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to pull a stunt like Nintendo is the NX must be spectular blow other consoles out of the water. Also have the best game lineup in many years. But Nintendo can do it they just have do it right and very well. A mediocre console with mediocre games wont cut with this wait time.

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just today I figured out how to equip weapons in Bloodborne. I made it along ways with my fists only that was a challenge.

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no I want to quit buying consoles and have great games. Id like to see consoles have a 30 year active life.

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the perfect kind of game a challenge but not in a cold or cheap way. With practice you get better. That's the best kind of challenge in games.

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as long as all games for it will work on any ps4 it will be ok. I'm not sure if 4K will take off though. There just isn't enough difference between HD screens and 4K to matter to most. The PS4 output on HD is close to perfection already. Truth.

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actually isn't Microsoft talking about doing a digital game buyback program where it buys back your rights to the game?

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smart gamers should just take a wait and see approach with virtual reality. I'm going to wait a year after release to see how the device and games are received before I buy.

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I haven't bought one physical game for ps4 and have only 1 xbox physical game that came in a bundle.

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at least with digital you don't have to worry about "new" used games and scratched discs like you can find at gamestop.

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not that bad. Id actually give it an 8 out of 10. The above comments are true its short but theres so many extra goodies if you try for everything it turns into a enjoyable game.

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in my opinion the game has set the standard for future platformers

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One big thing is not to have alot of ports of previous gen games. I will not support the nx if its mostly ports of wii u games. It has to have good new games. If its mostly ports the console may fail.

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no because it is easy through practice. You have to play a lot learn enemy patterns etc. explore. It forces you to play the game. Once you learn and discover things in the game through trial and error the game gets easier and that's part of the charm of the game.

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I would love to have this remaster

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having the most powerful console that is future ready would be a great move for Nintendo.

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as long as all the games are playable on ps4s its ok.

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Even a highly anticipated game can become less so with too much delay time. Other games come and go during the delay and the game is forgotten sometimes even outdated by the time of its release.

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sony should let gamers pick any 2 games for free for each console with playstation plus each month. This would be a much better value that way gamers can get the games they want too.

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I wish sony would quit offering game for plus members that are mediocre and start letting psplus member choose 2 free games of their choice from the entire estore each month.

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substance. A good game should still be enjoyable without a story. Story is just window dressing to a good game. A good story with bad gameplay might as well just be a movie.

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