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Boo I only got 600 points

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Yes an inconvenience. Doesnt make the game any better or worse on one system or the other.

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Truth be told yea Fable 2 was much better then 3. But I have still enjoyed all the Fable games and will look forward to another.

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I rarely comment on N4G but after reading the comments in this I really was. And you posted exactly what I was going to say. Saved me a lot of typing lol.

Its pathetic how fanboys on both parts totally ruin most of these comments on any articles here, and this just proves it. It is OBVIOUSLY a joke article. Meant to me not serious and satirical. I get it some people may not think its funny but actually bashing on the article calling it trash and an attention whore is just dum...

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Halo 3 was the bad one of the group. Halo 2 was the best, followed by halo 1, reach and THEN Halo 3

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You do realize it was US only right? lol

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I need Torchlight because I just spent 2 hours playing the trial last night and I can not get enough! I do not have a good computer so I have never been able to play these types of games :( Finally one of the best come out on the Xbox and I am to broke to get it. It drives me crazy not being able to play it so that is why I NEED it.

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4/10, and im a xbox and halo fanboy. Just disappointing that its basically 2 maps for 800 points because the 3rd map is firefight which i never play.

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Anyone that pre orders gets in on the 25th.

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Epic had even said before hand that everyone will get the beta eventually but the Epic edition was the only way to get early access

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If they dont talk about it then, I will finally give up on wanting it.

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But super interesting for fans of Mass Effect or fans of how voice acting is done for a game.

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I would, the demo is actually pretty good.

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Unoriginal yes, but no worse then Bioshock 1 which means its still a great game

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Did you not play the beta?

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I will admit the firsts game play was average and nothing special, but the storytelling to me was amazing.

Especially parts like watching the movie with your girlfriend and then having to watch her die.

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Dude, im a 360 fan boy and I still know we lost. There is a line between being a fanboy and being an idiot...

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I love my 360 more then my Ps3, and after watching all 3 press conferences i came away thinking I would have more fun playing the other 2 consoles this year... I really wanted to believe in Kinect but from what you showed I cant.

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How the hell does that make him a fanboy? He acts like the slim is confirmed when its not yea, but its not like he says oh this is better then the Ps3.

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