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yes ive been a huge Nintendo supporter for 30 years. The nes mini is heavy nostalgia for children of the 80s. This is a middle finger to the fans. It seems Nintendo doesn't care about the supporters and fans and doesn't care about making a profit.

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Id like to see nintendo letting you download all your wiiu vc games on switch for free

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Im dissapointed they put limits on hours played and time since purchase sometimes i put 100s of hours into a game and i dint feel its worth the purchase price and deserve a refund

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This can be redeemed make a fable 4 wirh a great huge open world full of fun

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At the of the day console wars are not won by power they are won with great games

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Agreed i look at the switch as a portable with option to play on the big screen but its best in your hands

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If and only if it has great games

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its a great open but game feels like assasains creed, skyrim and Zelda all got together and made sweet sweet love and this is what you get

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Reminds me of those annoying marble rolling games on wii i was kind of dissapointed it required the gamepad at this point. Mine was not charged was using pro controller to play. Things like this make an amazing game less than perfect

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While the games not perfect it is spectacular no question about it

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ive given up on Nintendo for the nes mini shortages. That kind of crap causes loss of fans and profits.

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not to worry I'm sure you wont be able to find one on launch day or along time after. I learned that with the nes mini. Ive lost faith in Nintendo. Id bet big money ill walk into wal mart on launch day and their wont be any switch consoles that day or along time afterward.

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I wonder if the size of every ps4 game now together equals 8 gb

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to me action should be secondary in a good survival horror game. exploration , adventure and surprises should be the main thing.

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I will miss the dual screens of the wii u. its great having an ever present subscreen or map on one screen while the game is on the other.

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to me nothing in gaming is more special than the release of a super Mario game along with a consoles release. Gamecube failed with this, now switch is too.

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Would it really have been too much to ask for this as a launch title to me a great mario game should launch every nintendo system. If nintendo wanted to create incredible demand that would do it. Im skiiping the switch because i can get the only launch game i care about on wii u.

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Nintendo better turn this around or it will backfire and be their ruin many gamers are angered

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i am so pissed at Nintendo .......theyre playing games with their loyal fans. Theres no excuse why it cant be everywhere with enough for almost everyone. Those sales numbers would be a lot your losing loyal fans. Because of the shortages many will not buy one now. Ive been a Nintendo fan for 30 years but I'm losing respect.

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I agree with this article i prefer ps4 but have been buying non exclusive games on xbox one for this very reason. By not having unlimited hard drive support sony is losing money.

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