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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


just buy a new one on PS4... if they release it on next gen Im sure it will include more content and look better..

even if they do release it on PS4, I doubt it will be day one.. so this GTA is worth buying multiple times anyway...

and sony announced something like "game upgrade to PS4" if you have PS3 version of it you might get downloading it on PS4 cheaper, even if you have PS3 Blu-ray copy (it will work with BF4)...
so why not with ever... #1.1.3
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it looks big, but I dont see this GTA5 map to be bigger that all other GTA's combined.. just saying..

cant wait to test all those landscapes... #1.1.3
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How about GTA5 DLC with female character, I could run around with her shooting and watching at the pretty ass at the same time... :) GTA style #1.2.2
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Wii is popular only in several countries, all other ignore it... #4.1
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"Trophy icons; one of which gives you the outline of the game map."

third icon with "check" mark on it, you can see outline of GTA5 map.. it also proves that 3D map created by fan is quite accurate...

only 9 days left!!! cant wait!!! #1.1.2
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So don't change the dizzle, turn it up a little
I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles
Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle
G's to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo....

Drop it like it's hot
Drop it like it's hot

;) #1.1.1
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73% should now agree then :))) #1.1.12
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KZ looks great, map is awesome, movements and everything good... but that shooting.. 30 bullets non stop into enemy... damn.. I hate these kind of things in shooters...

If I shoot you, you at least have to move or scream.. not running around like a rabbit.. if I shoot someone in head, it would need 1 bullet, in chest considering there is cosmic armor, at least something to happen, if I shoot with cosmic gun..... hope there is hardcore mode or something... I cant play these ty... #1.1.20
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considering GTA online, you can hang out with friends and wife there... :D

also you can work there, buy a house own multiple cars... ahhh who needs real life these days... we need matrix sooner.. j.k. :) #2.1
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After everything I saw in trailers I expected size to be bigger.. city is taking almost half of the map... I was aiming to see more lakes, mountains, deserts and very long roads...

maybe this map dosnt show all roads, only big ones.. thats why map looks smaller..

it still looks great... especially after GTA4 non stop city :) #1.1.1
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^ Killzone is great and all, but damn BF is whole different game... Battlefield 4 for PS4 will rock... #1.1.2
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I want everything from R*... ;) #1.4.1
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I have a button.. I press it and everything in my room turns off... only then I leave... fridge and clock stays on :)

it really saves some power and its more safe from hazards... #1.1.9
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I cant see it to be the last console from MS side..

why? they still make goos money with these consoles (also by selling games on it)... and even if they loose some.. they can just start all over again.. its MS after all, they can screw up how many they like and later still make profit...

also I do believe that MS actually can do some good things, like creating or stimulating some good games and testing/creating new features... as much as I trust and prefer S... #1.1.4
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soon you will hear lots of great songs.. R* continue to surprise me with song choices... excellent work like always...

and soon all web will be full of lists what songs GTA5 have... #1.5.3
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Im so exited to see all this.. but if this is really a leak than there could be massive amounts of spoilers in there... Hope its kind of hidden commercial with its conspiracies and all.. :) #2.1
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if you wait for 5 seconds it starts other GTA5 commercial, it is showing ships, some naked man running from cops, bikers, crazy views F. I. B. and many many more... damn it looks amazing...

its name: GTA V "The Underbelly of Paradise" video #1.1.4
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yet, another porn gaming news... #1.1.5
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You Supported Piracy Instead Of Gaming By Protesting Next-Gen DRM

this is BS!!! I see there ignorance... #1.2.7
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game looks good, considering its on a next gen, then it could be better.. still its seems its starting to beat GT in graphycs department (not all details, but mostly track surroundings)cars are similar... physics still is not looking like it should be...

and I dont get those gaming journalists who dont know how to use a controller... I just wach, I dont listen to them.. #1.1.3
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