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I disagreed. 360 doesn't give the best gaming experience this gen, and that's the truth.
It's only best if you like 'me-too' products, and that's the truth too.

Hmm..this was supposed to appear in response to 1.1.17 cez of rage's distorted truths

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Speaking on a non-bias basis, it could be a 5year long rent.

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In real life, you get badly hurt by just one bullet and first aid kits don't fully restore your health in a matter of minutes.

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I remembered all the crap with IGN's prelude to GT5 review.

"Where is IGN's GT5 review" and the like. Total BS site

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It is only logical that the visual damage fits the physical damage. If your car looks badly damaged, it should drive badly damaged.

Could be this reason why visual damage was also omitted from the early stages.

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Do you need a dozen to affect the controls?

How about ps move? Does it get affected by people moving around in the background, or does its algorithm recognize the balls of light as first priority?

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Which country doesn't have internet?

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It's a gaming article first and foremost.
Anyone who's not impressed by kinect has to be a SDF?
In the same way, can I stereotype anyone who supports kinect to be a blind fan of MS?

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Casuals are real hardcore on Kinect, following through from the then Project Natal phase to the now Kinect phase, and pre-ordering straight away after the impressive E3 cirque show without half knowing what price to expect.

Yeah, no doubt about that.

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After years of hoping, finally there seems to be something that may look better than Gears2 on the 360. But honestly Alan Wake looks to be lacking in the department yet, and Halo Reach...well it's more about gameplay.

Anyway, here's to hoping

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Gears of War was kind of lame too. The only part I enjoyed was when I was removing the disc from the tray.

Ah well...but to each his own

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The way I read it :
In the West, role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform game (hey don't you know you can now get FFXIII on Xbox360?),
getting a release on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. (I'm taking pains here to mention Xbox 360 ahead of the ps3)
While the PS3 version might look better (It MIGHT look better, you are taking a chance here),
individuals (more than a couple of persons) are claiming that there are freezing issues (but definitely not for our...

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This is a landmark award and like what gaffyh above said, ps3 had already several games pass these landmarks.

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You made the choice clear. Get PS3 version if you want to play in HD.

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Of course. There's no halo on ps3.
But seriously this shoot'em up is quite boring.

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I see you hot in anticipation for these titles.
With all the noise on 360, it must be hard to hear your own singing. Well, you have to give it to PS3. It has a bit of everything for everyone, even for you *shivers*

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Let's all bow to Cold, and yawn together with him at PS3 exclusives.
It will help him to pass time while waiting for medication.

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Definitely Virtual-On.

Exclusivity, well-known franchises, marketing, controversy, etc. All these are factors that can contribute talking points

HR being an exclusive and hopefully enjoyably innovative game certainly garners more attention.

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So you can't accept someone else's opinion when you think it's flawed?

But you insist that we must accept this someone else's opinion and it's not flawed? Don't force on others to accept flawed opinions when you yourself can't accept it.

@deadreckoning again: Yeah, i intentionally used a flawed opinion to illustrate my point, and i know that it would likely invoke your response as it did. So does it mean all our conversation holds no weight? Because at the end, both ...

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Deadreckoning, i need you to accept my opinion that heavy rain is for everyone.

Can you accept my opinion?

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