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"Crying Freeman"


My condolences, sorry to hear. He died way to young. #65
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The journalist clearly stated that the game indeed runs at 60fps in 1080p on the PS4. No advertizing mistake by Sony, probably had to be removed because of multiplatform contractual agreements. Sony thoughtfully posted it as short as possible. #2.1.1
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I agree, completely. I love FEZ too. Why didn't Phil Fish just laughed about the worthless & pathetic journalism that provided the prejudiced J.O.E.'s with false rights to bash a wonderful & brave artist? Shame on everybody, this game deserves a sequel, i want the world of FEZ to continue!!!! Come back Phil! #3
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There should be purchasable themes and avatars like the PlayStation 3 & custom backgrounds images + customization options for the main menu and profiles....i'm getting bored with this interface, but i'm confident that Sony will add these features soon. #3
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Great! Congrats to Guerilla Games, well deserved. It's the best KZ yet! Loving the controls, graphics, gameplay & story. A well made game overall (Not bug Plenty like BF4). It's a solid Next Gen title and everybody who has a PS4 should play it.Again well deserved sales. #30
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Great article and entirely worth while, thx for the good suggestions. I also thought that spending more time on interviews with the developers is a great effort and a step in the right direction for this show. #1
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I couldn't agree more. I felt sorry for the developers that they had to endure this behavior. He acted like it was all about him, pathetic actually. Full of cliché, no decency & was so out of his league. The aim of the show to give more time for interviews and attention to the developers, was a good aim only hopelessly ruined by the unpleasant Joel. #2.2
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@Stsonic Couldn't agree with you more, i'm loving it! Best Killzone to date, love the freedom & open levels. Lot's of replay. Different approaches to the levels. I see a lot of criticism to the game like people had with Crysis I see a lot of influence by Crysis here, i guess people just want to be guided all the time without room for experimentation. Anyways great game feels fresh and certainly does a lot different than most shooters! Better than CoD/Battlefield. #3.3
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Finally someone has the guts to do a modern day version of Paul Woakes' Mercenary/Damocles games. I'm looking forward to this game! BTW Mercenary/Damocles was as huge as this game(in 3D and it had celestial mechanics & physics.you also could take off with your ship and fly to every planet etc) it was pioneering work done by 2 man in the eiighties/nineties. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/... #18
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It seems you all like hipsters then. Sorry, but his show tries to associate gaming with loud mouthed ignorance, cliché comedy and has a low esteem of it's audience (personified by Joel). I do not want to see this ever again. I'm only interested in the new game footage and i could care less about self-centered bad jesters. Again, Joel clearly wasn't up to speed. Don't fall for the backwards logic of Hollywood hipsters. They still think they are the center of the universe.... #17.1.1
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Geoff shouldn't have asked Joel, period. Joel behaved like an out of place badly raised moronic hipster. I never want to hear from this guy again. I feel sorry for all the developers and Geoff for having to endure such a F-up. Joel is exactly why Hollywood and gamers don't mix. All the cliches in his behavior, Hollywood will never understand games. pathetic. Next do not invite someone from Hollywood ever again...they are so outdated and full of old cliché. #17
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Hell Yes! Gears of War Trilogy coming to 70 million potential new buyers on Playstation! I and a lot of fellow Gears players would instantly buy Gears of War on PS4 if it would be released! It would be a smart move to release some sort of 'Orange Box' version. The PC version of Gears 1 (with alll the PC mp maps) & 2/3 in one box. As i said before there are a lot of hardcore gamers on Playstation that would love the franchise to come to Playstation. Look what bioware did with Mass... #29.1
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I believe it is self-evident that Journey WILL come to PS4 as Flower. Both Fantastics games! Sorry, for the double post. #1.3
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Yeah, i believe it is self-evident that Journey WILL come to PS4 as Flower. Fantastics games! #1.2
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His tactic is reducing everything to zero, so as a journalist his opinion is often opportunistic rebellious and it amounts to nothing...It's easy & lazy journalism, everbody can do that and look smart. There is no magic in a breakdown. Gamers can do without these journalists that above all have a low opinion of their audience. Sessler is too cynical and needs to take a break from gaming journalism. He sounds saturated and bitter. Sorry, he played himself. #13
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Ice-T switching to PS4 and Ice-T has done a lot for the Gears of War franchise...but i bet he wants to play the superior version of COD Ghosts on PS4 too(after the 1080p update).
Anyways, i would love to see Gears of War on PS4, it would be a smart move.
Epic could sell a sort of 'Orange box' type version with Gears 1 PC edition and 2/3 and judgement day in one box. I know a lot of playstation gamers who would love top have the franchise on Playstation. Epic could make... #12
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It's beyond stupidity if this game will never see daylight. See what i did there....anyways this game was perfect for Nextgen hardware. Still hoping they will eventually make it. Fingers crossed. So loving what i'm seeing in the artworks, but i'm also feeling sad about the 'cancelled' would be 'the best Star Wars game ever!', sigh. #3
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i love this game! Such a well made fresh game! Buying this for PS4 & Vita on PS4 launch! Thank god it is still being released for Playstation. I still hope Phil Fish will continue to make games, anyways FEZ is a must buy! #1
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The game looks good, screen-tearing? The better questions is:What on earth happened to the water physics? Looks like Tombraider 1 from the 90ies....with the easy circles around the feet when he steps into the water. The former videos show impressive physics, but they seem to be removed. Also the lighting looks great, but the face of the main character looks less impressive than in the Xbox One event showing. All in all it still remains a great game for Xb1 buyers. Not for me though, because i... #17
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@srd4484 What Kinect is capable of is beyond any current device. We should defend our rights to privacy and freedom of choice. Resist this incentive from greedy corporations. Our living space is turning into a corporate data-minig hell and we should turn back the tide. Besides, why mix this BS with a gaming console? We do not want this crap. Corporate business wants this, not the gamers.

Your comments smell like a roll-over mentality.
We finally have turn a company... #32.1
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