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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


I got new "info" sign

"now cars can be stored in garage safely"

I got it after the update.. meanwhile I had some cars in the garage and they are still there! #1.2.1
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loool :D

on the other hand.. its 2:12 AM here in Latvia...

I should restart GTA just to be sure ;) #1.3.2
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cool... so now we know.. lets sit back and enjoy the power of PC.. it can really create great games for my consoles :)

funny thing is that those games are developed on PC but playable only on consoles... (well I mean all great and greatest games)..

especially GTA5, but good to know that PC has "the power".. :D mine also has it.. pity N4G dosnt use all that power! :D #1.1.2
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I never tried commander mode.. but I did play all BF (even those creepy first console ones.. it was on PS2.. lol time runs so fast..)

I heard that this beta will be given for everyone who has Premium in BF3..! great I have it! is that true? #1.1.3
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I lost 3 cars and sometimes Map Icons are swiched places... My garage was shown like a plane or something... etc.. considering the scale of the game, it runs smooth and silk... couple of problems is nothing.. #1.1.5
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how can someone give it just 9.5/10 ???

site must be looking for clicks... lmao j.k.

all I see is 10/10 all the time (and it deserves that!), with some jokes in the middle... #2
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Or, just enjoy the game the way it is meant to be played!

the only exploit/cheat I recommend is "sliding cars" cheat mode in GTA5, the car handling becomes more "dynamic" :D LMAO for drift lovers! #1.1
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after finishing the game we will still have tons of content left... just great!!

I cant understand how in the hell GTA5 looks so good on PS3, one of the best looking game, but the scale, how in the hell R* did that... #1.1.1
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lol, didnt see that coming.. but why not? it would be perfect game on perfect console.. damn...

maybe R* want's to keep the name "the one and only best looking game of this gen"? #1.1.9
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All people who still comments on GTA5 articles still dont have it... damn.. so am I...

Soon N4G will become a desert! #3
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*general screaming*... "than move your a** soldier!!! no sitting around in the woods! Go! Go! Go!!!!Get to tha chopaaa"
;) #4.1
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R* should keep on going updates and DLC's for GTA5, while we waiting for GTA6.. Maybe even some new little islands and new female character (not like its a must, just giving ideas)... I would buy that! #1.1.3
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hackers are worse in real life...

not trying to defend someone here, but..
pirates only share content to people who cant really afford it (in other hand, if you buy gaming console in first place, you should be able to buy GTA5 for it :)).. while hackers are those who ruin websites, puts down networks, make viruses and worse.. just saying..

This far I downloaded some unpopular games from torrent just to test them on PC.. if I like them, I buy on my PS3... #1.2
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... and you can get all sorts of beats from the internet... #9.1.2
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Its Take 2 who takes down videos..... #7.1
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who will be "the last of us" who gets it? :)

This game deserves to be pre ordered in multiple stores, and then while waiting for delivery, running around in all gaming shops looking for it.. :) I really can see some people do that.. damn if I would have free time , I would do that...

I just want to understand where the hell is snow coming from.. maybe its all across the map... that would be sick... #4.1
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Video is taken down..
just like all others.. Im sure I can find some.. but I will not search...

also, I cant resist, if N4G will show GTA5 fotage next time i will click on it... I know I want it :D but still hoping Take 2 games will remove these videos!! #1.1.9
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lol, thats funny.. it looks similar to GTA4 internet cafe websites :) about everything with no purpose whatsoever! :) #2
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cant you just convert videos to format what Youtube needs.. if there's a need for that kind of SonyPS4 - Youtube converter, then some one will create it for sure..

or you can re-capture them on PC or similar... anyway.. there has to be a way!

pity, if the rumors are true, it will not be an easy way to upload videos.. and that would suck! #1.1.11
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MPO? :) #4.1
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