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Yea I got the switch/zelda/pro controller day one at walmart at midnight. The controller is awesome. I tried playing zelda with the joycons in handdheld mode and everything just felt out of place. zelda pro the best.

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kojima can overshawdow konami and make more money then them and such. I mean this is video games and if kojima can make a couple of big hits he should be able to get hundreds of millions for his company. Then he can throw in some smart phone games here and there. some psn/steam smaller games and such. Anything can happen though I dont think konami will sell kojima there ips unless they are really hurting. I can see death standing being popular and selling big especially because they have the ...

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no need its probably 1gb max download

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dont forget shipping and handling. a ps4 pro you can pick up at any retialer.

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do you think its possible for it to be made into an open world type game like banjo kazooie, donkey kong 64? would love for that type of platformer to make a comeback in the new gen.

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I herd you had to beat normal mode to unlock hard. then beat hard to unlock another difficulty etc you had to bea the game like 2-3 times to unlock the hardest difficulty and get the platinum is this true and why didnt they release a patch so that you can get hardest difficulty after only beating the game once.

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they need to release a patch for knack one that allows you to play the hardest difficulty so you dont have to play the game over a million times just to get the platinum.

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look at them disagrees you have lol. Im about to give you one more bro.

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Red Dead Renegade
Red Dead revival
Red Dead rivalry
Red Dead reloaded
Red dead recall

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yeah im sorry but everyone and there mother knew kingdom hearts was going to be beast mode. a year before I even knew of the game I went to disney world in florida and was like this place would be so cool if there was some bad guy army that came in and kidnaped mickey mouse and such.

I and tons of others grew up watching disney movies so disney is just awesome in 90% of peoples minds and then you mix that with final fantasy which was the hot shit of the snes/ps1/2 era. its l...

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enjoy xbl with your 1 million people playing online and I will enjoy my psn with my 10 million people playing online. ps4 is where the party at no online games dying here baby multiplayer fun for centuries!

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its expected companions and those types of things would be a little bit better because it was made after fallout 3. I liked fallout 3 much more though as the vegas strip and such made the game less fallouty to me. really took me out of the immersion. Also fallout 3 story was epic and had liam neeson which was cool.

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you arent guaranteed future content. You payed for whatever comes in the game case. Also who the hell is playing on ps3/x360 when ps4 is really cheap compared to how much the ps3 was when it came out. Also when there is a game thats cross gen you grab the version on the newest platform.

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and some people dont go out at all. like me! still standing. still strong! tree of life eternal!

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lol quickly? maybe on a speed run after you played it a ton of times already. this game was beyond epic and huge finding all the secrets was crazy to. some them dungeons had my noggin hurting especially the one where u had to use the magic red blocks and the fire torch while riding on the moving conveyer thing over a bottomless pit. it had an insane amount of dungeons to.

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its a fighting game they all need to be badass. This is like a step down. it will feel like im beating on a toddler when im playing this game now. at least lucas and ness were older and had powers. these characters are just regular infants. ga ga goo gooo type stuff here.

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Gaming has nothing to do with sexuality dude. It shouldnt even be in the game in the first place. but games like pokemon/fire emblem have people breed with male and female because thats the only and natural way to get a baby and that scenario is the only reason to have marriage in a video game.

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This is what gets me pissed off at the guy gamers who always gives these girls attention in video games and on streams and stuff. im like dude theres free porn on the internet, there are porn webcams and such where you can actually get attention back from the girl and she does what you want. Im just like you retarded, geek, nerd, 40 year old virgins cant even do internet sexual arousal right. thats how pathetic these dudes are and these attention seeking gamer girls are. These nice guy fedora...

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I like no matter what nintendo fanboys will say they didnt care for it anyways when features or things are taking out.

Mariokart 9: Now doesnt have mario or any characters from the past games in it. they are replaced with different color goombas so if you wanted to race as mario to bad you gonna have to pick between 8 different color goombas. also you only get 2 tracks and all the karts are the same.

nintendo fanboy: well I actually didnt like racing with a...

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