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to me nothing in gaming is more special than the release of a super Mario game along with a consoles release. Gamecube failed with this, now switch is too.

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Would it really have been too much to ask for this as a launch title to me a great mario game should launch every nintendo system. If nintendo wanted to create incredible demand that would do it. Im skiiping the switch because i can get the only launch game i care about on wii u.

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Nintendo better turn this around or it will backfire and be their ruin many gamers are angered

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i am so pissed at Nintendo .......theyre playing games with their loyal fans. Theres no excuse why it cant be everywhere with enough for almost everyone. Those sales numbers would be a lot your losing loyal fans. Because of the shortages many will not buy one now. Ive been a Nintendo fan for 30 years but I'm losing respect.

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I agree with this article i prefer ps4 but have been buying non exclusive games on xbox one for this very reason. By not having unlimited hard drive support sony is losing money.

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I think its worth the price just for cinema mode great alternative to buying a new tv. Yes its not the clearest hd picture but it is still amazing the screens so big on the biggest setting i notice things in games i never have before. Makes me want to replay my old gamess on it.

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my concern is the durability the screen looks thin and the side controllers look like cheap plastic.

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Backwards compatibility is always a nice feature that should always be there. The reason it future proofs your old console games and you can still play them
if it breaks down. You can still play your games on the new console. It feels so good to play my favorite 360 games along with my xbox one games on xbox one.

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being a lifelong gamer you really appreciate backwards compatibility and old games in the eshops

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I don't know if its possible to have a great procedurally generated game

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I'm ot a fan of procedureally generated games. They get old and repetitious fast. If the game gets consisitently high reviews I will consider buying it. If it gets some average scores I wont get it.

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I just bought a 4tb external harddrive for my xbox one that's all I need for the lifetime of the console. I don't care about 4K it simply isn't enough of a step up from current HD output. I cant justify buying a console I already own again just to play 4K games and have a bigger harddrive internally.

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i thought the main story offline felt complete. They have nickel and dimed us to get it all but it was all there from the start. I could care less though about online GTA.

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my only fear is feeling too much deja vu with the new game. I hope Nintendo innovates enough to make it feel like something new unlike any Zelda game.

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if you think about Nintendo innovated the most 25 plus years ago. All their greatest ips originated on the NES. Really Nintendo has just been surviving on those glories all these years.

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Maybe $50 for a console that can play on prev gen games yes please!

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I can honestly say my ps4 is the first console ive never pushed the power button on the console or the eject button. Ive only controlled the power through the controller and only played digital games. I have never put any disc in my ps4 and ive had it 2 years and play it every day.

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it may be coming but it wont be announced at E3. Nintendo has confirmed the only game they will talk about and show is Zelda for wiiu/NX

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to pull a stunt like Nintendo is the NX must be spectular blow other consoles out of the water. Also have the best game lineup in many years. But Nintendo can do it they just have do it right and very well. A mediocre console with mediocre games wont cut with this wait time.

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just today I figured out how to equip weapons in Bloodborne. I made it along ways with my fists only that was a challenge.

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