-orders would have been canceled hat were declined.

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I do not see why there is so much confusion with Destiny 2 right now. Here is the low-down, if you liked Destiny, then Destiny 2 is right up your alley. If you did not like Destiny, then I would suggest not purchasing Destiny 2.

We all know the tactics that were used with Destiny, including every new expansion destroying everything you worked for with each new installment (Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King). Which means it should be no big surprise when a new game is...

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Are they really going to change that much in a little over a month? Game releases early September (9th)...there may be a few changes, but seriously not that many. Unlike other betas I have played, almost a year in advance, where they took complaints on graphics and could change them, Destiny is kind of stuck, and they are just testing server capabilities now.

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I agree, the article title was funny since 2014 you got the same game basically. I was hoping for better looks, but also many, many more enemies. Constant battle would be nice instead of coming across groups and then nothing and then groups, and then nothing. No reason I shouldn't be fighting an army leading to my boss fight. I don't know, not real impressed at all right now.

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Could care less about "opinion" either way, if you like Crackdown you will like Crackdown, you cannot tell me everyone buys games because of content. Look at the success of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare was amazing, then it constantly evolved into what it currently is and sold well because people liked call of duty. I have two copies of Crackdown reserved because I know I like Crackdown.

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Dumb, exclusive content has been around as long as consoles have had exclusive games.

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Yes, the death of the season pass is good, almost all PC add-on content used to be free until recent console porting started showing gamers were willing to pay for the extra content. Seeing it for free is really nice. Don't get me wrong, I will pay for content I know took a lot of effort and time to develop, but with season passes it is hit or miss on whether or not it is worth it.

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Here is what I see, and this is from a business standpoint. Exclusivity is fine, it does give companies a chance to get a name out for themselves such as Bungie did with Microsoft. The issue I see with Sony is the number of games that are being kept exclusive. With Sony's lineup it is definitely a positive influence for gamers, but out of the games on PS4 how many individuals can afford every exclusive, or will purchase "Every" exclusive? Companies invest a lot of time and effor...

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I agree with a lot of points in this article. Individuals that like Destiny, have always liked Destiny for the simple fact that it was a social activity to do with your friends. Individuals that still play it have a group that they raid with frequently, hang out with, and often times set appointments to do so.

What will make or break Destiny 2 is whether or not your “fire team” returns. I know the only reason I stopped playing, after over a thousand hours, was the fact tha...

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Apologies, but the stupid “exclusive content” really did not offer a whole lot besides some extra re-playability on a game that was ever tiresome for a lot of parties. Individuals that like Destiny, have always liked Destiny for the simple fact that it was a social activity to do with your friends. Individuals that still play it have a group that they raid with frequently, hang out with, and often times set appointments to do so.

What will make or break Destiny 2 is whethe...

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Nope, as many comments have already pointed out, it is the option of purchasing the game in any number of ways. Take for instance Amazon Prime, I get brand new releases for up to %20 off, the $100 dollar "gold editions" of games are only 79.99 when I pre-order them through Amazon compared to paying full price for a digital edition, no packaging, no disc, no extra content...maps, statues etc.... So no, all of my games have been hard copies, except as was previously mentioned as well,...

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It is true, Sony or Microsoft can "ban" your account for any number of reasons, typically without much of a reason as well. In some cases they specifically state that you "will lose all your digital content" associated with your gamer tag/account. Nintendo bypasses this by associating all purchases with a console instead of an account name, extremely inconvenient but still a choice individuals make.

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Nobody's "Pre-Release" Promises have ever bothered me. This is the point of being a consumer, as many posts on here have portrayed...If you are dissatisfied with the product simply continue to do your research and do not purchase it. What point is there in the title of this article, " Do For Honor's Broken Promises Bother You?" Who cares if they bother you, if they break their promises, change the game before it is released, then guess what? You do not purchase it....

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Who needs pictures? If you have been doing your own research you already know what it looks like before knuckle heads put these opinionated pieces out there with no valid information whatsoever (reception to the pictures has not been good..where is your source...?) based on pictures from a 2001 480i resolution fold phone. Sorry, I watched the reveal in 4k, I am good with my pre-order.

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